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Post all threads awaiting grade here as well as all Seasonal Challenge Reward Requests.

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[Wind Reach] Grade Request Thread

Postby Emergence on August 17th, 2016, 4:38 am

Grade Requests


Feel free to drop all of your grade requests in here. Players posting in locations should also place a note in here so that the thread does not get lost in forum spam and it can be seen to as soon as possible. Please use the 'Grade Request Format' below. Also please make sure to request any skills, especially those that are not listed in the Skill List that you believe you deserve.

This is also for those competing in the Seasonal Challenges. Your threads will be reviewed to see if they meet the criteria. At the end of each season, or after completion of all the Seasonal Challenges, post here using the below 'Seasonal Challenges Reward Request Format' and link each thread that satisfies each individual challenge to their respective number and description.

Grade Request Format

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[indent][b]CSs of PCs Involved:[/b]
[b]Requested Skills:[/b]
[b]Requested Lores:[/b]
[b]Requested Items:[/b]
[b]Additional Comments:[/b][/indent]

Seasonal Challenges Reward Request Format

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