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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Lost Sense

Postby Emergence on August 22nd, 2016, 12:51 am

The Lost Sense


In a place where work is a way of life, there is one thing many people seem to lose, and that is their sense of pleasure. Lirana, owner of the Lost Sense, seeks to remedy that. While one can find certain measures of pleasure and entertainment at the Dreaming Lady or Inclement Weather, the lost sense specializes in more carnal pleasures. It is not quite a brothel, because its workers are all volunteers, but it does offer the same distractions one might find in a brothel.

The Lost Sense caters primarily to the physical desires of it's clients, whether that be of a sexual nature, or even something as simple as a backrub. It's services are free, though food and drink, as well as some of it's more specialized items, cost a few pinions.

From outward appearances, the Lost Sense looks to be nothing more than a rather unique brothel. In truth, it is a base of operations for the Black Sun. Lirana herself is an Acolyte of the order, and her "volunteers" are in fact men and women she has magically persuaded to work for her. They are all very chatty with their clients, reporting anything of value to their mistress. When Lirana herself chooses to join a client in their indulgences, it is usually to plant the seeds of chaos within them before they head back to their lives in Wind Reach. The brothel is also a safe haven for any Chaon seeking shelter within the city.

Common Room
This room is probably the most popular room in the Lost Sense. The room is filled with several couches and chairs of varying sizes, and is essentially an anything goes type of place. The only rule is that no means no, however it is generally accepted that if you go to the Lost Sense, you are opening yourself up to whatever may happen there. Drinks and other items may be purchased at the bar in the back of the room.
Private Rooms
There are five private rooms at the Lost Sense branching off from the communal, each with a different motif or theme, and visitors can have up to a bell with a man or woman, or as many men and women as they want, of their choosing in the room. They don't necessarily even have to be with one of the volunteers that work there, and the rules in the private room are the same as the communal, anything goes as long as everybody is willing.

  • The Bath - One of the rooms is dominated by a large bath, heated by water pumped up from the Tisuma baths. This is one of the more popular rooms, and is almost always occupied.
  • The Bedroom - This room, lit by scented candles, has a romantic feel to it and is dominated by a single large bed. Once every bell, before the room can be occupied again, the silk sheets are traded out for fresh ones.
  • The Black Room - Pitch black, the only light in this room is the light that comes through the door when it is first opened. There are a few cushions strewn about, but other than that the room is bare save for the occupants.
  • The Torture Chamber - Not exactly for torture, but named so due to the odd.. devices that dominate the room, the Torture Chamber caters to those with more exotic tastes than the average Inartan.
  • The Chaos Room - This room is only for those who have requested the Taste of Chaos. It is simply an empty room, and most often, people go in alone.
Fine Wine - 2gm per glass
Water - 1gm
Apple SauceA glass of red wine with the drug Apple Sauce dissolved within. Applesauce produces an opium-like effect, and comes from the sap of a small, ugly bush that grows on the side of the mountain. - 10gm
FunkusSmall, hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow around the base of the mountain. These can be eaten for extreme hallucinations that consist of either a positive or negative "trip" where ones whole awareness are consumed by this experience. - 5gm
WarpTaken 1-2 hours in advance, Warp is a pill that heightens visual awareness, enhances sound, and alters emotions and physical sensations. The user’s sense of self and its interaction with people or objects, their concept of reality is generally brought to question. Strange visual stimuli, that may or may not be comforting or frightening overwhelm the user, there is a real risk of irrational fear taking over, paranoia, confusion or panic. Equally, some people have apparently wonderful experiences with none of these symptoms.
Taste of ChaosFor thrill seekers only, who are usually already under the influence of other drugs, this mushroom is actually the Funkus drug, imbued with the power of Chaon. Eating the mushroom, and the power of Chaon within, forces a person to experience their greatests fears. While under the effects, which usually last a few hours, the person is consumed by their fears and are unable to break away. When the effect finally wears off and they realize it was all a hallucination, they are left with a feeling of invincibility.. or they go mad. - Free

DoB: 17th Summer, 483 AV
PoB: Wind Reach
Title: Chaos
Skills: Hypnotism 75, Seduction 45, Massage 25, Brawling 15
Gnosis: Chaon Rank 2

Lirana is an eccentric woman who fully embraces the god she serves. While she is, perhaps, not as evil as some of her Black Sun peers, Lirana spreads her own form of chaos throughout Wind Reach, and most often to willing subjects. In a time when disaster has truly struck Wind Reach, the Black Sun philosophy that only Rhysol can protect from the chaos of the world rings truer than ever before.


Lirana grew up in Wind Reach and was much like any other child, save for one thing, she had a wild side. And it wasn't just getting into the same kind of trouble the other Yasi would get into, Lirana's mischief could really hurt people, though rarely in a physical way. She enjoyed spreading rumors, learning secrets, and using them against other people. It began with her peers. Lirana would whisper something into one ear, prompting that child to then become angry at another. She reveled in watching the chaos a few words could cause.

