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Postby Grim Ravenwood on June 30th, 2016, 7:55 pm

Grim The Eiyon
"Death comes to all. But some need a little push."
"Real things in the darkness seem no realer than dreams"
001. Appearance

Date of Birth: 1st of Winter 495AV
Age: Twenty Two
Race: Half-Isur
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Location: Riverfall
Profession: Eiyon, Undertaker's Assistant

Alignment: True Neutral
Gnosis: One mark Eiyon

Fluent: Common
Basic: Vani
Poor: Isur

Flesh can be fooled, the spirit cannot
Grim is a tall individual, standing at six foot, three inches of height. His frame, although tall, is rather slender with lean, well toned muscles. His silky black mane is kept short in length, not taking form of any particular style - with every strand going in the direction it pleases. Grim lets several unkempt bangs curtain in front of his pale face, obscuring one of his grayish-obsidian eyes. Underneath the dark layers of robes, ones that hang over his somewhat broad shoulders, one could notice the slight bluish tint on the skin of his left arm, betraying his Isurian heritage. Regularly shaved, his rounded chin gives his face a rather tame and soft look, one that sharply contrasts his overall appearance.

As far as clothing goes, Grim prefers to keep them simple. His affinity towards black is clearly seen as it is the dominating color of everything he wears. Over a simple black shirt and pair of pants of the same color, Grim wears a tattered robe and scarf.

"Only those that fear life itself, can fear death"
002. Personality

Likes: Rain, Mist, Sea, Graveyards, Winter, Ale
Dislikes: Heat, Summer, Undead, Noise
Ethics: Stoic

Calmness is the cradle of power
Grim is one of the rare few gifted with an incredible amounts of patience, be it with people, or at the workplace. His calm demeanor, and ever present kind smile can be disrupted by few things, those being individuals that believe themselves entitled to an extension of their lives. Grim is a kind-natured individual, who often goes out of his way to aid strangers, even if that could spell doom for him. However, he is rather prideful, and doesn't look down kindly on those that would point out him being mixed-blood in an insulting manner. Even though his father was a human, Grim still holds a strong bound towards his mother's people trough blood. This is manifested in his strive for perfection, willingness to get stronger, and an unexplainable joy he finds in crafts. He is zealous in his faith, and upholds Dira's creed to the best of his possibilities.

It is worth noting that the Eiyon experiences melancholy attacks from time to time. During these periods, his mood darkens, and he prefers keeping to himself - in some dark and isolated corner if possible. The situation he has found himself in is quite uncommon. Seeing as an half-Isur that would put worshiping death on top over the blood bond the shares with the patron of his mother's people, Izurdin.

"I never really chose Death, It chose me"
003. History

Once you realize that everything is changing, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you can't achieve
Pre-Creation History

During the first day of Winter 495 AV, before the early morning darkness cleared, cries of a newborn child could be heard from the run down cottage, one that belonged to Asfar, the grave keeper of the Dust Bed.

In a place so filled with death, life seemed so out of place...

Most that knew him would say that Asfar was an odd individual. He would speak tales of the places he visited, claiming that there wasn't a crack on Mizahar he didn't explore, no river he hadn't sailed and no mountain he hadn't scaled. As for later, when he 'got snatched', as he would say, by his wife, he would come to settle in Sunberth - even though, he never truly melded in with the local populace.

His son, Asfar named Grim. By this alone, one could figure that the grave keeper had a rather odd sense of humor. Grim had grown up in the cemetery, surrounded by graves and memorials of the people that once existed. Death was something mundane, and the boy grew accustomed to it. His father, despite the fact that he did not want his son to follow in his footsteps, taught Grim the basics of the undertaker's trade, among the other skills he knew. His mother in the other hand, a proud Isur, taught the boy the value of strength, of both mind and body.

One day however, Grim's childhood met an untimely end. Picking up a body wasn't anything unusual, it was just another part of Asfar's job as the grave keeper. One person was heard screaming from the heart of Dust Bed Ridge. Assuming it was just another would-be-wizard in search for ancient knowledge within the tombs, he presumed that the man was probably killed off by as pack of wolves. Within the lands of the Ridge, such beasts, vicious and territorial in nature, weren't an uncommon sight.

With several other men, Asfar went to retrieve the body. However, he would never return. According to Simon, the sole survivor if the 'attack', a single Chained One, monstrous in appearance, massacred the party. Be it by luck, or whatever other force, Simon escaped the agent of Uldr, only to return covered in a mix of sweat and blood. Zeyna, not without hope in her heart, rushed to the place Simon described, planting a single kiss on her son's forehead before departing after her husband.

Even though Grim waited by the door of their home, she never returned.

Dust Bed wasn't long without a new keeper. Soon, Jebediah would come and take his father's place. Grim never really saw his parent's corpses. Jebediah told Grim that he had incinerated them, claiming that those who have been killed by the undead shouldn't be buried besides the rest, because they could spread the curse of Returning.

