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Hospital and Apothecary.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Infirmary

Postby Emergence on August 23rd, 2016, 3:44 am



Nestled in a forgotten corner of Wind Reach just below the Endal's Eagle Aeries and far above the common rooms and haunts of the Dek and Chiet, lies the Infirmary. It's not a large space, though the ceilings are tall and well carved. Holding only twenty beds and the most modest of apothecaries, the Infirmary treats mainly Avora, Yasi, and Endal for common everyday injuries and illnesses. Sometimes Chiet can bribe their way in, but almost never do the Dek get treatment. A small group of Dek, four strong, are assigned to cleaning the infirmary and taking care of its linens and bandage preparation.

Upon entering the Infirmary, one walks directly into a waiting area. This consists of a long, deep bench carved into the wall to the left of the doorway. There was a finely wrought stone coffee table that ran the length of the bench.

Directly in front of the door was a curtain hung from a metal bar that stretched the length of the room, from ceiling to floor, partitioning off the sick bay from the waiting area. A small bed at the far end of the waiting area, adorned with blankets and pillows, was for those who wished to stay the night with their loved one.

Behind the curtain, the rest of the infirmary was now a large square, with a little cubbyhole office situated in the far wall. The narrow, pathetic beds that had formally been used for the sick patients were replaced with a dozen wider, more comfortable and supportive model. However, since the materials for these beds were rather expensive, there was also a new type of bed installed. The freestanding beds were placed in three rows of four in the middle of the room with enough space in between and on all sides for movement and a fair amount of privacy. Along the three walls (the fourth "wall" being the large curtain) were more beds, but these were built into the stone. Roughly as wide as the freestanding beds and just as comfortable (as they were obviously supplied with a mattress and bedding), they did somewhat limit movement. The wallbed's occupant would only be able to sit propped up, unless they were a small child, as the height of the bed was not all that high. This is because along the walls, at about a normal sized-Inartan's shoulder height, were shelves for all of the necessities of the Infirmary. There were two shelves that ran parallel to each other a handspan apart all the way around the entire infirmary, giving more than enough storage space. At the foot of each bed was a small wooden chest for the sick patients clothes and whatever other belongings they had with them. The wallbed's chest was a small, square hollow in the wall area under their bed near the floor.

Probably one of the most important additions was the lighting. Where the Infirmary before was a dark dank place, it now glowed with a soft, golden light that simply made the place feel warm and comfortable. Where the office was against the right side of the north wall, there was a fireplace to the left. It's partner was the original, and stationed directly across the room in the waiting area.

Finally, there was one last extravagant detail. A stained glass window...in the ceiling. It wasn't a window, per-say, but the glassworkers had been commissioned to create over a dozen small window-sized pieces of artwork that were inlaid into the stone of the ceiling. This last addition was for the inpatients. For those laying sick in bed, day after day, or injured to the point of bed rest, it only made sense to give them something to enjoy as well.

Micquel D'hanna is a gentleman in his late 50's. Avora to the core, he wants nothing else than to help those in need. A rather nerdy boy as a child, Micquel spent hours upon hours in the Enclave, reading everything he could get his hands on pertaining to the healing arts. As soon as he was old enough to be apprenticed, he submitted his life to the task of healing. He is of modest to very good skill, with steady hands and more patience than probably anyone else in all of Mizahar, making him perfect for his job.

Keah Lessan works alongside Micquel. Shy and secluded at the age of 17, she has a natural talent for healing. graced with two gnosis marks from Rek'keli, Keah is very adept at what she does. Behind the quiet demeanor, the girl is driven and therefore a perfect balance for her passive partner. She does everything to the best of her ability and is constantly pushing herself to do better, find a better way to do this treatment or that procedure. With her whole life ahead of her, one can only imagine what she will accomplish.

Head Healer (Avora): Preside over the entire Infirmary
Doctor (Avora): Heal the sick
Assistant Doctor (Yasi, Chiet or Avora): Help heal the sick
Waste Management (Dek): Clean up the biomedical waste.

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