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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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The Civil Silvas Hospital

Postby Crow on July 28th, 2016, 11:31 pm

The Civil Silvas



Until Fall 516 A.V. this location will have limited use.

The Civil Silvas Hospital has been secretly constructed on the far reaches of the Lakeshore. It stands as a lone building away from most other structures. If one would attempt to make the journey to investigate this building one would notice that nature around it is mostly untouched. As if the building just appeared.

The Hospital itself branched off of the NMSS (Nitrozian Moletta Sanitary Station), and a majority of information concerning the building has since been kept secret. When the building was unveiled one would approach it’s gates to see Civil Silvas Hospital written upon the walls. The building has many sections to them, each offering a different service and use to the public.

The arrangement of longitudinal and transverse wards is on either side of the hospital as you enter it. The center of the building features a large doorway in which one would always be greeted by an attendant. Most visitors will never see more than the first floor, where most of the practices to the public occurs. Those that undergo a critical treatment however, almost never leave the hospital and their bodies disappear.

Secret :
Those that dare seem desperate enough to use the hospital for services only pay a minimum of 1gm for basic services. No magical healing is performed at this hospital. Surgeries and more difficult injuries might require the individual to become an in-patient. Services are free for those facing life threatening injuries, with special conditions which apply. Services go by a cases by case basis. PM for information before becoming in-patient

Entrance: Approaching the hospital one must first arrive through large gates made of metal and with a stone base. From there the front door is just a few moments away. When entering the building one would see almost an ivory white stone on the floors which are always kept shiny. The walls themselves tend to feature a slightly off-white eggshell color. The first thing one would notice, however, is a large wall featuring the reception area. In it always sits an attendant, but almost never seems to be the same person. They would often wear a white garb and might resemble a member of the Ebonstryfe, but no one has ever been able to prove this fact. The wall is joined by the unfriendly greeting of metal poles reaching straight to a section of wall. There a sign reads “Please present your citizenship paper.” From there if one would go left of right a large room with plenty of comfortable chairs are arranged in almost an ominously strange pattern, and are far away from each other.

East Wing: Sweeping through the main corridor and entrance is a long hallway going to the east. In this hallway are openings in the base-boards that go into a dust-shaft, which falls directly into the basement. Soiled clothes and sheets are dropped through these shafts as well. Here the corridors seem to feature concrete walls, much different than most structures found within Ravok, and for good purpose. The stone ornamentation is very rich and features a great variety of forms within the structure. Within the wing itself one would find beds arranged throughout against the walls next to large doors which go into private patient rooms. These rooms are mostly used for emergency treatment of patients. This is where citizens of Ravok are normally treated.

North Wing: The North Wing largely resembles the East Wing, with a few minor differences. Instead of dust-shafts, the baseboards feature ventilation shafts which seem to have no distinct use to untrained eyes. These shafts however, run through and into the rooms which feature doors constructed in a manner that creates and air-tight seal. These rooms are used for in-patient purposes and anyone that is not a citizen of Ravok.

Basement: One would not find the stairs to the basement easily. In fact, most wouldn’t even guess there was a basement if not for the shafts that run on the floor. Not much is known of the basements to the public, but deep dark secrets are held down there. One might hear screams coming from the shafts if they listen carefully. Anyone to question it would be deemed mentally compromised and transferred to a different section of the hospital.

Second floor: It is said that the second floor is more of a storehouse, where a majority of the hospital supplies in bulk is kept. Due to its far location away from the city, this is a much needed commodity. If someone somehow made it to the second floor one would see a variety of strange objects, tools, vials of strange liquids, and organs. This is also where patient records are kept. As such the second floor is deeply guarded and the only way to gain access is through the wall where the attendant to the hospital is.

It is rumored that rather than treating the insane; this hospital turns people insane. In order to gain access to these rumors they must be granted as a lore.
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