In Sunberth, orphans were many, and Grim wasn't any different than the rest of them. Even with this in mind, Jebediah offered the boy a job as one of his body retrievers. Grim, now alone, accepted the job out of necessity.

Grim The Eiyon
"Death comes to all . But some need a little push."
Skills are common, talents are rare
004. Skills

Do the things you are good at. Most people don't live long enough to become good at something
Weapon: Scythe10RB+16SP+1XP27XPCompetent
Singing10SP10XP Novice
Unarmed Combat1XP1XPNovice





Knowledge is of no power, less you put it in practice
005. Lore

Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof
Socialization: Joking to Calm Someone Down

Sunberth: Street Layout
Location: Ethereal Notions
Location: Lapis Park
Riverfall: Scarce Female Population
Riverfall: City of Parks

Combat: Scythes can be used to pull enemies closer

Dira: Follower
Grim: A fitting name
Self: I can more than handle it
Ghosts: Each has a unique "smell" to an Eiyon

First day on the job in Syliras
Medicine: If a patient is too far gone, experiment and learn from them
Some jobs in your field still suck
Spiritism: Soul Mist on an object allows the object to physically interact with a ghost
Spiritism: Dusting is often the easiest way to deal with a ghost
Some people just want to die in the glory of battle
Spiritism: Soul Mist can be used to bait ghosts
Medicine: Heat Can Make People Crazy

Aladari: Vantha fisherwoman
Aladari: Believer and Follower of the Gods
Martini Elwood: Strange Girl With an Imaginary Friend
Dusk: Companion
Dusk: Likes to Try Out New Skulls

Grim The Eiyon
"Death comes to all. But some need a little push."
"The more material we lose, the less we have. The less we have, the more we win"
006. Possessions

To have so little, and it of so little value, was to be quaintly free


DuskImage is the name of Grim's pet skull crow. He first met it when Asfar found the chick lying in the dirt near the gallows. It's wing was injured, thus Grim nourished it back to health. Although he tried releasing the bird, Dusk wasn't willing to leave Grim, and has stayed with him ever since. Like other Skull Crows, Dusk tends to wear the skulls of other birds on his head. Although Grim doesn't understand why, this particular habit doesn't bother him. While a omen of terrible luck to others, Grim finds solace and comfort in the presence of his 'friend'.

Grim's heirloom is a steel scythe named PatricideImage. It's snath is made out of polished oak, adorned with numerous shallow cuts along it's surface. Unlike most scythes, Grim's scythe has no handle, suggesting that it's purpose was never cutting grass. It's ring is made out of the same piece of steel the blade is, as it extends on both sides. The chine does not lower into a slope, but rather is nooked at both sides, though only the upper nook is bladed. The beard of the scythe extends into an uneven arc, only to end at the lower nook, one used for catching weapons such as spears. The ring extends to the opposite side of the blade itself, forming a bladed, three-pointed crown.

Amount:What For:Balance
+100GM Starting Package 100GM
-1GM Purchasing Linen Robes 99GM
-2SM Purchasing Cowl Attachment 98GM 8SM
-45GM Summer 516 AV Living Expenses 53GM 8SM
-0GM Fall 516 AV Living Expenses 53GM 8SM
-45GM Winter 516 AV Living Expenses8GM 8SM
+276GM Spring 517AV Wages 284GM 8SM
-135GMSpring 517AV Living Expenses 159GM 8SM
- / - Summer 517AV Wages 159GM 8SM
-135GM Summer 517AV Living Expenses 24GM 8SM

"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home"
007. Housing

Location: Riverfall - Cora's Apartments

Land is the secure ground of home, the sea is like life, the outside, the unknown
Currently, Grim rests at The Cora Apartments, located at the third tier of the cliff, close to the shore line. His room is pre furnished, with comfortable yet economy-class furniture.

Grim The Eiyon
"Death comes to all. But some need a little push."
"I will show you my faith trough my actions"
008. Threads

There is nothing that is more clothed in attractive grab that a false creed. I will show you the truth.
Sum 516AV
64thBedside MannerFinished

Win 516 AV
4thDeath's HandUnfinished
6thWinter's warm WelcomeAbandoned

Spri 517 AV
50thA Strange Shop Finished
67thWelcome to the CircleFinished

Sum 517 AV
24thGood Friend, Bad Request Finished
67thA Grim Reunion Unfinished
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Grim as an Eiyon, appears to undead as either something to be fearful, or weary of, depending on their personal power. To others, he might seem like a mystery, or just odd.
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Thanks to the incredibly talented Fallon for making an amazing template!

Grim as an Eiyon, appears to undead as either something to be fearful, or weary of, depending on their personal power. To others, he might seem like a mystery, or just odd.
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Grim Ravenwood
You reap what you sow~
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