Riluc Lorrani's Plot Notes.

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Riluc Lorrani's Plot Notes.

Postby Riluc Lorrani on June 30th, 2016, 10:34 pm


Plot Notes For Riluc Loranni
Summer 516

Goals For This Season

1. Establish Riluc as a Character. Develop his voice and personality.

2. Start Plot to find out where he came from. I want this to be a multi season plot.

3. Meet new people and role play with them.

4. Improve Current Skills
Hunting, Wilderness Survival, Body Building, Unarmed Combat

5. Learn Skills
Fishing, Sling, Singing

6. Participate in Events in Sunberht while working on Caiyha worship.

To Do List

1. Start Thread for back History

2. Finish writing History in Character Sheet, and making Character Sheet look nifty.

3. Start Second Work Thread.

4. Participate in some of the Riots on the calendar.

5. Thread with more people I haven't meet before.

Threads in Progress

Flash Backs
Summer 506 - Slings and Canines - Learning how to use a sling.

Summer 516
2nd day - Light Fingers - meeting Baran and maybe learning some music.
5th day - A Thread Full Of Fish Stories - Making new friends and fishing
10th Day - True Form of Combat - unarmed combat training with Bones
18th Day - Entering the Temple of The Unknown - Adventure
20th day - Into The Woods - Hunting and First Work Thread.
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