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Postby Kestral on May 23rd, 2016, 4:03 am


Kestral Holloway

~ Basic Information

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: Summer 24, 497AV

~ Appearance

Height: 5" 2'
Weight: 118lbs

Kestral is a young bright girl, just a tad bit shorter than the average woman, and a slight bit smaller. Her hair is a deep brown with a red tint, inherited from her mothers side, her eyes match with a soft brown from her father. Her face is small and heart shaped and her skin seems forever paler than she wishes, though she does nothing about it and is constantly hiding from the sun. However she makes up for the lack of sunlight with the horde of dark freckles that adorn but only the right half of her face.

Generally Kestral tends to stick with cool tones for her clothing. She usually wears simple dressed or breeches and blouses. In the colder times she adorns a large cotton clock to warm her. Sometimes she enjoys wearing a small cotton cap for more of a style to her usually ratty hair.

~ Languages

Fluent - Common
Basic - Nader-Canoch

Origins :
*Nader-Canoch the basics of an ancient language she was forced to learn as a child per her mothers historian occupation and accompanying obsession with pre-Valterian society.

~ Location

Zeltiva, Sylira

Condition & Expenses :
Living Condition: Common
Seasonal Expenses: 135gm a Season

~ Occupation


Earnings :
Scribe: 3gm/day


~ Personality


~ History

Kestral's mother is and was a Historian within the city walls. She is obsessed with Pre-Valterian artifacts and anthropology. Growing up Kestral was forced, somewhat, into her mothers addiction. As an adult and long away from living at home, the only remaining imprint of this mild emotional abuse is Kestral's basic remembrance of the ancient language of Nader-Canoch, a language her mother was fluent in and would sometimes only speak in if she was feeling particularly historic.

Kestral was an only child, her father would not have minded more children but her mother was dead set against it. Kestral often believes her mother did not want her in the first place. Kestral puts a lot of value into relationships, but ignores bonds such as blood or ranks. She loves her father, but not because he is her father but because he was fun, kind and caring when she was growing up - and still is. Her mother on the other hand she tolerates, as she believes her mother tolerates her. As a child Kestral had few friends, but this was per her own choice. She set high standards for her companions, but those few friendships are still strong today. Kestral would do anything for those she cares about.

~ Skills

Writing: 30SP
Copying: 15RB 5SP = 20XP
Forgery: 5SP
Storytelling: 10SP

~ Lores

Reading: Calligraphy and Other Difficult Fonts
The Docks: Common Incoming and Outgoing Vessels

~ Ledger

Addition Subtraction Total Reason
100gm Starting Mizas
-1gm Robes
-3sm Low Boots
-8sm Dress
-2sm Cap
-1sm Undergarments
97gm 6sm
-5cm Quill
-2gm 2oz Black Ink
-3gm 1az Red Ink
-1gm 2sm Washboard
-3gm Blank Book
-2sm Cat
-1sm Common Lamp
-1sm 1 Pint of Oil
-2gm Average Wash Basin
-8gm 20 Sheets of Paper
77gm 9sm 5cm
-3sm Pillow*No Pillow listed in Price List so halved the cost (rounded up to silver Mizas) of a Body Pillow
-5sm Winter Blanket
77gm 1sm 5cm

Usage :
Summer 1, 516AV - 1oz of Black Ink will last ~45 days
Summer 1, 516AV - 1oz of Red Ink will last ~91 Days
Summer 1, 516AV - 20 Sheets of Paper are per threaded use
Summer 1, 516AV - 1 Pint of Oil will last ~91 Days
Summer 1, 516AV - 1 Quill will break after ~91 Days

Gains :

~ Inventory

White Linen Sleeping Robes
White Linen Blouse
Brown Linen Breeches
Blue Linen Dress
White Linen Undergarments x2
Brown Leather Sandals
Low Brown Leather Boots
Brown Cotton Cap
Brown Cotton Cloak
Blank Book
Silver Quill of the Falcon
Black Ink 2oz
Red Ink 1oz
Sheet of Paper x20

Flint and Steel
Eating Knife
Copper Brush
Common Lamp
1 Pint of Oil
Average Wash Basin
Blue Wool Winter Blanket

Average Chest

Average Table
Average Chair
Average Bed

~ Starting Package*All items in below starting package are already listed separately in the inventory section above. This section just shows which items in the inventory came free via the starting package.

White Linen Blouse
Brown Linen Breeches
Linen Undergarments
Brown Leather Sandals
Brown Cotton Cloak
Copper Brush
Flint and Steel
Eating Knife
Average Chest
Average Chair
Average Table
Average Bed

Silver Quill of the Falcon

~ Threads

Summer 3-10, 516AV - The Workings of the Undistinguished
Summer 12, 516AV - 'Round the Campfire
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