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Ascen Amastacia

Postby Ascen on August 30th, 2016, 4:22 am

Ascen Amastacia


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: 26, Winter, 496 AV
Birthplace: Sunberth

The young lad stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall while weighing at an approximate amount of 170 pounds. Ascen is quite fit for both as an acrobat and as an martial artist. With a wild wolf style of jet black hair and possesses a pair of amber eyes. His face has the skull of an average human with his lips being average. Granted there are some pieces of his face that has shown to be hardened after many years of training.

Character Concept

Being born and raised in the lawless city of Sunberth has caused Ascen to always be on his toes. Even when it’s calm and relaxing; Ascen is paranoid to keep his belongings locked and secured. That can go the same way with his beating heart for he doesn’t wish to end up dead at a back alley. Being raised by his ‘father’ who deliberately lectured Ascen since he was a young age to never trust anyone especially outsiders. When it comes to outsiders Ascen would be seen to act more cold than usual simply because he doesn’t trust them. Especially when they try to shove their rules down his throat when their laws don’t even apply to this glorious city.

To others that lives in the city, Ascen still holds that large amount of distrust to everyone especially to the merchants. For he’s always thinking that they’re just a bunch of con artists trying to reap every amount of wealth from him. However, Ascen is about as loyal as a faithful dog to his father, and the only reason that’s the case is because his father taught him how to survive and was a teacher to him both magical and streetwise. It would be very rare for him to be loyal to anyone else and even if he did become loyal it wouldn’t as much. Ascen is a proud guy who actually believes the things that he’s been told with his own eyes. Or in another term, he’s a man of action.
Ascen could never forget the crushing defeat the Daggerhands suffered after Robern Dalagnar was executed nor the ones who caused it to happen. Ascen did not possess any bonds or personal feelings with Daggerhands itself, but he once knew some people from his childhood who was killed soon after the execution. It could be the reason why he doesn’t make too many friends. Not even the fake ones. But when it comes to fighting itself; Ascen has more of a respect to people who fight alongside him. It can be used as a metaphor of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” That’s just how simple Ascen’s mindset is when it comes to fighting with potential allies.
What better goals does one need other than the goal to stay alive? Or at the very least strive to live your life to the fullest. Ascen got a taste of power through the use of Reimancy, and now he seeks to know more. Perhaps learning a new magic would quench his power hungry mind, or could he possibly combine other magics to form a new perspective of magic in general? Only time will tell as he travels to become more powerful, but knowledge always has a price for drastic change even to the mind.

Character History

Basic History
Ascen was originally an urchin on the streets of Sunberth at a young age. Normally kids shouldn’t be out in the streets alone, but one can’t help it when Ascen’s real parents were both found dead with stabbing wounds. So for a short period of his life the boy had to survive out on the streets by digging through trash and waste to find whatever scraps of food he could find. It was during the Summer thankfully, so he didn’t have to worry about being cold except when it rained. Which he would seek shelter under someone’s porch and wait out the storm.

Then all of that changed when he met Iulon Jumelle, a human male who was actually just visiting the city originally for opportunity. However, Ascen was struggling for food and money was hard to come by as a kid. So the moment he saw an outsider, Ascen stalked Iulon through the city until Iulon was walking in the midst of the crowd. Seeing the opportunity, Ascen rushed through the crowd where he ‘accidentally’ bumps into Iulon and tries to take the belt pouch. Unfortunately, the pouch was double strapped onto the man’s belt so Ascen was met with an unexpected yank that brought Iulor’s attention to the boy with a blazing glare of anger. Fear gripped the boy’s heart as he tries to run away from Iulor, but the boy didn’t run fast enough as Iulor grabbed Ascen by the scruff of his neck and Ascen could an intense amount of heat sizzling his neck. Causing minor burns as the boy struggled and tried his best to wiggle free before he was hoisted up two feet above the ground to Iulor’s eye level.

The mere look of the man’s eyes was enough to make Ascen’s body shiver as the boy was only thinking of the worst. The young boy tried to punch Iulor’s face with a right hook, but Iulor caught the boy’s wrist with his other hand and applied a lot of pressure. So much pressure that Ascen was afraid that Iulor was going to break the boy’s wrist. Luckily, after seeing the crowd that has gathered around them, Iulor loosened his grip on the boy’s wrist. Iulor threatened that next time Ascen would throw him in the fire pits, but when Iulor released the boy Ascen resumed back into following Iulor around town. Iulor tried multiple times to make the boy go away, but Ascen was as stubborn as an ox and refused to go away. So Iulor went around the back alleys and other back roads as an attempt to lose Ascen. Unfortunately for Iulor, Ascen knew more about the streets than he did and the boy always managed to catch up to the man.

