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Postby Dlight on December 29th, 2010, 1:36 am

Dlight is a fallen follower of Leth, musician, bonecrafter, and killer, appearing to be in his early-30's.
Before he became an Ethaefal and fell from the stars, he lived his most recent life as Dlight, a Zith that killed and sold apparel made from the bodies of his victims. Now fallen, Dlight is cursed to roam Mizahar once again, his blessed side wishing to be one with Leth again and his former Zith spiteful at forever not being able to see the night. He refuses to give himself a name other than that which Leth gave him, and so goes by his former name, though sparingly speaks of it while in his true form.


When Leth shines down, Dlight's eyes gleam a deep shade of purple with inky blue, almost black, staining them. His skin is a smooth and flawless pale yellow, easily betraying the eye to mistake shadows on his body to be the blue of a dark ocean. He stands at 6"2 and has masculine features yet is still beautiful. His straight hair is unnaturally long and extends just past his hips, his tall horns clearly visible atop his head.

When Syna rises, Dlight reverts back to his former form as a Zith. His height barely changes from the 6"2 he stands in his ethereal form, his features remarkably more masculine. When he once flew in the night sky Dlight was nearly undetectable, his intense black eyes and smoggy blue hair that's slightly longer than shoulder-length blending into the shadows, wings carrying his lightweight body swiftly to bring him to his prey.

Dlight wears a thigh-length loin cloth that decently covers both front and back, made from the black hair of one of his victims. While in Zith form and not flying, Dlight's leathery wings are tucked around him, otherwise he's either shirtless or wearing a robe. If one got close enough to him, they would smell the scent of Midnight Rose, a scent that would remind one of a beautiful Spring night. When farther away, he would smell of the ocean.


Under Leth, Dlight is a bitter Ethaefal that only knows he wishes to be one with the sky again. Disgusted at the sound of his voice, Dlight rarely speaks, but tries to express himself through music. For the most part he's indifferent towards others and rarely makes exceptions.

With Syna comes terror. A natural predator of the night, Dlight finds himself extremely irritable and unstable in the light, downright mad at the fact that his appreciation of Leth led him to being stuck with Syna. Every move he makes seems to be snappy and put others on edge, although Dlight can't help it and doesn't do it on purpose.


Dlight had a rude awakening into mortal life again with a splash into the waters surrounding Akvatari Isle. He was so overwhelmed and shocked by suddenly being thrown into the ocean that he nearly drowned. Dlight's near-dead body was saved by a Akvatari that was fascinated by what they had witnessed and brought up to Abura.

After much confusion and discussion that made no sense to either party, it was nearly dawn. Not knowing what came with Syna's rise, the Ethaefal and Akvatari were shocked as Dlight lost his horns and sprouted wings, transforming entirely into his past Zith lifeform. Dlights outrage and despair combined with the Zith's sudden awakening into an unfamiliar, bright environment equaled chaos.

The Akvatari had no chance against Dlight and his rage. After violently lashing out against the room and the Akvatari in it, Dlight flew into the sky with a deafening screech, flying blindly and by instinct. Instinct led him along the border of Ekytol and Cyphrus, into the shelter of the jungles of Falyndar. There he crash landed into the waters of the southern beaches of the jungle land, discovered and rescued from the water by Quelen Dran'Sora, a Charoda.

In his rage he'd snatched a large bag assumed to be valuables from the Akvatari's home. Inside, among other things, was an extensive, hand-written book containing philosophy and knowledge about music composition. Intrigued, Dlight studied the book with the Charoda, who encouraged him to use music to attract Leth's attention. After parting ways with the Charoda, he studied during the night and traveled away from Falyndar during the day, the land being far too dangerous for his Ethaefal form. What was at first a passing interest became an obsession and a way for Dlight to express himself.

