Location [Wind Reach] The Twin Lakes

The Lakes within Mt. Skyinarta's Crater

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Twin Lakes

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The Twin Lakes rest within Mount Skyinarta’s Crater high up in the ridgeline. The lakes are glacier fed by several mountain streams from higher elevations winding their way down from the snow capped peaks. The Twin Lakes are called Kanti and Shivias; from the names of the first generation of Wind Eagles. Kanti is the larger lake, but instead of being ice cold it is in fact almost steaming from the underwater magma pockets. The only life found in the lake are large luminous jellyfish that swim up to the surface during the night. The strange yellow glow helps Eagle Riders during night time flights. The Eagles Riders also know that from this steam the majority of surprise snow storms on the south face occur. As the hot steam rises and is cooled by the north wind, it travels over the top of the mountain and turns quickly to snow. Riders are carefully of approaching the mountain from the south, usually taking a circular route to the west or east of the mountain to avoid surprised snow storms. The smell of sulfur is strong in the water of Kanti, however as it overflows it passes through limestone rocks down into the Shivias purifying the water enough to drink and allowing fish to live.

The Shivias is the smaller of the two lakes and contains a small grassy area by the east shore. In the east crater face an small cave opening to the Inner Warrens exists. Reimancers have carved steps into the face, as well as, a small landing pad for Eagle Riders to launch or set down at. From there it is a just a few score of steps down to the grassy shore. The field is as long as the lake and several hardy berry bushes with long thorns grow from the east rock face. While the grassy knoll provides an excellent sunning spot for eagles and humans. A small herd of mountain goats travel to the grassy area to be milked and cleaned by Avora who have trained the animals to return. During the spring, workers can be seen with shears cutting the long coats of the goats to be made into cloth. The area also provides the pure white sand that glassworkers need to make their wares. It is said that the sand is a byproduct of the fish and algae cycle within the lake, therefore only in times of need are the fished killed. As the grassy knoll comes closer to the drop off, it levels and has been known to host an archery range now and again for those brave enough to gather materials.

Shivias tapers to a sharp point in which it becomes the Katshika Falls. Reimancers have setup small stone anchors in the lake so that if anyone was so foolish as to swim close to the falls, they would have a chance to grab an anchor and save themselves from the fast current. If one travels along the shore they will feel the grand wind blow hard against the cliff face and the roar of the falls as they approach the edge. Those strong enough to hold against the wind and look out can see the Sanikas River weave itself back and forth through the valley to small summer town of Thunder Bay. Those who wish to commune with the first Eagle Riders throw painted feathers off the ridge and whisper their trouble hearts. If their prayers are answered a feather will returned with cryptic message.

Job Possibilities:
Herder: Look after, wash and sheer for the mountain goats that return to the grassy knoll.
Sand Gatherer: Manual labor to carry mounds of sand from the lake shore into Wind Reach to be used for glassblowing.

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