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Postby Sorael on July 1st, 2016, 11:11 pm


Race: Kelvic
Species: Vulpes vulpes (red fox)
Gender: Female
Age: 2.5
Birthday: 19th of Fall, 514 AV
Birthplace: The Wildlands of Sylira

Profession: Hunter/trapper
Location: The Wildlands and outskirts of Sylrias

Fox Appearance

Sorael is average by all accounts, her size and stature owing to her age and sex. A loose long coat of ruddy red with orange undertones blankets her during the cold season, her summer coat considerably shorter but no less luminescent. Black colors her paws, running partially up her legs and marks her large ears. White fur runs from her chin down her chest to her belly, highlighting her tail in various places. Her eyes are the only defining feature in a seemingly innocuous fox, grey not normally seen among vulpine irises.
Human Appearance


Sorael is a human of average female size, standing roughly 5 feet 5 inches tall. She is slender, bordering on thin during the winter season. Her features are angular, calling to mind the sharp planes of a fox's face. High cheekbones and a narrow nose give way to lightly tinted lips. Hazel eyes are shrouded by thick lashes and are mirrored in her fox form. Sorael's flesh is rosy, tanning only a shade darker in the summer. Thick hair with the slightest curl mirrors her vulpine coat, reds and oranges often plaited messily down her back. A feminine form is often concealed by ill-fitting garments, though it concerns her little to display her physique in this form.

Sorael is a generally quiet and observant individual, not one to talk unless words are necessary. She has a healthy dose of skepticism and prefers solitude to the company of others. She has no use for sarcasm and thus has a difficult time understanding it in others. Her literal mind owes more to her fox nature than human. As she spends most of her time alone and in her animal state Sorael has poor social skills.

On a few occasions she has had the opportunity to befriend humans and when she does she is fiercely loyal. There is a part of her that enjoys human company but as of yet she does not know how to overcome her animal fear and independence.

Sorael was born in the same wilderness she still roams. Both parents were Kelvic, though her memory of them is fleeting. Once she was able to fend for herself her mother moved on, disappearing entirely from the Wildlands. This did not bother the Kelvic as foxes are generally solitary creatures. Sorael spent her time hunting and living a content fox life. As a human she felt awkward and uncoordinated, but learned to barter her prey for more suitable human items such as clothes, toiletries and other seemingly excessive things. Her Common is a little rough, but she makes herself understood.

While she is happy to live out the rest of her life in the Wildlands there is a small but persistent urge that occasionally tickles her fancy, encouraging her to explore beyond the boundary of the forest. That part of her desires more than a solitary life but as of yet Sorael has found no need to abandon her home and no person to persuade her to act on this urge.

Skill | EXP | Total | Proficiency

Hunting| EXP| 15 SP| Novice
Trapping| EXP|10 SP | Novice
Wilderness Survival| EXP|10 SP| Novice
Tracking| EXP| 5 SP| Novice
Negotiation| EXP| 5 SP| Novice
Foraging | EXP | 5 SP | Novice

Location: The Wildlands
Wilderness Survival: Building a Fire


- Cloak
- Tan shirt
- Grey shirt
- Leather vest
- Dark trousers
- Homespun grey dress
- Leather boots
- Waterskin
- Brush
- Soap
-Daily rations
-Flint & Steel

A kopis blade she happened upon and claimed as her own

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