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New to roleplay

Postby Eli Satoras on May 24th, 2016, 2:13 pm

Hi guys,

I'm Eli and this is my first time taking part in collaborative storytelling. I've been trying to get into writing for a little while, but often run into the problem that my words don't communicate what's going on in my head well enough. I saw something similar to Miz, but the style didn't really agree with me, so I searched for fantasy roleplay forum and here I am!! I absolutely love the vision and size of this world; so much to discover in the lore. I'm hoping to work on my writing skills, while having fun and exploring Eli's character.

I'm looking forward to writing about all sorts of things, I enjoy meaningful character interactions, character development and plots with clever twists. Mizahar looks like the place where I can experience all three! I would love to see the lore on some of the skills be expanded on, perhaps after I've been here a little while I'll have a think about giving it a go :)

If you have any tips about my writing or my character, want to discuss who the best fiction writer is, or if you wish to roleplay with Eli, feel free to drop me a PM.
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