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Arya Nallithes

Postby Arya Nallithes on August 27th, 2016, 5:12 am

Arya Nallithes


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 25th, Fall, 498
Birthplace: Lhavit


Arya stands approximately 5 feet and 2 inches tall while weighing a total 120 pounds. Which is about average if not a little short for a human female while still maintaining her average frame. Arya possesses small breasts placed on her chest and possesses a fair sized rear that almost looks like a bubble butt. Though will anyone notice? Probably not considering that she doesn’t really wear clothing that expresses her body much. Arya takes pride in what she possess is her raven feathers black, wavy long hair. Only reason why it's referred to the color of a raven's feathers is because that's just how dark her hair is. The iris of her beautiful eyes is like a pair of sapphires with a hue of green that often portrays her emotions when her face cannot.

Character Concept

Arya’s attitude is usually always being tired or wanting to take naps even in the middle of the streets. When trying to hold conversations with her it is usually like a hit or miss. Either you be blunt about what you’re trying to say or she won’t get it. More like she sometimes pretend to not getting it, but she’ll still try to force you to say what you’re trying to say in a blunt manner. If you don’t tell her despite Arya asking about it then she’ll simply drop the conversation or topic and switches into a different topic or walks away from you.

One good way to piss her off is when someone messes with a good friend of hers. Even though she doesn’t really mean to reveal what she’s feeling, anger seems to be the most revealing on her expression. For her tone always seem to be like a monotone or sometimes cheery. Mocking Arya and even insulting won’t really get through to her. The only reason is that her mind has been through a lot of trauma that direct insults would often have very little effect. However if the insults are being thrown at her in a constant manner, then she’ll be quick to anger towards that one particular person because Arya simply has enough of their shit.
Arya’s morality actually relies on herself as an independent young lady. Using riddles or even poetry to fit a particular situation or conversation. It is something that seems to comfort Arya in a way, and most of the time those who is either not that versed in poetry or riddles would end up confused. Sometimes when one actually knows what the poem or what the riddle means. They either become infuriated or snap out of their unreasonable state.

The morality Arya possesses is that if you’re too blind by strong emotions to see the truth, then whatever outcome you bring is just falsehood and you’ll always feel like something is missing. But they refuse to believe the truth. Thus they are just a lost cause to her eyes simply because she can’t really tolerate close minded people. Of course, if they’re her friends or has been on decent terms with Arya then she’ll try a little harder to help them snap out of it. Another thing that would be commonly known as karma except that it involves more with cats in particular. Yes she loves feline creatures even the Kelvics who can shapeshift into a feline creature. Arya considers treating cats of any kind in a bad manner would only bring ill omen that will strike when you don’t expect it. However treating the cats in a good manner normally brings good graces to brighten your day.
Arya seems to be seeking out an answer to a particular question that has never been fully answered. If there is such as thing such as spirits and otherworldly creatures. Then perhaps a way of being able to communicate if not establish a particular treaty with these otherworldly creatures that has a civilization. However, her answer doesn’t lie with the treaty, but more like she’s seeking out if there is such a thing as civilization in the other worlds. First Arya needs to become strong and more knowledgeable in the ways of magic before even attempting to dwell on that subject.

Character History

Arya was born into a family of magic users in the city of Lhavit in 498 AV. Which was roughly two years before Aysel and Talora got assigned into individual tasks and Lhavit slowly became corrupted due to their absence. The Nallithes family is more specifically a group of exorcists who voluntarily took up the role to cleanse Mizahar of ghosts and in some cases even the undead. However, the Nallithes family is ran by branches of the family almost like a small organization of sorts. The Nallithes kept their heads down and focused mostly on themselves until Aysel and Talora came back to set things straight. During this time of ten short years before the two returned, Arya was taught into Spiritism roughly the same day she started school at age six. Although she didn’t actually get to fully practice the art until she was almost twelve for her family felt that all she needed was knowledge first.

