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Postby Harman Dayis on July 18th, 2016, 2:17 am


Alignment: Neutral/Neutral Evil

Alias: None
Titles: None

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 4th, Spring, 500 AV
Height: 6'2
Weight: 165

Profession: Mercenary
Housing: Sunset Quarter Apartment, Sunberth

Merits: Calculating, Loving, Brave, Intelligent, Loyal, Witty
Flaws: Fake, Liar, Distant, Greedy, Overly Competitive

Gnosis: None
Tattoos: None
Scars: None
Harman Dayis

Physical Appearance:
Harman is a long haired young adult with lengthy limbs. The adolescent stands at just about six foot two inches, and weighs in at around one hundred and sixty pounds. Obviously he's somewhat thin, but he hardly looks sickly or worryingly small.

His eyes are a calm, spring green. The eyes display pleasantness - not outright selflessness or overflowing kindness, but just decency. In a similar manner, the rest of him looks decent and passable. His teeth are straight and white - although he is missing a few of his back molars - and he's been blessed with relatively clear skin.

One could call Harman attractive. He is possessed of a few desirable features, and just as many plain ones. His eyes and nose are arguably a nice shape, and his cheekbones are high set and pleasantly pronounced; at the same time, Harman's chin is a bit too pointy and his cheeks are somewhat round - although this natural plumpness is mitigated somewhat by his relatively light weight.

Harman keeps wall upon wall between himself and the outside world. He is honest in general, when he cares enough to share his opinion - unless dishonesty would get him something he wants. He's lawful and loyal when it comes to people that he considers a part of his family. However, anyone outside his family of friends isn't his problem. He's very human, and not psychopathic at all, having said that, if you're not on his good side he'd cross, lie, cheat you, or even slit your throat if it benefited him enough and he wouldn't be punished, or protected those he does care about. He doesn't enjoy lying, or cheating, and dislikes murder; if he deems it necessary however, then he see's it as something that simply needs to be done to further his own ends.

He enjoys being social, despite his general distance from people, and is very much a socialite when he wants to be. Still, society bores him; he wants achievement, money, and freedom for their own sake - because the infinite grind towards success is one of the only things that doesn't eventually stop fulfilling him.

In the end, he's driven by pure ambition and a deep set fear of dying the nothing that he was born as, which is what keeps him going - even if he doesn't recognize the latter as existing in his psyche.

Genealogy? Family? Kin? All but the middle of the three mean nothing to Harman, and even the word family he doesn't take in the traditional sense. He doesn't know who his mother or father are, or were. He doesn't even remember their faces, he was too young; although as a child he sometimes tricked himself into picturing a false memory of his parent's visages.

He was brought up in Sunberth's orphanage, by its kind and motherly matron. He had friends, and he always liked to talk. Still, he often pushed people away without knowing how not to.

It was as if people couldn't satisfy him, he wanted something else. He wanted to be the best, and to be recognized as the best. Still, from a young age Harman was hardly a braggart. He wanted to truly be the greatest, not just say he was; really, he wanted other people to say it, and to be able to believe it when they did.

A worker's life did not call to him. Nor was he naturally gifted enough in anything to escape the mad world of the city he was born into, on the wings of any talent.

Later in life, well into his childhood, he would learn that he could take a punch, however. His one gift, his one ability, was willpower. Childhood scuffles led him to learn that while his body hardly naturally picked up on combat, that he could persevere. And the longer he stuck it out, the more he believed he always could.

He found people to train with, when he could. Sometimes he sparred fellow enthusiasts, bored friends, and sometimes he worked odd jobs to support himself and even pay teachers on occasion. Many a night he went home hungry and sore, having used his only coins to pay a more experienced fighter to bruise him up.

Later he began to fight at Tall Johnny's Casino and Cage Fights. His first bouts were, well, less than pleasant. He was brutally beat in most of them, until the fights were called and he walked out with a mostly empty pocket. He came back every time, though - eventually.

A few fewer teeth later, and a little while down the road, and Harman has begun to at least be competitive in the ring. Now he trains, and does odd jobs, hoping to someday earn the money and status that he so desires. Really, if he asked himself, he could admit that he's just waiting for something. For what? He doesn't really know, other than it being some opportunity.


Boxing23 SP23Novice
Endurance21 Sp21Novice
Animal Husbandry15 RB, 6 SP21Novice


Sunberth: Street Layout
Sunberth: Culture
Lore 3
Lore 4
Lore 5
Lore 6
Lore 7
Lore 8
Lore 9
Lore 10
Lore 11
Lore 12


Heirloom: Akinva Deerstalker
Name: Champion
Description: Champion started his life much as Harman also did, orphaned and as a stray. He is a very large, black Deerstalker, who is missing both an ear and his left eye.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Gloves, Boxing -3 GM 97 GM
Job Expenses -95.82 GM 1.18 GM


Slaver Arc:
16th Of Summer, 516 AV[Sunberth] Securing The Mark
19th Of Summer, 516 AV[Sunberth] And Out We Go, Into Misadventure
19th Of Summer, 516 AV[Sunberth] And Out We Go, Into Misadventure: Part II
20th Of Summer, 516 AV[Sunberth] Slavers And Brigands
21st Of Summer, 516 AV[Sunberth] Raid
21st Of Summer, 516 AV[Sunberth] Survival
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