Lye Varcolac

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Lye Varcolac

Postby Lye on October 25th, 2009, 6:00 am

Lye Varcolac


Physical Information

Race: Akalak
Birthday & Age: 11th day of Winter, 485 AV, 24 years old.
Gender: Male

Physical Description
Tall, strong, and young, Lye is in the early peak of his youth, though this means little in Riverfall, where all the Akalak are powerfully built. At six foot, seven inches, he is actually rather short for his race, and was the target of insults and laughter at a young age before he began to develop his vicious streak. However, those days are long past, and Lye's athletic build and swift hands are an assurance that he won't disrespected without thought again. Like many other akalak, hecuts his hair very short, unable to tolerate it getting in his eyes. He'll rarely let it grow beyond a few inches before shaving it all off.

Character Concept
A man apart from his race, many consider the few things Lye Varcolac has in common with his akalak brothers his cobalt skin tone and peaked ears. Despite it's wide spoken beauty and splendor, Lye spends little time in Riverfall, and when in his homeland, he seems only interested in matters of business and drinking himself into a stupor. Something of a misanthrope, and a well presented cynic, the akalak trader always sees the glass as half empty (which is a good enough reason to fill it back up with wine again). His peers widely consider him to be antisocial, though none of them have ever seen him beyond Riverfall.

When out and on the road, his foul moods seem to lift to a degree. While he's far easier to deal with, he's a great deal rowdier, and his temper is five times worse. Possessing a short fuse, Lye's tantrums are far from the childish definition; they are explosive, frightening bursts rage and sound that, if escalated, always ending with a cooling head and cooling blood. There are certainly ways to avoid these moments of fury; after all, Lye's greatest pet peeve is being cheated. The sharp, analytical eye of the akalak, usually put to use against opponents to spot weaknesses during fights, is instead used by Lye to turn a profit. Very, very few have ever gotten away with trying to pawn off a peice of colored glass or a cheap painted clay pot to him.

While Lye may seem like an unpleasant individual, the dark secret that he harbors, like all of his brothers, has an attitude far worse. Calling itself Uriel, the akalak's darker side is a borderline psychopath, more than happy to do what needs to be done in the times that Lye hesitates. While Lye will most likely rob you in your sleep, or burn down your house for money, he still has a loose set of morals and rules that he lives his life with- Uriel is completely free of these. Something of a sadist, the change in personality is denoted by a sudden, cold smile that only grows as he cuts down those in his way. Uriel even speaks differently; whereas Lye can be foul mouthed, brutally honest, and to the point, his darker side speaks with a calm, melodious, flowing accent that seems familiar to all, and is almost down right polite, even when calling another trash.

Though Lye acknowledges Wysar as a father at the root, and Akajia as something of a mother, he is not overly religious, and sees those who blindly follow a paith of faith to be aggravating. He has, however, fallen in love with Yshul, though this secret is kept even closer than that of Uriel. In trugth, Lye ultimately seeks wealth, respect, and power above the laws.

Character History
Lye Varcolac's father certainly had a name, but the boy had little time to learn it. A mere year after his birth, Lye's father was convicted of a crime against Riverfall and was subsequently killed in the Gideon Combat Arena. Responsibility of the child fell to Arkoh Varcolac, the brother of the dead man, who took the boy in hesitantly. He was secretly resentful; for all his years, he had yet to actually produce an heir of his own. The two children he had managed to sire had been birthed as Konti, and taken away from the city. While Arkoh took to raising the child, he was mostly inattentive of Lye's needs, and eagerly told the boy his father's shameful story as soon as he could speak. Of course, Lye couldn't understand, could not comprehend the concept of justice and fairness, and so from a very young age, he began to develop a bitter and at times, hateful view towards Riverfall as a whole, and the Council of Elders. He swallowed his angry words though, letting them sit for years in the pit of his stomach, sickening him like a poison.

His day to day life was no better than his home life. Short for his kind, Lye had a permanent bullseye painted on his back that he could not see. Bullied often by his peers, he found himself at a disadvantage, as his uncle, Arkoh, had never cared to teach him to fight. But like all akalak, Lye had generations of fighting flowing through his blood, and it was not long before he began to fend off his tormenters, adopting their cruel ways and speech until he was merely another one of them.

