Syri's Scrapbook (AKA Numia's Apology)

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Syri's Scrapbook (AKA Numia's Apology)

Postby Syri Morphgaze Terras on July 4th, 2016, 1:56 am

An Apology

Hello everyone, I am Syri, or, as many of you know me by the name of my main character, Numia. Some months ago I PM'd many members, bashing Mizahar, Gossamer, and recruiting for another site. It was my own idea to do so, though at the time I felt justified and I wanted to impress my friends. Not everyone was impressed with what I had done, and over the following weeks I quickly became unhappy with what I had done. Before then, I had a bit of a moral code, and I had defiled that code in a childish way which I now resent.

Such behavior is never acceptable by anyone, and it's damaging to other individuals in many destructive ways. Often, people ask what they did to deserve such actions against them, only to be spat in the face. I've felt this way time and time again, and it disgusts me that I've treated Gossamer, and indeed all of Mizahar in this way. This behavior cannot stand, and nor will I ever be fully atoned for it. Still, I am making steps on helping to repair what has been done where I can, in ways that I can.

Gossamer has graciously allowed me a second chance, or, maybe even by now a third chance - I've made mistakes in the past, but somehow she is looking past them. For that, I am humbled.

And, formally, to those of you I have hurt, or those of you I have hindered and affected with my poor choice of actions, I apologize. This includes all of Mizahar, new players and veterans alike who toil with their sweat, emotion, and tears to keep this place going. It truly is a labor of love, and I'm starting to recognize that.
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