Location [Wind Reach] The Dreaming Lady

A relaxing spa where Mt. Skyinarta's natural fumes can be inhaled and cause lucid dreaming and visions. A battleground to conquer nightmares.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Dreaming Lady

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Carved into the mountain itself, the Dreaming lady offers relaxation, and escape for those who want to explore beyond the boundaries of their waking life.Upon entering, a light shroud of warmth and moisture clings to the Lady's clientele, providing them with an instant sense of comfort. The main parlor is open and airy, warmed by the glow of amber lights set into the ceiling. To baffle the sound and create an atmosphere of utter calm, the floor is strewn with large, plush pillows and where the floor might be otherwise bare there lie intricately woven rugs provided by some of Wind Reach's finest weavers.

Extending off the main parlor like spokes of a wheel are three separate rooms.The first room, situated at the front of the spa is the brightest of these rooms. It is illuminated during the day by floor to ceiling walls made of pebbled glass, blown in the same warm amber as the parlor lights. These walls allow the outside light to filter in without compromising the privacy of those people inside. Lining the inside wall are a number of smaller, private rooms, enclosed by the same exquisite glass each holding a padded massage table. After a massage, guests of the Lady can slip into any of the four heated spas that are carved into the floor. The bowls of the small pools are crafted from the natural stone of the mountain and have been polished into a smooth sheen that at once offers a welcoming surface on which to lounge as well as a heated stone that retains the warmth of the water to complete their spa experience.

The second spoke leads to a darker room without windows but aglow with candle light. Comfortable lounging beds line both walls, accessible on three sides to provide the staff healers free access to those needing their ministry. Sliding glass partitions can be pulled from the walls if more privacy is desired. A wall to wall cabinet of leaded glass holds medicinal herbs and salves, as well as most everything needed to see to any moderate injury.

The final spoke of the wheel leads further into the mountain.Guests choosing this path will be accompanied to their destination by a guide as there are no foreign light sources in the dream chambers. This wing of the Dreaming Lady consists of six oval shaped rooms, each one carved into the stone of the mountain, and containing a single, feather soft pallet. Lit only by the iridescent veins naturally existing in the stone, these rooms appear to be glowing with a thousand pinpoints of starlight. A subtle smell of earth and fire can be noticed at first, threading into the senses, but as the exposure grows longer the fumes from the mountain penetrate the skin causing vivid dreams and visions. Upon completion of any dream or vision, guests of the Lady have the option of being visited by one of two Dream-weavers. They are the proprietors of the Dreaming Lady albeit in the most subtle way, and will offer an interpretation of completed dreams.


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