[Unverified] Orian Orios (incomplete)

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Orian Orios (incomplete)

Postby Orian Orios on July 4th, 2016, 8:51 am

Orian Orios

"When your born into nothing, you make something of it."

Race: Mix blood (Zyth-Human)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: 37th of winter, 497
Birthplace: Xy
Occupation: Squire


As is common of Mix blood Zyths, Orian has long, fairly thick black hair and dark brown eyes. He has lighter skin then the average human, but darker than the average Zyth, brining out a paleish skin tone. Orian's teeth are slightly sharp and he has a slightly angular face. He has nubs that are noticeable through his clothes where wings would've grown had he been a full Zyth. He is six feet tall and has an average and slightly toned build. He often wears a hooded cloak to hide his face, as he does not like to be noticed.

Character Concept:

Orian is a clearly skittish and jumpy person. He is awkward and has a tendency to ramble. He often sulks in a corner and keeps to himself, but if someone makes contact and can get him to speak, it will be hard to get him to calm down. When a person gets to know him they will see him become friendly and fun loving, caring and infinitely loyal. Orian tends to be mischievous and will choose to steal over work, if possible. He wishes to travel, hoping to avoid being noticed and recognized by a Zyth. He vows to avenge his father one day.

Character History:

Orian's father was captured by a Zyth to be a slave nearly four years before Orian's birth. His mother was a Zyth who captured his father. His mother had commonly used his father's skills to please herself, on of these incidents created Orian. Orian was born into slavery, being taught how to serve the Zyth and hunt with small parties of other slaves by his father and the Zyth themselves. Orian often would hide to avoid the abusive slave owners and would steal food and other necessities for both himself and his father. He often got into fights with the other slaves in order to keep what he owns for himself, avoiding confrontation if possible. Orian was sly and tactful amongst the slaves, but due to his dislike of all people he lacked social skills. One day Orian's father decided he was sick of protecting his son and decided to devise a plan for his son to escape, making a large distraction and attacking his mother, after informing his son of the location of his old sword from back before the day he was captured. Orian witnessed his mother kill his father as a riot of slaves ensued. This riot helped to cover Orian's theft of the sword and escape. After and hour or so of running Orian spotted a carnage on the road and hid in it, it took him to sylaris, where he was found by a squire who allowed him to run away without informing the driver of his stow away.
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Orian Orios
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Orian Orios (incomplete)

Postby Orian Orios on July 4th, 2016, 9:56 am


1 set of normal clothing
1 waterskin
1 backpack containing: 1 set of toiletries, food for 1 week, 1 eating knife, flint & steel
1 steel shortsword (heirloom)


Family Heirloom:

A basic steel shortsword his father used n his travels


100 gold rimmed mizas


Sylaris apartment

Unarmed combat:15
Escape artist:5

Zyth: history and culture
Servitude in slavery
Stowing away in a carriage
Surviving as a slave


Fluent: Common
Basic: kelvic
Poor: Nari
Orian Orios
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