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Emilia Nitrozian

Postby Emilia on July 30th, 2016, 11:49 pm

Emilia Nitrozian
20 years old, Human, From Ravok


Emilia is just shy of 5’9”, and weighs around 135 lbs. Her hair is a dirty blond and her eyes a stormy blue. She has very few blemishes, but any she has are often covered up by makeup every morning. She does not care for extreme exertion, though she will take a walk through Ravok every morning to keep her in the shape she desires.

When speaking to others, Emilia prefers to inflect her voice with a melodic tone and put on a wide smile. However, if she is displeased with someone, she speaks softly, so that everyone must silence themselves and others to hear her. It can also be more intimidating if people are afraid of her.

Emilia’s presence differs in certain situations. Social calls mean she is regal yet unassuming. Business, as she’s learned from watching her father at work, means she is bold and unperturbed by almost anything. Even if her emotions are considerably different, Emilia puts on her masks as best she can. But even she knows that masks can crack.

Emilia in private is a very unfeeling person. She only resorts to talking if something requires improvement, or if she’s feeling particularly negative about something. When she is out in public or in a social situation, she keeps this distaste hidden very well, as it’s bad business sense to treat people ill. It’s also unwise to cut off connections that could be potentially very useful to her. Business matters see the return of her cold demeanor, but with an added edge of calculation. She never takes “no” for an answer and will become increasingly cruel the more she is denied.

Emilia has no care for love, though she knows it will most likely be beneficial if she were to marry and create children to further the family name. It isn’t precisely all up to her, but to her, she doesn’t think anyone else is better qualified to further the necessary genes of business sense.

The only one she shows any devotion for is her master, Rhysol. He is the only constant in her life and has done more for her care. In fact, it is only by Rhysol’s hand that her family could have possibly prospered. Since he has given everything for her, she will give everything for him and the furthering of his name.

There are occasions when she will take time for herself. Despite her heartless demeanor, she shows uncharacteristic gentleness for birds and plants. She’s more likely to teach a bird to hunt her enemies and grow poisonous plants, but she is still far more forgiving to their failings than to anyone else’s.


Emilia is great-niece to Sitanos Nitrozian, cousin to Valerius Nitrozian, and granddaughter to Rosemary Nitrozian. While her parents have upheld the family name, in Emilia's eyes they have not done enough for Rhysol, and so she pays little mind to them. And while she may have siblings, she actively pretends they do not exist. She mirrors her business practices off Sitanos, as she holds idle ambitions for becoming the head of the family. While she's almost certain such a task would prove impossible, it does not hurt to dream of what could be.
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Character sheet

Emilia Nitrozian

Postby Emilia on July 31st, 2016, 12:14 am


Emilia has little care for any languages besides Common. In her mind, all other languages are inferior. However, because she often has to do deals with fools, she has very small understanding of Vani, as it is one of the few languages she hears besides Common. She only knows enough to understand “yes”, “no”, and some insults usually addressed to women.


Knowledge is power :
  • Religion - Rhysol
  • Economics - Ravok


They that have trade, have an estate :
Skill Points Level Origin of Points
Birdkeeping 15 Novice 15 SP
Leadership 15 Novice 15 RB
Mathematics 15 Novice 15 SP
Organization 10 Novice 10 SP
Persuasion 10 Novice 10 SP

Possessions make the woman :
  • Set of simple clothing
  • Silk dress
  • Silk shoes
  • Boots
  • Cloak
  • Face paste, flesh colored, 5 oz
  • Kohl, 5 oz
  • Lip pomade, 5 oz
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Waterskin
  • Purse
  • Food
  • Eating Knife


Emilia received a trained raven from her parents when she was young and had demanded an eagle. The raven is now 8 years old.


Emilia still lives at home with her parents, though she is considering finding a home of her own to maintain her privacy and continue improving the Nitrozian name.
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Character sheet

Emilia Nitrozian

Postby Emilia on July 31st, 2016, 12:23 am

Pocketbook :
Item Miza Amount Total
Starting Package +100 GM 100 GM
Silk dress -20 GM 80 GM
Silk shoes -7 GM, 5 SM 72 GM, 5 SM
Face paste -5 SM 72 GM
Kohl -5 SM 71 GM, 5 SM
Lip Pomade -5 SM 71 GM
Toothpaste -1 SM 70 GM
Toothbrush -3 GM 67 GM

Thread List :
Thread Name Thread Type Status Result
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Character sheet

Emilia Nitrozian

Postby Emergence on August 22nd, 2016, 1:42 pm


Hey Emilia! I am here to give you some advice on finishing your character sheet so that it is all correct and playable.

  • Please provide a birthdate. Although you have how old Emilia is, in case you forget to update that we need to have a specific day of the year.
  • I see you have bought Silk clothing which is made of a better material than the starting clothing package. Although this is not required you may choose to keep your starting clothing as well as the silk you have now. It may not hurt to have an extra pair of pants.
  • You have a Raven as your heirloom, but nothing in your possessions to house it. Please deduct from your ledger a cage or mew from the Price List as well as add it to your possessions.
  • You mention that you live with your parents. Which is fine, but please add that you live in a room (in your parents house) that is 20x20 as per the starting package.

Once you have fixed these small issues, please shoot me a PM and I will look over once more before giving your green checkmark!
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