Location [Wind Reach] The Processing Center

Where hunters bring their kills to be processed.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Processing Center

Postby Emergence on August 29th, 2016, 8:20 pm

The Processing Center


The Wind Reach Processing Center can be found just below the Eagle Aeries. The Processing Center is where hunters, both Avora and Endal can drop off their kills to be tallied as well as skinned and processed for meat. A tunnel from the Inner Warrens leads to the main entrance of the center but there is a second entrance to accommodate Endal. The second entrance is not large enough for a Wind Eagle to enter through but has a ledge with enough room for two of the dire birds to land.

The center is large and well-lit to allow the Chiet and Dek to work quickly and efficiently. The room is divided into two main work areas: an area for the tallying and sorting of kills and an area for skinning and processing. The first section has a large chart on the wall made up of various pieces of parchment stuck together. This chart lists every hunter in Wind Reach and what they’ve brought into the center in a season. Each new season means a new chart. This area also has a large but old scale as well as a collection of various weights. A collection of tables hold the carcasses and skins brought in, sorted by animal and size to be lifted and carried by the Dek to the processing side of the room.

The skinning and processing center has an assortment of tables for the Chiet to work at. Each table has a selection of knives for skinning and butchering carcasses and three bins, one for useable parts, one for leftovers and one for skins. The bins are replaced on a regular basis by the Dek and the full bins carried to the Kitchens, Eagle Aeries and Aviary, or the Tanneries depending on the contents. There are also a series of hooks hanging from the ceiling along one wall to accommodate the skinning and butchering of larger game.

Hunters Note:
All game caught for job reasons is bought here. Hunters will get no pay for this as any payment is covered in their seasonal wages. Any non hunters who bring in meat will be paid an amount of 66% of Price List cost. (To do this math simply multiple the regular price by .66) Normally all meat is skinned, deboned, etc. here. However the hunter has the right to do this themselves for skill boosting if they wish. Tools are provided free of charge.

Job Opportunities:
Hunter (Avora, Endal): Hunt wild game to be processes here
Butcher (Chiet, Dek): Prepare meat
Skinner (Chiet, Dek): Skin the game brought in by hunters

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