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Drohiir Terras

Postby Drohiir Terras on July 24th, 2016, 5:11 pm

Drohiir Terras


Race: Isur
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Birthday: Day 64, Winter, 458 AV
Birthplace: Sultros

Appearance: Drohiir strikes an imposing figure at 5'1”. Like most Isur, his muscles ripple beneath pale flesh veined in silver. His musculature is visibly dense from years spent carrying heavy metals for his superiors. The blue tint in his skin, while noticeable, is average for his race. His baldness makes a few silver veins on the top of his head stand out. The bony ridge that crosses his face lends him the classic cold Isurian demeanor, and a large burn mars his forehead, a silver-white scar in the shape of a rectangle. In his youth, Drohiir ran in the way of a smith in the forge, and he suffered the consequences.
The Izentor, Drohiir's left arm, is a deep green veined in silver. This color marks his youth, as his parents' blessings are vibrant emerald.

Character Concept & History

Drohiir was born to an average family of the Coglias clan. He admired the works of his fellow Isur with awe from the day of his birth, and the work of the members of the Terras clan especially. This admiration grew into a focus on smithing and crafting that put him out of place in his own home. His parents both served in the Isurian military, and his younger brother followed in their footsteps. With little common ground between them, Drohiir struggled to find his place in the world for much of his childhood and adolescence.
Perhaps because of this, Drohiir's adulation for the architecture, weapons, armor, and tools crafted by his race grew into a deep determination: Drohiir would work day and night to become a smith renowned. Thus, he spent all his time in the forges with the Terras. At first, he was hardly tolerated, as he often got underfoot and asked too many questions. With time, he gained acceptance, as he learned blacksmithing techniques and how to stay out of the way of workers with hot iron.

Drohiir's parents were not the most devout of Isur, but they respected Isurdin and honored him regularly. When Drohiir eventually learned of Isurdin's gifts to his most devout, he dove into the faith, hoping to gain marks from his God to increase his smithing prowess. Drohiir wishes to be remembered for crafting weapons, armor, and equipment equaling – or even surpassing – those legendary items made before the Valterrian. Isurdin may find that Drohiir's ambition comes before the faith, and Isurdin's judgement is His will.

Drohiir is wed to a woman of the Terras clan whom he met in the forges. Her beauty is matched by her crafting ability, and to woo her, Drohiir worked to craft excellent weapons and armor for a small platoon of the Isurian military. He used his Izentor, toiling for weeks on end to make armor that did not wear and weapons that did not dull, and eventually, after he had outfitted 40 troops over the course of a year, Fayel Forge Terras took him as her husband. Drohiir took his wife's clan name to reflect his dedication to her, his passion, and their times crafting together, and though his arm reflects his birth in among the Coglias, he is accepted as part of the Terras community of blacksmiths.

Moving from his home in Sultros was not difficult for Drohiir. His wife admired his ambitions and knew he would return from his adventures a better man, so she sent him off with a supply of rations and positive words. As for where he was going, he had heard of the city of Syliras through the traders that sold his goods – a city of heroic knights, gigantic forges, and the Miza Mint – and he set off. His story truly begins here.

Simplified Character Traits

Determined – Naive – Devout – Confident – Loving – Excellent friend – Passionate/Fiery – Protective

Naive – Devout on condition – Lacking sense of new community – Occupied with separation from wife - Impossible expectations – Slow to accept others

Hard work - recognition for his craft - good, quiet company - the song of the hammer and anvil, the voice of the fire in the forge - Those with a sense of justice & order -

Excitable people & noisemakers - People pointing out/joking about his height - 'High culture': expensive food, complicated music, overbearing manners - being isolated -


Fluent Language: Isur
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Tukant


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Blacksmithing SP15, RB10 25 Novice
Armorsmithing SP25 25 Novice
Weaponsmithing SP10 10 Novice


Knowledge of the Church of Izurdin
Knowledge of Basic Izurdin Military Etiquette


1 Set of Clothing
-Maroon Tunic
-Tied Brown Cloth Pants
-Brown Leather Cloak
-Brown Leather High Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
76 Gold Mizas, 6 Silver Mizas

Heirloom: 3.5 pound Metalworking hammer with an inscription from Fayel Terras - “Jarlfist”. Written in Isur runes with a steady hand.


Location: Syliras

House:20x20 apartment deep in Stormhold Citadel, no windows, ventilation.
Table, Bunk, bedside, chest, hearth, chair.



Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Leather Apron -6 SM 99 GM 4 SM
Tongs -6 SM 98 GM 8 SM
Whetstone -2 SM 98 GM 6 SM
Whetstone Wheel -20 GM 78 GM 6 SM
Leather High Boots -1 GM 77 GM 6 SM
Leather Cloak -1 GM 76 GM 6 SM

Thread List

I'll link current & past threads here when I have some!
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Drohiir Terras
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Drohiir Terras

Postby Drohiir Terras on July 25th, 2016, 2:59 am

Factorum wrote:Just a couple of small items that need fixing. Please take a moment to look at these items.

1. Skills: seems you have numbers allocated but not a name of the skill. Please correct these entries.
2. The lore basic appraisal of metal goods is too broad lore. Lore needs to be a specific piece of knowledge.

1. Fixed.
2. Changed to "Knowledge of Trade Route between Sultros and Syliras. This includes when trade caravans depart (once or twice a season), how to secure a place in one, and how to travel safely within one. This knowledge was acquired because of Drohiir's traveling from Sultros and Syliras, and the research he and his wife Fayel put into making sure he could come and go safely, albeit very infrequently.

If these changes make sense, I think I'm all finished up!

Thanks so much,

Drohiir Terras

EDIT: Changed number 2 because I realized that knowing about trade caravans doesn't make much sense. The trip to Syliras can be roleplayed out in flashbacks later, and just because Drohiir safely made it between cities doesn't mean it's going to have a method as safe as a trade route.
Drohiir Terras
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