It was around this time that his mother, the konti Alycia Fontaine, returned to Riverfall, her intentions unknown and easily lied about. She seemed disappointed to learn of Lye's father's death, though it was mostly an act. Alycia was truly an oddity to her own race; she had learned to indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle, of drinking and smoking Dreamsmoke in Syliras, or whever she could find it, and used her gifts of sight and divining to fuel her gambling addiction. She was known by sight in Sunberth, and was a close friend of the proprietor of the casino in the anarchist's town, Tall Johnny. It's said that it was at that casino where she met Lye's father, acting as one of the feared guards the establishment was known for. It didn't take Alycia long to find her former lover's brother, though her interest did not lie in finding another akalak to bed - it was her son.

With Arkoh's permission - and, with the boy's advanced age taken into consideration - Alycia was allowed to take Lye out of Riverfall, to "help him find his profession". Since he was nearly old enough to be pressed into labor, and with no visible ambition to truly speak of, the idea was encouraging one. Instead of taking the boy to blacksmith forges, tanneries, and other places of work, the konti took her son on what was essentially a grand tour of debauchery, getting drunk together, mugging people who had won Alycia's money fairly in games, and visiting the whorehouses. Lye was suddenly plunged into a world he had never known existed - and he loved it. But most of all, what Lye loved the most was money. Those who held it, held power, and respect, things which the young akalak covetted. What was more, among the shadier people who spoke to in his short travels with his mother, Lye began to learn of Yshul. Dark, beautiful, and widely beloved by the men he had begun to idolize, he could not help but fall in love with her.

It was with his mother that Lye discovered the darkness within himself that called itself Uriel. One particular evening at a bar, Alycia managed to thoroughly fleece a group of drunks of every single copper miza in their pockets. Angry and irational, they decided to get their money back - plus some interest out of her skin. When Lye threw himself between his mother and the thugs, they thrashed him and shoved him aside. As soon as he hit the floor however, he was up again - with a killer's smile on his face. The akalak was swift, efficient, and brutal in the bloody justice he doled out upon them. This sudden presence terrified Lye at first, but as it spoke to him in the nights following, getting drunker and drunker off of a jug of wine, the akalak found some measure of comfort in the darkness.

Then one day, Alycia was gone. Not a note or a single copper miza in her wake, leaving Lye to pay out of his own pocket to return to Riverfall. At once, he approached the Council of Elders, swallowing the acidic words he wished to truly hurl at them, and announced that he wanted to start a trading company. It would be small at first, starting up from the ground, taking Riverfall's fish, gemstones, herbs, wine into the outside world and bringing back the needed metals, grains, and fruits that the city needed. The council approved the venture, and it wasn't long before Lye established himself as an excellent trader. Most recently, with the coming of his twenty fifth birthday, Lye was forced through the customary akalakian Rite of Passage. A struggler to the end, Lye pulled through excellently and received his lakan.

Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore)
+Appraisal 15/100
+Detection 10/100
+Unarmed Combat 25/100
+Flux 10/100

Lore of Criminal Connections
Lore of Common Trade Routes

Equipment and Possessions
• 1 Set of Clothing: Black cotton shirt, black leather pants, travelling boots, and a black cloak with a featureless brass brooch.
• 1 Waterskin
• 1 Backpack which contains:
o 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, soap, razor)
o Food for a week
o 1 eating knife
• 1 small tent (2 person)
• Bedroll & blanket
• large tarp
• 100 ft of rope
• Flint & steel
• 2 torches
• Fishing tackle & hooks
• A full set of tack, and a large set of saddlebags
• 1 Colorsplash Horse
• 1 Three person Cart
• 1 Bit and bridle
• 1 Deck of cards
• 1 Lakan (Family Heirloom)
• 1 Suit of Leather Armor (Colored Dark Blue)
• 1 Pair of Spiked Gauntlets
• 1 Pair of Bladed Boots
100 Gold Miza
- 77 gm

Present: 23 gm

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