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Postby Hanen on July 29th, 2016, 8:02 pm


Race: Jamoura
Gender: Male
Age: 224
Birthday: 37, Spring, 293 AV
Birthplace: The Spires


Hanen is 7 feet 10 inches tall, 526 pounds, and has coal black, well-groomed fur. The blinding shininess of his fur almost—almost—distracts from his many scars. He’s covered in them—gouges, swollen keloid scars, deep gashes across his face and chest. One especially nasty scar runs jaggedly from his right cheekbone to his upper lip. It healed in such a way that one of his canines is always partially visible, even when his mouth is closed. Needless to say, his smile is gruesome.

Character Concept

Hanen is pretty scary looking, even for a Jamoura. Despite this, Hanen is a deeply vain individual, prone to spending vast amounts of money on oils, perfumes, and brushes to groom himself with. He’s vulnerable to flattery (which he hardly ever gets) and resents how many humans pigeonhole him as an intimidating grunt (even though he’s an intimidating grunt for a living). Have these people heard of a Jamoura before? Even in those instances when he’s treated like a typical member of his race, he’s uncomfortable. He isn’t here to teach anyone, and he avoids speaking about his homeland whenever possible.

Hanen makes decisions slowly but is obsessive once he does. He’s also worryingly amoral. This nature of his has caused him plenty of trouble in the past, but also allows him to adapt to new situations and get along with various types of people. This is helpful in his current line of work

Like many Jamoura, Hanen is motivated to acquire knowledge. His current interest is in the nature, structure, and causes of crime. He enjoys talking philosophy and divulging unsettlingly specific facts about spiders.

Character History

Hanen’s father intended to have children worthy of being chosen as Hahk’Shatara and raised Hanen and his four sisters accordingly. Besides being taught philosophy, persuasive skills, and how to retrieve memories from past lives, Hanen was also trained extensively in wilderness survival, and even in some Flux. He was an able student, for a while.

As he approached adulthood, things changed. While his sisters flourished, Hanen became sullen and withdrawn. And when his sisters began leaving home to make families (two did become Hahk’Shatara), Hanen remained behind as a submissive male. At first this caused a lot of worry, as he was perfectly healthy, but he soon began devoting himself to learning again, easing concerns. Perhaps he was just a late bloomer, and all was well.

All was not well. What Hanen had concealed for decades was that he had become singularly, obsessively infatuated with one of his father’s females. Since it was out of the question to seduce his alpha’s wife, Hanen plotted to murder his father to take his place as alpha and head of the family.

Hanen’s plan was doomed to fail. Though he prepared carefully, and attacked from stealth in the middle of the night, Hanen’s father was a great deal stronger and more observant than Hanen believed possible. The older Jamoura was injured badly from the attack, true, but in defending himself he nearly killed his would-be-murderer.

Hanen spent a week and a half recovering from injuries that became the source of the lion’s share of his current scarring. Once it was clear he was no longer in immediate danger, one of his sisters interrogated him, and ultimately Banished him from Spires. His sentence was indefinite, but when he’s being honest with himself Hanen believes that it will last his lifetime.

The rest of his scarring can be attributed to the time between his Banishment and when he next encountered civilization. He nearly died, several times, only managing to make it as far as he did with the "help" of a slaver caravan and a Donner-Party type situation. Ironically, once he was safe within the walls of a city and had time to think, he found he had little will to live. He was separated from the person he cared for and his homeland. He had no connections, no money, and no purpose. It was only after hearing an engrossing tale about pirates in the Suvan Sea that he found something he was willing to survive to see.

Hanen’s hankering to see ocean waves ultimately drove him to Alvadas. When he found himself sorely in need of money he was offered a job as hired muscle for an ambitious small-time smuggler, which among other things helped develop his interest in crime. With his first employer now dead (pushed off a building), Hanen is now working as a bouncer at Ionu's Wager.


Common (fluent)
Jamouran (basic)


Wilderness Survival (Forest)10RB, 16SP26Competent


Lore of Caiyha
Lore of Alvadas Underground


1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (wood)
-Brush (wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Not Applicable

Location: Alvadas

House: 20x20ft house with compass, hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and table. Hanen doesn’t spend much time there.



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