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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Enclave

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Deep in Wind Reach's inner bowels lies a grand cavern with one edge butted up against the inside wall of the crater just above the upper lake. Here, the collective knowledge of the Inarta has been gathered. Most of the scrolls and few books that reside in The Enclave are bartered for from traders that come seeking glass and talon swords. Very few of the texts are written by local authors or consist of knowledge learned in Mt. Skyinarta.

The Enclave has four main parts. First and foremost is the library. It's all one level and mainly divided by subject matter and further alphabetized in each subject. Though having an air of 'grand' to it, the library's elegant image is somewhat tarnished by the battered groupings of furniture placed in and among the stacks. Tables and comfortable chairs set next to floor scones holding thick candles are seemingly randomly dispersed throughout the space. Informal study is encouraged by the placement of such furnishings. However, the second section of the Enclave stands as classrooms and formal study rooms for the Avora who watch over the library.

This second section is deeper into the library. It is comprised of four large classrooms, and a dozen smaller classrooms separated by glass panels and illuminated by candles. Each classroom holds large conference tables that can be pushed together for group work or divided for individual studies. These rooms can be reserved by individuals or groups for a small coin fee.

The third section of the library is called the Storyteller's Well. The storyteller's well is a octagon shaped group of steps leading down to an octagon shaped depression in the stone floor where a large bench seat rests. In the evenings often the Yasi will gather to hear storytellers or librarians recite tales or musicians play quietly at the bottom of the well. The octagon shaped steps circle around in 360 degrees so the crowd can gather around the storyteller from the ground level up and everyone has a good vantage. The sound quality is excellent so even if the storyteller's back is to part of the audience, the tale can be heard. There are ten steps in the octagon.

The final section is the reception. It consists of a large desk that stretches the whole length of the library entrance. People must pass by the desk to enter the actual library itself. The desk is the functioning part of the library for it holds the enormous catalog of all the books, scrolls, and artwork contained therein. It also holds the Library Helper and often has assorted Librarians working at it. The helper assists seekers in finding what they need while the librarians sole job is to maintain the books and scrolls therein and add to the knowledge as well as keep it clean.

Job Possibilities:
Librarian (Chiet/Avora): Keep watch over the workers, guests and scrolls of the Enclave
Copyist (Chiet): Proved a copying service to those willing to pay.
Organizer (Yasi): Help out with menial tasks in the Enclave

Volunteer Opportunities:
Storyteller: Tell stories in the Well
Musician: Play music in the library and the Well

Kirna - Kirna is the main helper. She is an Avora with heavy organizational skills and an eidetic memory. Being 32, having deep red hair and green eyes, Kirna is the typical Inarta woman. She spends her time in her partner Thomal's Aerie with his wind eagle Sumar.

Kavisan - Chief Librarian in the Enclave, Kavisan is an ancient man of nearly 80 years. Red hair has long grown grey and though his bright blue eyes have never wavered in their intensity. Kavisan is rumored to be Kirna's father and a distant relative of the Valintar. He is the individual all must seek for employment or questions related to the operations of the Enclave.

Mod Note:
Scrolls may be borrowed from the library by any Yasi or above. Dek are not allowed in the library except to clean. The Enclave has no set hours of operation so someone is there almost all night and day long. Posts in this thread can be self moderated. For particularly elite material, please nudge an ST for permission to find it within the library.

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