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Austin Stillcrest

Postby Austin Stillcrest on June 24th, 2016, 4:04 am

Austin Stillcrest
Physical Information
Race:Mixed Blood (Human/Zith)
Birthday:Fall 18, 496
Physical Description: Dark Brown hair, grey eyes, olive skin, skinny yet muscular
Character Concept
Personality:Kind-Hearted, Loyal, Adventurous, Caring, Creative, Empathetic, Faithful, Forgiving, Friendly, Fun-Loving, Generous, Helpful, Self-Hatred
Ethics:Show kindness to other even when they do not show kindness back.
Likes:Helping others, hunting, nature, animals
Dislikes:Swimming, cooking, dressing fancy, spiders
Character History
Pre-Creation:Austin was born out of accident when his mother and father hooked up while intoxicaded. His mother's parents, who hated mixed breeds, had their daughter send Austin to his father. His father didn't want the people of Nyka to know he had been the father of a half human/half zith so Austin was taught to keep it a secret. Austin was also raised to believe that he was an accident, a reminder of a poor decision done by his father.
Post Creation:
Training & Skill Points
Starting Package: Heirloom: A bracelet made from the skin of a horse with a religous Zith symbol from his mother
Earned Skill/Points
Equipment/Possessions:Heirloom, starter pack.
Always keep a list of your acquired items and where you got them. This could included houses, pets, clothing, weapons, armor, etc.
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