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Postby Ashlia on May 29th, 2016, 10:54 am

Name: Ashlia

Race: Kelvic

Age: 2

Birthday: 21 of Spring 514 AV

Human Form:
-Height: 5'6
-Weight: 117 Ib

Animal: Leopard

Personality Traits:
-Positive: Ashlia as either her leopard and human form is rather affectionate, loyalty is a given when it comes to a bond mate, while the leopard Kelvic is too curious for her own good. Often times, the young Kelvic will emerse herself in learning to a point of neglecting other important activities such as eating or sleeping and has a tendency to draw into her mind for long lengths of time.

Ash as a human might seem playful and harmless one minute but if threatened or pushed on something she doesn't like will speak her mind, becoming defensive, angry and a little intimidating. She is also extremely independant, desliking being given things, even a harmless gift unless she felt she had earned it.

-Negative: Ash can be impulsive, her naivety showing on many things and often gets herself into sticky situations. She doesn't really get flirting and it takes a very blunt explanation or show of intent before she gets it. Thus, she trusts a bit too easily, believing that if she is treated well and kindly it is just that they are nice people, not because they might have a hidden agenda. That being said, betrayal for Ashlia is especially painful and she will likely go into a beastial state of anger.

Because of her animal being a leopard there is still a feral side to her, a predatory part that could snap at any moment. She is prone to fits of anger, sudden desire to give chase if someone were to run, quick movements startle her which she could lash out and if wounded accidentally or not, she will become savage een to those wanting to aid her. Only her bonded really has the chance to get past these urges and that is if the bond is great.

-Animal: Like her kin, a white leopard is a sight to behold, standing approximately 5 foot from head to the ground with large serrated like teeth.

On average female white leopards are thinner, sleeker and faster then their counterparts so they aren't strength based, much better at running fast and being agile. They can be used as mounts, able to carry one full grown human for a distance but have little stamina unlike a horse, better at sneaking around and are really good in tight areas unlike the average horse.

Ashlia's main coat colour is a shimmering white with a spattering of dusky midnight blue and silver spots. Her eyes are large disks whose irises glow a deep aqua blue.

-Human: Ashlia stands approximately five foot six with pale, almost milk white skin. Her hair is a dusky midnight blue, practically black which curls down her back thickly. At touch her hair is soft, more fur like then a human's stringier hair but otherwise seems normal.

She has a very lithe figure, fine boned, angular and taunt muscles that are otherwise considered defined but not muscular. Her defining features of her Kelvic heritage is that her eyes glow at night and when light is shone on them, the pupils slitted like a feline while her teeth come to a slight point, two such teeth looking like fangs actually but they aren't anywhere near as prominent as her leopard form.

Spoken Languages:
Fluent: Common
Compentent: various human languages

Location: Syliras, Sylira
-Her parents live in Syliras but Ash moved out of home when family life became rather strained. For a time Ash lived out in the Wildlands, coming into the city often though to sell the meat she caught and to also stay the night in an inn with the money she earned.

Then the Tipsy Wench moared in Syliras, Ash at the time was staying in the inn and heard two crew members talking about their latest adventure and the talk of wanting new recruits so in the Spring of 516, the Kelvic found the courage to visit the ship which planned to leave in a weeks time, convincing the captain of her worth. It draws to Summer, Ash finished off a few more hunts in the forest before The Tipsy Wench would set sail.

Condition and Expenses: Living conditions:
Hunter: Ashlia in her beast form often goes into the Bronze Woods to hunt small to medium game from rabbits to deer and the occassional fox. She brings them to Butcher of Alban, cashing her kills in for gold.

Earning 5gm/day

Crew member of The Tipsy Wench: She has only just become a crew member and hasn't really learn't anything but Ash has explained that she makes for a good bodyguard and is willing to learn pretty much anything.

(More of a request, would like to work it out with Liason)

A human couple within the city of Syliras conceived a Kelvic child naming her Ashlia. The gene for Kelvic children was passed down from the father whose ancestor's lived up in Avanthal. Her slitted eyes were the first tell tale sign of her species, the mewling infant growing before there eyes, in a matter of a month she was crawling, words that a five year old could say spilled from her mouth and inteligence shone in her eyes that was beyond any ordinary infant.

This the couple found frightening, they did not know if they should give up their own child to officials or keep her around the house like a pet. Two months down the track she morphed into a leopard and they realized she wouldn't be a small house cat and would be noted before long. Law was strict here in the bustling city but who would allow a saber cat to roam the streets? So they did what they had to do, forcing a collar about her when she returned human, trying to explain that she could not take it off no matter what. Ashlia got the impression she was in danger, her un-natural intelligence helped to get that through her mind but she hated to be locked inside, her parents warned her and warned her not to go outside but by the time she could crawl she would be into everything. By the time she could walk she had figured out several different ways to sneak outside, prowling the streets that were relatively safe, beastial instincts always in the corner of her mind. As a human she loved to run, used to stalk the stray cats and do what they did like catching rats and mice with her hands, finding that it was fun trying to avoid their sharp teeth.
By a year Ashlia got curious enough to take her collar off. She looked like a sixteen year old adolescent, her hair had never been cut and hung about her feet. It felt great to switch forms, the Kelvic revelling in her new adolescent White leopard form. Her mother and father couldn't connect with her, having little time to enjoy her growth stages and finding that she really didn't need nor want their help being independant as she was, so they weren't too sad to see her go, the Kelvic excited because she earned coin from bringing down half a dozen rabbits in the Bronze Woods, becoming something of a hunter for the city.

When The Tipsy Wench, a cargo ship, docked in Syliras the Kelvic was compelled to apply for a crew position with them, her desire to see the world prompting her.

She is still fairly young, looking about eighteen and has a long way to go. Ash is excited to see where her career with The Tipsy Wench will take her.

Skills: 50points
Unarmed Combat: 20sp
Swimming: 5sp
Hunting: 5sp + RB 10 =15
Fishing: 5
Acrobatics: 5

Choker Collar: A black leather strip with a silver clips weaved onto it. There are silver buttons around it and a little silver bell. Fits her in human form and was given to her by her parents that did not want her to change into her beast form.

Ledger: starter package 100 gm
Starts with 500gm because I gave up the house.

-Game Knife: Simple knife for skinning and gutting kills: 3cm

-Tent (1man) - 1sm
-Bedroll (1 Man)- 5sm

Starter Pack:
- 1 set of clothing: Brown leather pants, short sleeved black shirt with buttons, one pair of leather high boots and a pair of undergarments. Also has a long cloak of leather make with a hood.
- Waterskin
- Backpack
- 1 set of toiletries
- Food for a week
- Eating Knife
- Flint and steel

- Tent(1man)
- Bedroll (1man)
- Game Knife

Lore one:
-Expansive Knowledge of the Bronze Woods

Lore two:
-Expansive Knowledge of the layout of Syliras.

Those Who are Heartless Once Cared too Much- UNKOWN
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