Location [Wind Reach] The Nesting Area

This is where all the female Wind Eagles lay and hatch their eggs as well as raise their chicks.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Nesting Area

Postby Emergence on August 29th, 2016, 3:35 pm



Following the Djed storm of 512 and the decimation it caused to the aeries, eagles, and Inartans, a new nesting area has been constructed near the renovated residences that offers better protection to the nesting mothers and eggs. Reinforced arches offer a sturdier ceiling to lessen the chances of the eggs and hatchlings being crushed in the event of a collapse, avalanche, or landslide. This remodeled section of the aeries is modest when compared to the nesting chambers offered before the great Storm. The floors are still rougher, more accommodating to eagle talons and the walls polished to reflect and contain the heat that’s carried through the pipes that have been reconstructed in the walls. Chimneys drilled into the ceiling lead up and away from the nests to help maintain a constant temperature and prevent overheating of both the eggs and the Wind Eagles. The chimneys also help circulate the air and maintain a fresh atmosphere constantly.

The only discernible way in without being flown by one of the Endal is a rough-hewn path leading up to the modest pavilion that admits one into the nest site of each eagle dame. Needless to say, accessing the Nesting Area is dangerous and highly unadvisable.

The smells that greet the senses are warm and earthy, the strong odor of the eagles coupled with the meaty aroma of fresh slaughters to feed the birds that reside here. The low thrum of the hot water pumping through the pipes in the walls provides a delicate cadence, soothing and calming. There are few other animals living in this section of the city, other than very small rodents, and the very brave song bird. It is a large danger for those not welcome to come and lurk in the nesting area because of the mothers that guard the nest and the attendants that oversee them.

For each nesting alcove, crates of furs, animal skins, and dead stalks from the gardens are provided to the mothers to line their nests with and adjust the core temperature of the nest itself as they desire. Polished stone carvings and hanging chimes are offered as decoration and a variety smooth-edged glass shards are strung from the ceiling to dazzle the eye the way the old nesting sites used to. The stones and chimes provide as much entertainment for hatchlings as the nesting attendants that maintain its cleanliness and care of the birds that reside here.

The primary changes from the original site are observed on the external perches that allow Endal and Eagle to fly out from the nest. At these exit-points, special crafted carriages have been assigned, added to a site as soon as a mother has laid her eggs. These hide and hay-lined carriages were made to transport eggs and young wind eagles immediately out of the nesting area in the event of a catastrophe. It is hoped that this, coupled with the teamwork of the Endal riders and nesting attendants, will ensure the survival of that generation should an event like the Djed storm occur again. The loss that has already been experienced cannot afford to happen once more.

Job Opportunities:
Attendant (Chiet): Oversee the comfort and safety of the Eagles and eggs
Hands (Dek) Assist the Attendants and clean the aries

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