Location [Wind Reach] The Inner Warrens

The inner corridors and hallways of Wind Reach that link the common rooms to the aeries and ground levels.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Inner Warrens

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The Inner Warrens refer to honey comb labyrinth of corridors and hallways that links every room and work space. The main corridors are called the Pathways, they are common footpaths to areas like the Aeries, Glass Reverie and the Courtyard of the Sky. The Upper pathways contain living quarters for the powerful and upper castes, while the ones further down contain large rooms with many stone slabs for the Drudges. To reach the upper pathways, people travel up spiral staircases and hard sloped corridors. In fact, many people may take entire day to go from the gate to the Eagle Aeries if they are unfamiliar with the warren's layout.

The pathways have magecrafted lights set into them, while pictures and arrows point to where the hallway goes. As one travels further from the common paths, they find less mage crafted lamps and dusty rooms. Some Dek’s have been known to setup small residences, instead of living in the large common rooms. They often allow a place to secure valuables and privacy. However, these corridors don’t receive regular repair or foot traffic, sadly they increase in death from a knifing or unwanted sexual attentions. If one is so inclined to adventure beyond these areas, they will discover the deep warrens, a place where even the Drudges fear to go.

Reimancers roam all corridors, repairing tunnels or reinforcing ceilings. Occasionally, during the winter, Reimancers will organize a mapping party to explore the uncharted passages. The more successful parties have found old workshops and notes written from previous Avora’s. The less successful ones are still waiting to be heard from again.

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