Lirana's knack for manipulation and causing trouble caught the eye of an agent of Rhysol, who was in Wind Reach to spread the word of his god. Though she was still very young, she was exactly the sort of person Rhysol looked for in his agents. The man took Lirana under his wing, taught her magic, and eventually inducted her into the Black Sun.

Up until the Djed Storm of 512, Lirana's ministrations of Rhysol's touch were much more subtle. She frequented places such as the Inclement Weather, where she could easily stir up a little chaos, but it wasn't until after the storm that she came into her own. With gold requisitioned from Black Sun coffers, Lirana started her business. Convincing the Valintar to allow her the usage of a grouping of chambers that opened up after the Djed Storm, the Lost Sense was founded. In a time where disaster had overrun Wind Reach, Lirana offered a place devoted purely to pleasure. An escape from the harsh reality of the real world, where a man or woman could come and live out fantasies they could only dream of. She found people were even willing to taste the power of Rhysol, just for an escape from reality.


Lirana is not so much devoted to the Black Sun as she is to the chaos she can bring. She is an eccentric, random person who is willing to try anything once and doesn't understand the concept of personal boundaries. She does preach Rhysol's teachings to anyone who will listen, however, and continuously works to encourage chaos over order. One can never predict what mood she might be in, and they are likely to change without warning. One minute she might appear to be a kind, caring lover, and the next she could get violent and brutal.

Name: Ginger
DoB: 23 Spring, 494 AV
PoB: Wind Reach
Title: The Desirable One
Skills: Dance 45, Seduction 50, Rhetoric 20, Massage 20

One of the volunteers at the Lost Sense, Ginger is one of the most desirable of the Lost Sense's volunteers. She is open to doing just about anything, and is very skilled at what she does. Her openness is more due to the layers upon layers of hypnotic suggestion Lirana has applied to her since first coming to the Lost Sense, but only an aurist or someone else skilled in the detection of magic would ever notice that.


Ginger was born in the year 494 AV. Her parents were both chiet, but she was determined to become something more. Growing up she had a passion for dance, and dreamed of performing on the stage at the Cedar Amphitheater for all to see. That dream would never come true. When she was sixteen she met Lirana, who had already joined the Black Sun. Ginger became Lirana's first project, her first test to use her newfound hypnotism magic and gnosis powers on.

Over the next two years Lirana continuously applied her hypnotic powers on the girl, fully subverting Ginger to her will. The application of Chaon on the woman slowly caused her life to fall apart around her, beginning with the death of her parents and ending with the girl having nothing. Nothing but Lirana. When the Lost Sense opened, Ginger was the very first "volunteer." Her skill in dance made her especially limber and desirable, and thanks to the effects of Lirana's magic, Ginger was willing to do anything.


Ginger's personality is all but gone. Her life has fallen apart around her, she has been hypnotized to the point where any thought she has is more likely a product of Lirana's will, and the only thing that keeps her going is her mistress. All that being said, Ginger has an extremely amiable personality. She is talkative, adventurous, nd always interested in what her clients have to say. She is willing to do anything they want, and has no limits. All of this is a product of years of hypnotic suggestion, molding her into the perfect consort.

Name: Lawrence
DoB: 4th Winter 487 AV
PoB: Wind Reach
Title: The Volunteer
Skills: Hunting 60, Seduction 25, Longbow 30, Wilderness Survival 30[

Lawrence is a volunteer at the Lost Sense. Formerly an Endal, he started coming to the Lost Sense just for the fun of it, but has since become a permanent volunteer. This has in fact resulted in the loss of his Wind Eagle, who unbonded with him after nearly a season of the man ignoring it. Lawrence could care less, however, and is known to be fun at all times and enjoys the company of both men and women.


Lawrence used to be a prominent Endal in Wind Reach. He came from a long line of Endal, and lived up to the expectations of his family bonding with a young eagle at the age of sixteen. Lawrence made a name for himself as being known to go after the most dangerous prey, often bringing back bears, shark, and even more dangerous and exotic animals. When the Djed Storm of 512 hit, Lawrence stood out from the crowd again as he saved an entire group of Yasi from being trapped in a cave in. He was labeled a hero.

When he heard about the Lost Sense, it sounded like a fun idea and he went straightaway to check it out. He was the first person to try the Taste of Chaos. After facing the gods only knew what he came out of the room feeling more alive than he ever had before. Lawrence frequented the Lost Sense and quickly caught Lirana's eye. The woman saw to him often, applying bit after bit of Chaon and hypnotism. The man's life quickly began to fall apart. He lost his entire hunting party due to a series of random events on a hunt that resulted in all of them being killed in one way or another. His depression led him back into Lirana's awaiting arms, and after nearly thirty days of neglecting his eagle, the bird unbonded with him. All he had left was his mistress, and the Lost Sense.


Lawrence is a thrill seeker. He has tasted the power of chaos and came out unscathed, or at least he thinks so, and he loves it. Lawrence doesn't like pain himself, but he will happily escort anyone into the Torture Chamber. He isn't always rough though, and can be gentle as well. Lawrence enjoys a good story, but he is more about action. Spending time with him is sure to leave a client satisfied and exhausted.

Employment, Services, and Training
Employment available upon specific request

See above table for Services

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