As such, Arya was raised like a scholar who studied in her free time when she wasn’t taking lessons from both her school and from her family. Her uncle, Rohl Nallithes, was her mentor as he taught her most of what one could learn from a skilled exorcist. Arya’s father, Kyba Nallithes, was usually gone at nights to deal with spirits of the dead and help them move on to the afterlife in peace. Her mother, Stella Nallithes, however passed away on 505 AV at the 22nd Summer, which would make young Arya to be seven when her mother died. The head of the Nallithe family is Arya’s grandfather, Thalious Nallithes, and he is rumored to be a powerful exorcist while well versed in spiritism. Though whether this is true or not, no one really knows as currently only Arya’s father and uncle has shown what the Nallithes can do.

The night on the 22nd Summer, 505 AV, was when Stella became possessed by a powerful spirit during one night stroll around the city. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem, however Arya was walking around with her mother and was having a nice conversation. Well, more like a lecture for not listening to Rohl’s teachings that day like Arya was supposed to. They had just gotten back from the recent celebration of Lhavit’s good health, or what seemed to be for the city’s prosperity. So naturally both Arya and Stella were garbed in formal clothing that has a flair of festive outlook about it. To Arya, it was a very good day and she had a blast spending quality time with her mother. Being away from her studies and lessons was certainly refreshing for her childish mind.

The possession started when Stella was speaking of how dizzy and almost black her vision became. Arya passed it off that Stella was just tired for they did walked around the city a lot that night, but it quickly showed that Stella was having a mental struggle with something. Arya was beginning to panic as she had no clue what to do nor has she ever seen possessions in person. So she had no way of knowing truly what was going on at the time, but Stella did scream at Arya to get away before Stella lost the struggle for a few minutes. Arya panicked even more as the mother she had once known soon transformed into a violent and very abusive woman. So Arya turned and bolted down the street as fast as her little legs could run. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as the possessed Stella quickly caught up to Arya and proceeded to grab the poor girl by the throat and slammed Arya on the ground pretty hard. The child gasped as she was struggling to breathe with Stella’s tight fingers wrapped around the girl’s throat and proceeded the process of choking Arya. Tears stung the child’s eyes as she was reaching out to her mother and struggling of telling Stella to stop.

Luckily Stella managed to briefly gain limited control to where her grip loosened and was resisting enough for Arya to summon up her strength to crawl away from her mother. Stella constantly apologized to Arya, however the child was so overwhelmed with fear and shocked of what is transpiring before her eyes that it practically burnt the event into her mind. Then the ghost resumed control over Stella’s body and looked at Arya with a heavy murderous intent that shook Arya to the core. To be honest, the child wished she could faint from all of the fear and pain she was feeling so that she could shut her eyes and escape from this reality. But something kept her going as Stella raised a raging, balled up fist before slamming the punch right into Arya’s abdomen that released any air the child had from her small lungs with a heavy gasp. Tears streaming from Arya’s eyes, it was so hard for her to even breathe because the moment that she tried to inhale Stella would deliver a physical blow to the child’s body that it knocks any air out.

The streets were empty of activity, but with as much pain and violent Stella is dashing out Arya’s rescue came. It was Kyba, Arya’s father, who came rushing to shoulder bash Stella away from Arya’s barely conscious body. Arya vaguely remembers what happened after seeing her father coming to her rescue because all of the fear and pain the child was feeling seemed to have magically washed away. That wasn’t the case though for yes Arya was definitely in pain, but she was so weak from the beating and finally being able to breathe properly that Arya’s body went numb. Making it seem like her body was relieved from pain and yet it felt so heavy that it was taking all of her willpower to lift her hand.

Kyba had successfully subdued the ghost enough to extract it from Stella’s body and Dust the ghost to keep it under a prison like box. It is rumored that Kyba later hid that box somewhere in the Nallithe household, but no one really knows where it is located. Kyba checked Stella’s condition, however the ghost had done a number of damage to Stella’s body that managed to cracked her knuckles, fractured her wrists, but most of all there was internal bleeding where Stella’s wrist was fractured. It was caused as the possessed Stella accidentally punched the skyglass ground when Arya actually managed to dodge one of those blows miraculously. Kyba was trying to patch Stella up, but Stella was actually more concerned about Arya and pushed Kyba into taking care of their daughter over herself.

