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Micheal Chance

Postby Micheal Chance on August 13th, 2016, 9:25 pm

Micheal Chance

Physical Appearance

Alternate Names: Detective Chance
Titles: The Detective
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
DoB: Winter 52, 483
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 167
Hair Color: Brown all over.
Hair Length: Short-Cut, combed over to the right.
Eye Color: Piercing brown
Skin Color: Tanned white

Birthplace: Syliras
Location: Zeltiva
Profession: Detective

Likes: Alcohol, Smoking, Solving Crimes.
Dislikes: Crime, Betrayal, Dishonorable Actions.
Fear: Forgetting something important.
Worships: Eyris, Gnora.
Aspirations: Law, Love, Order, Justice.

Fluent: Common
Basic: Fratava
Poor: N/A

Character Concept

Micheal Chance is currently a detective who works to solve crimes that the Syliras Knights fail to resolve. The Knights look upon Chance with the same view as the potential crime committer. Chance is a friendly individual, who has trouble with his alcohol and pipe, and when working becomes professional and usually tired. He can be seen wearing a brown overcoat with nice white clothes underneath.

Merit: All law breakers must be punished appropriately.
Merit: Will do what it takes to bring justice.
Merit: Listens to higher authorities, but follows his own rules when necessary.

Flaw: Will do what it takes to bring justice, even if he must break the laws himself.
Flaw: Aggressive at times.
Flaw: Tends to lean towards emotions then logic when the crime involves loved ones or friends.
Flaw: Shows mercy if he believes the crime breaker deserves a second chance.

Life: Obey the law, don't do the wrong, and you will live happily.

Death: Based on the goods and the bads, you will be redeemed or punished accordingly.

Religion: Doesn't go towards religion all too much, but follows Eyris and Gnora to assist in his work.

Magic: Believes that if magic isn't abused, it can a purpose for the law, and for the people.

Law: Being a detective, he believes in law strongly, and will do to whatever it takes to make such law prevails.

Orientation: Genders are what they are to him, and wishes to find time for a wife, or at least time to find a lover.

Character History

Character History (Pre-creation): Micheal Chance was born in a middle class family, and grew up an average life. At the age of 16, he awoke to the screaming of his mother which was cut short. Chance found his mother lying dead, her throat slit, and the man who did it running away in the dark of night. Chance spent the next two years of his life learning law and investigating the murder of his mother, and eventually brought the man to justice, his mother's avenged. Ever since then, he has worked as a detective to solve the crimes that plague Sylira. He is currently taken up the case that involves following a murderer's trail all the way to Zeltiva.


Investigation- 15 RB+15 SP - 30 XP - Competent
Intimidation- 5 SP - 5 XP - Novice
Interrogation - 7 SP - 7 XP -Novice
Law - 10 SP - 10 XP - Novice
Acrobatics - 8 SP - 8 XP - Novice
Unarmed Combat - 5 SP - 5 XP - Novice


-Basic Investigation: Crime Scene Breakdown
-Basic Medicine: Cause of Death (Stabbing)


- Set of clothes: White linen shirt, brown breeches, low boots, belt
- 1 Waterskin
- A backpack which contains:
- 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
-Food for a week
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
- Steel Teethed Gauntlets
- Birchwood Pipe


Gold pendant with heart-shaped Blood Agate fixed in the middle.


Room in the World's End Grotto
(18 Gold Mizas, 4 Silver Mizas a season)


+100 GM Starting Package 100 GM, 0 SM, 0 CM
+500 GM Housing Cash in 600 GM, 0 SM, 0 CM
-10 GM Purchase: Teethed Steel Gauntlets 590 GM, 0 SM, 0 CM
-5 GM Purchase: Birch Wood Pipe 585 GM, 0 SM, 0 CM
-3 SM Purchase: Boots, Low 584 GM, 7 SM, 0 CM
-2 SM Purchase: Belt 584 GM, 5 SM, 0 CM
-8 CM Purchase: Suspenders 584 GM, 4 SM, 2 CM
-135 GM Fall Seasonal Expense 449, 4 SM, 2 CM

Living Expenses
Common- 135 Gold Mizas a season.
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