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Cyprus Starguide

Postby Cyprus on June 16th, 2016, 8:35 pm

General Information

Name: Cyprus Starguide

Race: Human, Drykas

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Date of Birth: 12, Winter, 496 A.V

Job: - - -

Fluent: Pavi

Basic: Common

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Warm Brown

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 180 lbs

Body Type: Solid

Tattoos and Scars: Windmark on his upper left chest
Windmark :

A young Drykas with a simple and near black and white view of the world. A good fighter, honest, and loyal he will come to learn of the world, it's intricacies, and that some choices are not so black and white.

Personality and Traits






Cyprus is a reserved young man raised to believe unwaveringly in the traditions and ideals of the Drykas. You would be hard pressed to find another as dutiful as he is. Cyprus follows his Ankal with unwavering faith and trust, though questions do arise from time to time they are almost never formed from doubt, instead they are born from curiosity and a desire to understand. This sense of duty lead him to become a stoic individual especially in the more serious matters of the Pavilion, about the only time you'll ever see him let loose are during celebrations and gatherings. His own personal level of confidence is near on par with his dedication to the Pavilion, he will not hold back and he will always do all that he is capable of to ensure that he succeeds in his duty.

A strong sense of duty, and high confidence levels have made Cyprus a very honest man, to be honest is to have faith and trust in yourself and those around you. He see's lying as the near polar opposite, it is for the weak, those without the strength or conviction to hold true to your words or acts. This belief has lead him to be a very trusting person, although he does have some odd conditions to it. He assumes strong warriors or hunters will always tell the truth and those who show a strong sense of duty or conviction will do the same, whereas someone who appears to be physically weak and nervous or fearful are more inclined to lie.

Cyprus was born to Leanu and Thastus Grasstalker of the Emerald Clan, it was a small and relatively new Pavilion with little history behind it but the bonds of the Family were as strong as any. Thastus was a well respected hunter and with a growing family he felt it was time to start his own Pavilion. At the time he had two wives, three sons, and two daughters. Cyprus was the first birth in the Grasstalker Pavilion and he was told they'd had a great celebration that night. As he grew older the Pavilion continued to expand, first his eldest brother married and then a new younger sister was born. The early days of his Pavilion were filled with growth, hard work, and a loving family.

This trend seemed like it would continue but as he grew older he began to understand the true level of work it took to keep the Pavilion safe and healthy. The small size of the Pavilion limited them from going to far away from Endrykas, and with the limited experience and skills of the family they relied much on trading what little they could to balance out their lives. Even so Cyprus was filled with pride for his family, no matter the difficulty they were always true to the Drykas ways and lived and struggled to their fullest.

The day started like every other, and yet it would end so differently. He had woken and prepared his Strider, Thuul, to leave for a round to check his traps and see what tracks he might find in the near area. After gathering up some supplies for the day and possibly a night should he need to travel that far he left with barely a word to anyone. On his return to the camp all was oddly quiet, as he got closer and within sight of the camp he found his father's body. As he looked towards the camp he spotted a Glassbeak and the truth of the situation sunk in, his Pavilion was lost. Grabbing his father's bow he ran back to his Strider and rode as hard as he could for the city of Endrykas, his life had changed in a way he'd never imagined.

The Bond
ImageStrider: Thuul
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Appearance: Buckskin
Personality: Thuul would be described as a prideful horse, he is not one for joking around or playfulness. While he tolerates others presences he is not a horse that takes kindly to people or other Striders, he does however make an exception for children playing around him. When in dangerous situations he is quick to take an aggressive role especially when cornered.



Cyprus has a personal tent in which he resides though it is always located near the main Pavilion, he doesn't spend much time in it as he is always either working or spending time with the other members of the Pavilion or his Strider.

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Cyprus Starguide

Postby Cyprus on June 16th, 2016, 9:05 pm

Skills and Lores


Skill Name: EXP Tracking Total and Skill Level
Riding:Horse 20 SP + 10 RB 30- Competent
Land Navigation5 SP5- Novice
Weapon:Spear10 SP10- Novice
Tracking5 SP5- Novice
Trapping5 SP5- Novice
Wilderness Survival: Plains5 SP5- Novice


•Drykas: Culutre
•Stars that don't move around the Cyphrus Region's sky


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Cyprus Starguide

Postby Cyprus on June 20th, 2016, 2:09 pm

Inventory and Ledger


1 Set of Clothing :
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Coat
-Simple Boots

-1 Yvas
-1 Large set of Yvas bags
-1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains: :
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-1 vial of Water Additive
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

-1 Quiver
-Shortbow Arrows (20)
-1 Longspear
-3 Shortspears
-1 Handaxe
-3 Animal Snares, (Small)

-1 Tent (4 person)
-1 Large Tarp
- 100 ft of Rope
-1 Lantern
-2 Torches
-1 Bedroll
-1 Blanket
-1 set of fishing tackle & hooks

Image Cyprus obtained this shortbow after the passing of his father. After the destruction of the Pavilion he'd had to make a hasty return to Endrykas, luckily he had been close by but due to the dangerous nature of the Sea of Grass he had to move fast. This bow was the only thing he had managed to recover aside from his own personal gear and equipment. It had belonged to his father and is now one of Cyprus' most treasured belongings.


Total Tracking Reason/Description
100 GM Starting Package Starting Money
85 GM -15 GM 3x Animal Snare Small purchased with SP
65 GM -20 GM Quiver purchased with SP
62 GM -3 GM Water Additive purchased with SP
57 GM -5 GM Longspear purchased with SP
51 GM -6 GM 3x Shortspear purchased with SP
45 GM -6 GM Handaxe purchased with SP
44 GM -1 GM Shortbow Arrows (20) purchased with SP

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