-Music Composition 20 (SP)
-Knowledge of the Violin (Basic)
-Knowledge of the Violin (Moderate)
-The Bass Clef (Basic)
-The Treble Clef (Basic)
-The C Clef (Basic)

-Bonecrafting 10 (SP)
-Charoda Physiology
-Value of Charoda Body Parts
-Drying of Hides

-Detection 10 (Zith racial)
-Brawling 20 (SP)
-Wilderness Survival 1
-Observation 3
-Flying In Broad Daylight
-Leth's Calling
-Going out in Daylight (SP)

-Socialization 2
-Interrogation 1
-Storytelling 1

-Astronomy 10 (Ethaefal racial)
-Reading 3
-Location of Abura
-Falling from Leth (SP)

Languages Spoken:
    Zithanese (Fluent)- language of the Zith, learned by Dlight as a child from his past life as a Zith.
    Common (Basic)- learned as a child from his past life as a Zith.
    Char (Poor)- language of the Charoda, learned from his past life and re-learned from Tayl and Quelen, the Charoda that spent time with him as he roamed the coast of Falyndar during his early days there.
1 Set of Clothing:
    Loincloth made of hair and cloth
    Black robe, stained and faded
    Worn pair of sandals
1 Incense burner
6 sticks of Forest incense

1 Stolen Backpack which contains:
    Comb, brush
    Food for a week
    1 Waterskin
    2 Midnight Rose soap bars
    1 10 oz bottle of Ocean Mist perfume


Dlight's Violin
Crafted by Sina of Wildwood Music in Syliras, Dlight's violin is his most treasured possession. The front of the violin is stained the pale blue of a clear, starry night sky. The ribbing is lined with gold, extending into designs along the front. The back of the violin contrasts, a natural rich wooden color that almost appears gold, ribbing a bright red. A painting of the moon is on the back, red alike how it appears on the anniversary of the Valterrian. Words above the painting read, "for Leth, I play," and below read, "from Sina, I'm made" It's pegs are carved into different phases of the moon.

An Akvatari's Music Journal
This is Dlight's second most valued item, originally hand-written and crafted by the Akvatari that saved him from drowning after falling from Leth's embrace. It's cover is worn yet still beautiful with roughly 100 pages within it, not all of them used. Inside are theories, diagrams, and philosophy all about music and it's composition, along with a couple complex music sheets.

600 gm (SP, no housing)
- 15 gm for customized violin at Wildwood Music (Syliras)
- 4 gm, + 9 sm (change) for 31 days lodging at Travelers Row (Syliras)
- 2 gm, - 5 sm, + 5 sm (change) for soap (2), 10 oz perfume, incense + burner at Sensual Scents (Syliras)
- 45 gm for Poor living expenses of Winter 510 AV (no income, temporary residence at cheap inn)
- 1 gm, - 4 sm for soap (2), 10 oz perfume at The Bizarre (Alvadas)

Current: 551 gm, 5 sm

511 AV
8th, Arrives at Alvadas from Syliras
8th, [Alvadas Location] The Gaping Maw
8th, [Alvadas Location] The Wolf's Cave
9th, [Dream] Unwanted
9th, Bathing in the Streets [Aeli]
10th, [Verlyna's Emerald Pond] Marking the Land (Open)
11th, [The Sunken Conundrum] Growing Gills (Solo)
12th, [Verlyna's Emerald Pond] Abrupt Awakening [Sesha]

510 AV
Secret :
30th, [Syliras Location] The Main Gates (starting point)
30th, [Syliras Location] Wildwood Music
30th, [Syliras Location] Traveler's Row
31st, [Syliras Location] Undeniable Interests
32nd, [Syliras Location] Sensual Scents
32nd, [Traveler's Row] Something Magnificent (Solo)
Observation +1, Reading +3, The Bass Clef (Basic), The Treble Clef (Basic), The C Clef (Basic), Knowledge of the Violin (Basic), Knowledge of the Violin (Moderate)
42nd, Ballad for the Soul [Closed]
50th, [Syliras Location] The Welcome Home
60th, Singing in the Rain (Dlight)
61st, Departs for Kalea from Syliras

Secret :
509 AV
Fall 49th, [Flashback] Crash Landing (Quelen - Tayl - Dlight)
After Dlight flees from the Akvatari's home, he crashes onto the coast near Charbosi.
(Observation +2, Wilderness Survival +1, Socializing +2, Interrogation +1, Storytelling +1, Charoda, Flying In Broad Daylight, Leth's Calling, Akvatari, Location of Abura, Leth)
Fall 52nd,, [Flashback] A Musical Journey (Quelen)
Quelen returns with a harp.
491 AV
Summer 10th, [Flashback] Skinning Makutsi's Best (Solo)
A past life flashback of his bonecrafting profession.
(Charoda Physiology, Value of Charoda Body Parts, Drying of Hides)
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