Ultimately, Arya survived from the horrible encounter, but Stella perished due to the fact that the internal bleeding turned fatal. The child has blamed herself for the longest time that if she had known more about spiritism that she would have been able to save her mother. Arya has gone as far as even hating the ghosts for a good five years. By the time she reached the age of 12, she came across a boy who was a little younger than herself. The boy’s name was Ascen, but when they first met those two weren’t anything close to friends. In fact they were looking at each other as nemesis for Ascen focused into Reimancy while Arya was still working on her Spiritism. Rohl once pointed it out to her that since Arya declared Ascen as her nemesis Arya has been more focused onto her studies. Arya even went as far as reading books that contained subjects of the Shielding magic. Furthermore, Arya went as far as taking classes in Elena's Studio of Enchantment to receive better training in the art of Shielding magic. Where over the next 2 years of study and multiple trials and errors Arya finally grew familiar on the Shielding magic. From there, Arya spent the next upcoming four years to the current date of practicing her magics and has developed a rather curious perspective about the world outside of Mizahar as a whole.

[Received permission from Ascen to apply his character into my history]


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: N/A
Poor Language: N/A


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Persuasion 13 SP 13 Novice
Shielding 26 SP 26 Competent
Spiritism 15 RB, 11 SP 26 Competent


Lore of History of Lhavit
Lore of Religion: Zintila


Interior Clothing:
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Coat
-Simple Boots
Exterior Clothing:
-Ramie Dress
-Leather Low Boots
-Wool Course Cloak
-Simple Undergarments
-Medium Wool Scarf
-Silver Ring, (a plain silver band that has the engravings of a single word. "Kasai")
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-Spiritist Beads (2 Feet)
-Loaf of Bread
-Kitten, Companion/Pet
19 Kina
6 Topaz Kina
8 Jade Kina

Heirloom: Golden Locket ~ This locket contains a small painting of what Arya's mother looked like. At least just the face, as it was something to remember her mother by. (45GM)


Location: Solar Wing Apartment, Zintia Peak, Lhavit

House: A Simple apartment that has one bedroom with the living room being divided with a kitchen. The furnishings contain a simple canopy bed, a wooden desk, a soft rounded chair, a hearth and a couch. (Monthly Rent: 3 Kina)


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina
Monthly Rent -3 Ki 97 Kina
Ramie Dress -1 Ki, -4 TKi 95 Kina, 6 Topaz Kina
Leather Low Boots -6 TKi 95 Kina, 0 Topaz Kina
Wool Course Cloak -5 TKi 94 Kina, 5 Topaz Kina
Simple Undergarments -1 TKi 94 Kina, 4 Topaz Kina
Medium Wool Scarf -1 Ki, -5 TKi 92 Kina, 9 Topaz Kina
Kitten -2 TKi 92 Kina, 7 Topaz Kina
Silver Ring -3 Ki 89 Kina, 7 Topaz Kina
Elena's Studio of Enchantment Class (Competent) -50 Kina 39 Kina, 7 Topaz Kina
Spiritist Beads -20 Ki 19 Kine, 7 Topaz Kina
Loaf of Bread -2 JK 19 Kina, 6 Topaz Kina, 8 Jade Kina

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Arya Nallithes

Postby Gossamer on September 10th, 2016, 11:37 pm


Moderator Intervention

The Issue(s):

I only partially read your CS. So these corrections are going to be big ones but there might be more I don't list. I couldn't simply go on...

First, you can't have an underscore in your name. Please remove that from your account name. We don't allow misc characters in names unless they should be there.

Secondly, you are HUMAN. You can't have white hair and pink eyes. I don't care how cool you think your anime avatar is. THATS NOT A NORMAL STANDARD FOR HUMANS. If you want red eyes and white hair, pick a race that has that.. such as Symenestra.

Change it.

Arya’s most iconic feature that she possess is her stark white, wavy long hair. It is not dyed in any shape or form, but it would be a perfect kind of hair to easily dye into a different color. The iris of her beautiful eyes is like a pink rose with a hue of red that often portrays her emotions when her face cannot.

PM me when you have the above issues corrected and this intervention will be removed.


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