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Postby Yazata on August 3rd, 2016, 11:43 am

Name: Yazata.
Race: Ethaefal of Syna / Eypharian.
Birthday: Fell 61 of Summer, 516 AV.
Location: Kenash.
Gender: Male.

Physical Description:


Under the temporary yet brilliant reign of Syna, Yazata’s figure is that of one yet unblemished by mortal strife. At five feet and six inches in height, he was in no way a sight of physical grandeur. ‘Svelte’ would be a better term of description, if one decided to to summarize the Ethaefal’s appearance in a single word. Besides the placid expression that he wears when he is by himself, Yazata has two others, passive and expressive, that he uses for most of his daily dealings. The small horns sprouting through the crown of lush, jaw-length silken hair, were not the only crystalline feature of his face. Akin to little pieces of spring, his pale green eyes twinkled like gemstones with the glint of curiosity. And like the breeze of the season of his fall, his voice was just as mellow.


When it is the time of Leth to rule heaven, his unmistakably Eypharian form takes over. Colored hair darkens to ebony like the sky above, fair skin persists and green eyes gain in deep intensity. The most notable shift however, would be undoubtedly the two additional set of arms growing out of his sides; the remnants of a past life vessel that his spirit occupied in a not so distant past. The nimble way he carried himself despite the weight of four more upper limbs, indicated poise and agility that were acquired by reasons unknown. The dulcet lilt in which he speaks with was yet another addition to features that can only be traced back to someone who gained it by practice.

Character Concept:


‘Eccentric’ might not be the most appropriate term to use, but it is definitely still applicable. Yazata is, for the most part, very much a spirit molded with patience. Little ever manages to bother the mild being, and even when things do get a bit too hard to handle -like his inadvertent fall from heaven, for example-, he is quick to face reality and aim to adapt rather than wallow. For he firmly believes in fate, destiny, and things that are meant, or not meant to be. Like the blank canvas he is, the youth is always susceptible to soaking in the byproducts of his surroundings, to learn something new or try a fresh experience, and can be hardworking to the point that it might edge towards obsession. He has a soft spot for animals and younger children. The amiable and often smiling face he possesses belies an immense amount of fortitude, which has yet to be tested to its limit. Peace of heart came naturally to the Ethaefal, and Syna’s warmth filled him even during her regretful absence. For no reason would he ever allow damage to befall his face if he can help it, as vanity runs strong and deep in him, like roots would in fertile soil. That, naturally, includes attention to the oddest nuances. No, it is not ‘all red’ to him. This is vermillion and that is maroon.

It can be the fall, it can be the circumstances, it can be merely himself. But undoubtedly, there is a seed of subtle madness that exists quietly amid the brightness.

Candid: As genial and friendly as he can be, Yazata is never afraid to speak up his mind and say what other people could only think. This might be due to both his spontaneity white talking, and his preference to be truthful rather than superficial. He is never shy to call things what they are. Assuming that he knows what they are. Acting and plotting abilities are as non-existing as his capacity to hold a grudge.

Loyal: Even while he is cordial by nature, Yazata can only establish deep connections with a select few. When someone manages to earn his full trust and affection, he is the very image of faithfulness and dedication. There is nothing he would not do for a person he deems close, even at the expense of his own safety or comfort. This loyalty does not hinge on how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ a person is.

Unpredictable: The flowery smile and lighthearted attitude are always present when Yazata interacts with others. He has a tolerant and accepting heart, and is always more than prepared to offer a helping hand to those who need it. But this is merely one part of him that is more public than the other, less demonstrated one. When he –or someone he is bound to- is threatened, his demeanor changes considerably.


Black and white. Right and wrong. Light and dark, Life and death. The dichotomy of many a polarity existed as well within the majorly grey mind of Yazata, resulting in him discarding the established norms of what is to be considered ‘good’ or ‘bad’, in favor of going with the guidance of his own -somewhat skewed- moral compass. The youth would, if the need arises, slit a man’s throat with the nearest edge he can find, but would not allow himself to lie or steal. Priorities rule his functions, where he would remorselessly do whatever needs to be done for a goal he deems worthy enough. If faced with the decision between a bruise on the face, or a punch in the gut, he will no doubt choose the latter. Likewise, he would toil in labor tirelessly, all for the sake of mastery or driven by the burning need to perform at his best. Neither death nor pain scare him, but loss does.


- Flowers. The more fragrant, the better.
- Keeping busy. Inactivity murders his soul.
- People who are straightforward.


- Winter, cold weather, snow, etc.
- The color orange.


Fluent: Common.
Average: -
Poor: High Arumenic.

Starter Package:

Training And Skills:

Skill Exp Skill Level Notes
Acrobatics 26 Competent 26 SP
Astrology 10 Novice 10 RB
Dance 9 Novice 9 SP
Singing 9 Novice 9 SP
Observation 7 Novice -
Cosmetology 3 Novice 3 SP
Fortunetelling 3 Novice 3 SP
Endurance 3 Novice -
Socialization 2 Novice -

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Postby Yazata on September 10th, 2016, 3:24 am


Purchase/Gain Amount Total
Starting total 0 0 Gm O Sm 0 Cm


- Syna: Beloved, warmth, and brilliance. (SP)
- Yazata: Fleeting images of another me. (SP)
- The Shock and Ignorance of Rebirth
- Gile: Friend and... Home?
- Clinging to What You Know
- Kenash: Dynasts, Freeborn, Slaves
- Rujaro: Society of Criminals
- Slavery as a Favor, not a Curse
- I Cannot Go Back
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Postby Factorum on September 13th, 2016, 3:10 pm

There are a couple of small issues with the CS. Please take a moment to correct these.

Please indicate which lores were with your Starting package. you get two lores with your starting package. Place an SP along side those two lores.

skills: Please indicate along side the designated points which points are SP, RB (which is there) and XP for gained points for that skill. The way you have it separated might create confusion in the long run.

PM me with any questions or when these little things have been fixed.

Thank you.
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