Location [Wind Reach] The Tisuma Baths

Public bathhouse. Frequented by all those below the Endal caste.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Tisuma Baths

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Description: The Tisuma Baths are located on the lower levels of Wind Reach, closer to the mine shafts and hydroponics teams, so that dirt and grime is kept to the lower levels. The baths themselves are located in a large cavern, where a team of Chiet are stationed every moment of the day.

As one enters the baths, they feel the warm steam from the water hit their face. The first chamber contains a large locker area, where people can drop off dirty clothes, pick up a clean set of clothes, and a chute for laundry goes below to the laundry room. The lockers are nothing more than stone holes with a shelf in it, to separate boots and clothes. Otherwise, the room has stone benches and an attendant who will pick up clothes or other washables.

After one undresses, they walk to the second chamber which is the baths. Seven large pools cascade down into each other. The first pool seems to have swirls of dirt and grime, the pool is called the miners pool and is reserved for the dirtiest of individuals. If one is so unlucky as to be completely covered in filth, they enter the pool and use a large metal spoon to scrape the dirt and grime from their body. The water seems cold, almost chilling as one enters. Once done with the first pool, they enter the glassworker’s pool. The feel of sand and grit presses against ones toes. The pool allows people to get rid of the majority of dirt or sand from working. The water is clearer and seems to be room temperature as one enters. As people finish scraping off the dirt, they are left with the smell of their daily labors and move to the salt pool.

The salt pool is the first bath that allows everyone to feel comfortable. The luke warm water contains heavy natural salts that neutralize odors. Sponges, harvested from Thunder Bay, are provided by attendants and allow the first real cleansing soak, in the waist deep water. At this point most people can leave the baths, having cleaned themselves to adequate standards. However, the next four baths provide stronger scented water and hotter water for those so inclined. The temperature range goes from a warmth like a good blanket covering oneself to water that is steaming in the seventh pool. As people relax from a hard day’s work some attendants have been trained in the basics of massage and are excellent barbers.

In the back of the baths there is a small door way that leads to the lower level or laundry. The laundry is filled with large pots of steaming water and harsh cleaning salts. Deks and Chiet work hard to keep up with the dirty laundry for the lower castes. After boiling in water they are passed to a metal scrub board that Deks spend hours with harsh salts to beat out smells and stains. Chiets organize the clothes by sizes and place them accordingly in piles in the first chamber, for Deks and Chiets to pick up clean clothes. For personally made clothes fitted to specifically to people, Chiets attach metal tags to the garments and wash them. Once clean they place them back in the lockers with the right number.

Customs dictate that the attendants keep themselves undressed while in the bathing chamber. However, instead of fearing that people will force themselves on them, they are often highly protected. People will actually request certain attendants to help with hair or bad kinks in muscles, and if they are busy with others fights have broken out. In order to keep order and make sure people don’t drown in baths, attendants make their schedules known and people are only given a half a bell with an attendant. The Chief Attendant is a woman Chiet by the name of Ces, she keeps the schedule and has a core group of Avora that she only attends too.

Ces - Head Attendant

Job Opportunities:
Masseuse (Chiet, Avora): Relax clients with massages
Barber (Chiet): Cut clients hair
Launderer (Dek, Chiet): Clean the citizens clothing

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