Kawari's Notes of Plotting

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Kawari's Notes of Plotting

Postby Kawari Newid on July 23rd, 2016, 12:36 am

Kawari Newid

Face Claim/Model: Aya Ueto

  • Find/make a pottery studio/workshop (buy kiln, materials for clay and glazes, potter's kit, kick-wheel <- not sure if included in potter's kit)
  • Do flashbacks in Syliras
    - With Slavador (if Kawa's history with him pans out, fingers crossed)
    - Open to random flashback threads in Syliras (only 515AV though)
  • Meet some residents of Alvadas, hopefully make agreeable acquaintances, friends
  • Deal with her heat somehow (late Fall/Winter, oh my)
  • Improve upon Kawa's lore and skills (make some glazes, attempt several techniques- maybe some mocha diffusion and oxides?)
  • Sell at least one piece
  • Eventually teach pottery/ceramic classes.

A short list for now...
Skills to Aim For:
  • Brewing
  • Calligraphy
  • Camouflage ~
  • Carving ~
  • Climbing ~
  • Cooking ~
  • Copying
  • Disguise ~
  • Etching ~
  • Fishing ~
  • Forgery
  • Gadgeteering
  • Geology ~
  • Glassworking ~
  • Herbalism ~
  • Impersonation ~
  • Leatherworking ~
  • Mathematics ~
  • Metalsmithing ~
  • Negotiation ~
  • Painting ~
  • Persuasion ~
  • Salvaging ~
  • Scavenging ~
  • Sculpting ~
  • Stealth ~
  • Teaching ~
  • Tracking
  • Trapping
  • Unarmed Combat ~
  • Vinting
  • Weaving
  • Writing ~
  • Any Weapon skill ~
" ~ " for emphasis

Potential items to make (taken from Price List: Potter/Food/Cooking Containers)
May see about adding to if I can think of anything... (cutlery, cooking spoon, salt/pepper shakers, stamps, beads, coffee filter, colander, wind-chime, teapot, etc....)
Item Price
Basin, 2-Quart 2 sm
Basin, Gallon 3 sm
Bowl, 5" / 8 oz 1 cm
Bowl 6" / 10 oz 2 cm
Bowl 7" / 16 oz 3 cm
Bowl 8" / 28 oz 4 cm
Bricks 1 sm / 50 units
Cistern, Gallon 5 sm
Cistern, 3 Gallon 15 sm
Clay Waterpipe (bong?) 12 gm
Cooking Pot, 2-Quart 2 sm
Cooking Pot, Gallon 3 sm
Cooking Pot, 2 Gallon 5 sm
Crock, 16 oz 6 cm
Crock, 28 oz 8 cm
To continue ...

Suggested Thread Titles:
From Dexius - Glazed & Confused

Threads to start:
Lo'campo - Winter 515AV

Location Image ideas:

Bardon Mill Pottery: https://kevinthephotographer.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/2013-9-xa-fuji-superia-200-cycle-ride-digibase-3.jpg

In Somersetshire, ceramics by Prue Piper.: http://www.bibleofbritishtaste.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/P1120801-768x1024.jpg




Margarites: http://www.crete-kreta.com/files/images/building2.jpg

Pond Farm Pottery


Outside..? : http://www.smallhotelsingreece.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/000-Familia.jpg




Tradional Kilns:

Homemade Kilns:

Potential NPCs


Backstory (Pre-Creation)

  • Parents - Kelvic (What kind?) and Human
  • Birthplace - Cyphrus, near the border with Sylira
  • Inciting event? - Father (Kelvic) is caught by slave-traders, Mother flees with Kawari to Syliras, and leaves her on the steps of the Orphanage before going off to presumably search for Kawari's father (Kawari is about 3 months old - looks about). Upon seeing her Mother leave, Kawari changes into her kelvic form and tries to follow, but ends up wandering the city. After a few frightening incidents, Kawari wanders into the Great Bazaar, hiding among the stalls and nooks and crannies. Overwhelmed by the sounds and crowd, she moves towards a calmer area, soon finding herself at a small booth covered in ceramic vessels of various colours and patterns. Curiosity piqued, she moves closer, eyes wide and entranced by the intricate shapes. The stall owner, Slavador Bateson (permission granted), about to shoo away the furry pup, suddenly finds a child sitting beside his stall. At first, he tries to leave her at the Orphanage, but after finding her at the same spot day after day, finally gives in a bit and begins to teach her his craft- on the condition that she helps out around the studio.
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