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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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Leo's Laboratory

Postby Emergence on August 22nd, 2016, 7:38 pm

Leo's Labratory


Laboratory of the infamous poison-crafter known simply as Leo, this small cave within the mountain is where the avora spends the majority of his time tolling away in his lab perfecting his master over his craft. While the lab is also technically a shop, you won’t find any poisons for sale there. Leo only crafts his poisons in order to create their antidotes, and cures for most of Mizahar's commonly known poisons can be found here. Leo will also eagerly purchase any new poison or recipe somebody brings him, especially those from distant lands, so that he can learn how they work and how to combat them.

Several random herbal remedies can also be purchased in the shop, and his number one client is actually the Infirmary of Wind Reach itself. While the poisoner works separate from the Infirmary, largely due to his practice of testing his poisons and antidotes out on living "volunteers" from the Dek caste, his lab is still the only place in Wind Reach where such antidotes can be found and purchased.

The front room of the lab is where the actual shop lays, a small round space filled with shelves full of vials of various antidotes. Leo is rarely in the front room, except to deal with customers, and can usually be found in the back. The back is filled with all manner of strange devices for making poisons and philtering. There is even an operating table in the back of the room, used for strapping down patients to test his antidotes out on.

Prices for antidotes are the same as the price for the poison itself, found in the pricelist. Unique antidotes may cost more. See storyteller for details.
Common herbal remedies may be purchased at Price List price.

A player may sell a poison to Leo at the Price List cost.
A player may sell a recipe to Leo only once per recipe. PM ST for price.
All sales must be done IC.[/ooc]

NPCs :


By normal Inartan standards, Leo would have been placed in the dek caste. The man was born with only three toes on his right foot, marking him from the very beginning as an oddity, though that alone might not have set him apart. As he grew, he showed potential for medicine, and began to train with the medics at the infirmary, but he also had another passion involving poisons and magic. Several accidents later, he ended up with a burnt face on one side, a left arm that had become shriveled and useless, though he refuses to cut him off, and he lost a foot due to intentional self exposure to a flesh eating bacteria living in an underground pond. Despite his infirmities, his mind still works perfectly well, even if he is a bit sadistic at times, and he retains his avora caste.


Leo's life is wrought with education and accidents. The boy was extremely gifted in the medical arts, showing potential at a very young age, though he was never blessed with Rak'keli's gift. In his adult life, his work is only whispered about. Leo works apart from the infirmary, due to some of the questionable techniques he uses to advance his craft, but his usefulness outweighs the sheer wrongness of the things he does and the Valintar continues to allow him to operate. The Infirmary only begrudgingly accepts his help.

Leo is primarily a crafter of poisons, though he does not sell any of them. Instead he learns and perfects the craft of poisons, only so that he can then create an antidote. Often the more useless of the dek caste are provided to him for experimentation, and many have lost their lives to failed experiments involving poison and unsuccessful antidotes. Leo see the loss as a necessary evil to aid those others who need his antidotes, and were it not for his exceptional success the Valintar probably would not allow him to continue his work.

Leo also dabbles in seeking out cures for various illnesses and other ailments of the body, though he is less successful in these fields. Even so, he has made several strides on various projects, again proving his value to the city and its residents.


Poison 75
Medicine 45
Investigation 35
Herbalism 30
Philtering 50

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