Location [Wind Reach] Abelu Aviary

Housing for city and personal birds.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Abelu Aviary

Postby Emergence on August 29th, 2016, 10:01 pm

Abelu Aviary


One of the few locations in the upper reaches of the mountain that is not relegated to only the Endal or Avora, the Abelu Aviary is a sight to behold. The tiny path cut into the stone is more ladder than staircase, narrow and dangerous. It leads off of the path that heads down to the Edge of the World and is truly only for the brave. There is another foot path that takes 30 chimes to traverse, but is most even and easy to navigate. Once at the top of the ten chime climb, a medium sized stone platform extends with a narrow metal railing where birds can be seen perching more often than not as they rest their wings or sunbathe. The platform itself is about fourteen paces long and twelve wide and made of white-washed marble that was imported from Lhavit.

Along the wall near the door are several square portals, big enough for a golden-eagle sized bird to soar through and land inside comfortably. The portals had roughened sandstone for their ledges, providing adequate perches for the birds. On the inside, a large cave stretches forward some thirty five paces before rising up another one hundred. The chamber is large and spacious and many a mew lines the vertical wall, ranging in size from small to massive as it accommodates the huge variety of birds that are held here: everything from small messenger birds to giant birds of prey and wild-caught birds on the mend. The smell of ammonia is dampened by the hole in the roof high above and the windows that pock the mountain-face, not just at entry level.

To reach the upper aries, a series of ladders carved into the stone and small balconies are used, creating a network of perches that non-caged birds can use. Hanging from the hole high above is a system of pulleys that the Dek in the facility use to move supplies up and down the Aviary for cleaning mews and feeding the birds.

Besides Burl and Opolo, there are several notable individuals that work in the Aviary. Of note, one of the Earth Reimancers works in tandem with the birdkeepers to keep the stone in the aviary compatible and safe for the birds. There are also two noteworthy nurses from the Infirmary who work on the side as veterinary specialists, helping when truly critical animals come to the aviary for care.

ImageName: Burl
Race: Inarta
DoB: Summer 486AV
PoB: Wind Reach
Caste and Title: Avora - Aviary Foreman
Skills: Animal Husbandry 68, Teaching 50, Medicine 31, Organization 17

Burl, like many Inarta, has long loved birds. He and his brother, Opolo, were prodigies of their Endal parents and together learned the most of their knowledge of Eagles from them. However, no bird sought the pair out. Where his brother is sharp of tongue and eye, the gentler Burl leads with kindness. He showed an affinity for organization from an early age, able to color and size coordinate birds of all class from if they were birds of prey to what kind of food they ate based off their beaks. He swiftly rose to become the Foreman of the Abelu Aviary. It is he that all others in the city obtain their birds from and seek answers from on anything bird related.

Specifically, Burl sees to the smooth operation of the Aviary and the education of Yasi and other visitors in the care of their birds. If an injured bird is found, it is to the Abelu it is brought for care by both Burl and his brother.

Because of the location of the Aviary, Burl typically wears fur-lined bryda and a male-vinati. He lives with his colleague and partner, Astir in the Commonrooms.
ImageName: Opolo
Race: Inarta
DoB: Summer 486AV
PoB: Wind Reach
Caste and Title: Avora - Falconer
Skills: Falconry 59, Mountaineering 40, Animal Husbandry 18, Sailing 40, Pan Flute 50.

Opolo is recognized not for any distinguishing feature, but for the sleek white and black-crowned osprey that is rarely absent from his arm. He and the bird are nearly inseparable and it is over said bird one must talk to gain Opolo's attention. The mop-headed ginger commonly wears a bryda and sontav and ankle-boots when at the Aviary. His muscled form sings of hard labor spent on the water and he constantly bares the smell of the sea on his form. It is well known that Opolo loves the water as much as he loves the birds, and he will commonly be found working with fishermen during the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall periods, hauling fish and letting his osprey (Loa) hunt on his own.
ImageName: Tez Highwalker
Race: Drykas
DoB: Winter 474AV
PoB: Endrykas
Caste and Title: Avora - Reimancer Mason
Skills: Reimancy 56, Masonry 31, Sculpting 49.

A man out of place, Tez hails from far off Endrykas, having come to Wind Reach many years ago with a Svefra trade-ship. He tells of the loss of his family during a tragic stampede one season and how the event left him feeling separated from his kinsmen. The marks of his initiation are clear upon his hands and his work-hard attitude is well-embraced by the whole of Wind Reach. Tez currently resides in Abelu in a small alcove inside the aviary, monitoring the stability of the cliff-side structure constantly, quick to repair or improve upon deficiencies.
ImageName: Phack
Race: Vantha
DoB: Winter 8, 492AV
PoB: Avanthal
Caste and Title: Chiet - Nurse
Skills: Medicine 51, Animal Husbandry 35, Herbalism 19, Climbing 40
Gnosis: 1M Rak'keli

Little is actually known about Phack other than that he came from Avanthal when he was fifteen with his parents one summer. He had a knack for handling injuries in animals and was recruited by one of the healers in the Infirmary in hopes that he might become an apprentice. However, the young, black-haired man whose eyes always seemed a shining amethyst did not take to people and their medicinal requirements. Instead, he turned to animals and left work at the Infirmary, requesting from the Valintar work at the Aviary when he turned 17.

His athletic build made managing Abelu easy, the Vanthan fitting in well with Opolo and his brother Burl. He is a quiet man otherwise, avoiding confrontation and keeping to his work in healing the injured birds that came to him.

The purpose of the Aviary is to house the city birds such as messenger or hunting birds. It is the hub of the Kalea Messaging System and so is the place to go to send small parcels or paper mail to other Kalea locations such as Thunder Bay or even Lhavit. It also serves as a home for personal birds whose owners prefer to house them away from the commonrooms. Other services such as basic veterinary care is available when necessary as well as buying of almost any bird found in the Northen Kalea region.

Birds of Prey

Many birds of prey are available at Abelu for purchase or rental, some trained, some not (refer to Price List for pricing information). Individuals must have required skills for handling of any of these skills[/wiki]

  • Falcons
  • Hawks
  • Osprey
  • Owls
  • Eagles
  • Kites


Corvids are a common high-novice bird to begin training with. They are extremely intelligent and versatile, adapting to new environs fairly well most of the time. However, due to their high level of intelligence, their mews need to be very carefully secured.

  • Common Raven
  • Crow
  • Magpie
  • Bluejay
  • Jackdaw
  • Rook


All other common small birds that might be available for purchase. See Fauna List and ask ST for prices.
  • Minor Injury Treatment:
  • Major Injury Treatment:
  • Burial Services:

  • Large - For small corvids, parrots, and non-raptor birds
  • Medium - For medium, non-raptor birds
  • Small - For all small non-raptor birds

Job Opportunities:
Falconer (Avora): Train city owned falcons
Birdkeeper (Chiet, Avora): Care for the birds living here
Vet (Avora): Keep the birds healthy

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