After a couple of days that Ascen has been following Iulor and observing the guy’s work. On the outside, Iulor was a man for knowledge as he believed that there was more to Sunberth than just a former mining city. He was an explorer, and underneath all of that was a mage seeking for ancient magics that was once used before the Valterrian. Eventually after Ascen’s nearly constant curiosity and stubbornness Iulor began to teach Ascen of what Iulor was looking for in this city. Thus, Iulor ends up reluctantly obtaining a student and an assistant. Although in technicalities Iulor adopts Ascen under Iulor’s wing and by the age of 12 on Ascen’s account. Acknowledging the fact that Ascen is going to be traveling with him for a good while, Iulor first demonstrated a bit of Reimancy in a room that Iulor was renting at Drunken Fish with the shoutings and fighting occurring below. It was a simple water trick, but it was enough to inspire young Ascen to learn more about this magic. Thus after two seasons of being instructed of Reimancy with knowledge, Ascen received his Initiation from Iulor.
Magic Training
Now with Ascen having learnt the painful steps of Reimancy which honestly had gone rather smoothly except that Ascen had to wear a cloth on his mouth to minimize his screaming from the pain he felt. Iulor was aware that it would far too dangerous for Ascen to practice his magic in Sunberth, so during the nights when they’re staying at the tavern Iulor would tutor Ascen to learn how to better control his Res and learn what his limits are before overgiving. It was only a temporary thing for Iulor was still in the middle of researching the city itself. Roughly two years further into researching the city of Sunberth, and two years of training Ascen in the use of Reimancy in secret. Iulor suggested on traveling the world, preferably the famous city of Syliras. Which Ascen had agreed to since he was curious about the world around him, and thus was the days of him being a mere urchin boy has passed.
For the past five years Ascen has been traveling around the world with his teacher and father mostly on land. That is until Ascen reached the age of 16 when Iulor practically told Ascen that the best way of learning any more of his Reimancy is through trial and error. So the young lad managed to find a small mercenary group named “The Silver Hand”. Unfortunately life working as a mercenary was as tough as being in Sunberth only a little mild. Meaning that Ascen had to learn how to fight properly without using his magic at all, and thankfully the Silver Hand was willing to teach him the very basics of fighting with his fists. Which quickly proved that Ascen possessed a particular natural talent in learning the martial arts.

One particular incident occurred about a year ago when Ascen had his first sip of alcohol. The Silver Hand was actually celebrating on Ascen’s job of being able to fight off a magic user who used Morphing and went insane. Just one sip of beer was all it took before Ascen became as drunk as a skunk. His company laughed and called him a lightweight until a drunken sailor tried to shove Ascen off the bar stool because he wouldn’t move. However Ascen’s movement became severely unpredictable and yet fluid as water that caused a bar fight. Meanwhile Ascen kept the mug of ale in his hands as he continued to fight in an unpredictable manner. The Silver Hand never taught him that style, and it was just named Drunken Fist because Ascen was drunk the entire time. Eventually his company managed to drag Ascen away from that tavern and got him cleaned up before resuming back to their travels.

Ascen has earned himself a small fortune over the years of working as a mercenary and learning his way to fight while bettering his use of magic. Ascen actually has lost contact with Iulor about a year ago, and despite the several attempts to find any information about Iulor has been written off that he’s simply not in the area. The lad has actually been searching for his teacher for a while now, and he even went as far as going back to Sunberth in search of Iulor. However, Ascen was quickly met with hostilities as an outsider who has received several attempts of mugging, but all of those attempts failed as Ascen seems to have bested them in terms of strength and escaping the mobs. While he was at Sunberth, Ascen quickly learnt of what happened to the other children that Ascen grew up with, and majority of them who joined up with Daggerhand are dead.
Gnosis Azenth
Ascen is perhaps a man who can relate to himself a lot with Ivak, the god of Volcanism and Emotional Upheaval. While Ascen wasn’t there when Ivak was released from his prison, he couldn’t help but notice that the earthquakes and the volcanos have become less frequent. During this time Ascen was busy traveling with the Silver Hand group, and even though he learnt about the basics of Ivak through Iulor and was even warned that Ivak once almost destroyed the world of Mizahar. Iulor had practically told Ascen to never trust Ivak or the god’s followers Azenth. Despite all of the warnings, Ascen can’t help but respect Ivak’s purpose on the world.

Ascen has actually kept his emotions mostly to himself where he only displayed distrust or the occasional expression of joy in life. Even though there has been times during his travels where he should be angry and in truth he was actually boiling with rage. But he’s always restrained himself for he knows the situation could easily turn dire and to him he would be playing in the palms of their hands if he exploded with anger. Without Ascen even noticing it, Ivak placed his Gnosis on Ascen. Though how could Ascen know when the mark is located on his back? Ivak seems to have plans that might involve Ascen, and if anything Ivak has earned himself a potential asset. Plus it’s not like Ascen would say no anyways for Ascen holds a large amount of respect to Ivak.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: N/A
Poor Language: N/A


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Observation +3 3 Novice
Intimidation +1 1 Novice
Acrobatic (Freerunner) 8 SP 8 Novice
Climbing 5 SP 5 Novice
Reimancy (Fire + Air) 26 SP 26 Competent
Unarmed Combat 15 RB, 11 SP +2 28 Competent


The Gift of Charity
Lore of Night Eyes {SP}
Night Eyes: Gaining Attention
Daggerhands: Any excuse to mug you
No Man's Land: Safe Place Indeed
Lore of Religion: Ivak {SP}


Marked by Ivak (Pending Gnosis Starter)


1 Edged Gauntlets
-Cold Iron Material (Blades)
1 Knuckleduster
1 Set of Clothing
-Linen Shirt
-Cotton Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Ramie Coat
-Leather Shoes
1 Waterskin
1 Glass Goblet, Green
1 Dice Set, Bone
1 Hooded Lantern
1 Oil (1-pint Flask)
1 Backpack which contains:
-Bedroll (Attached on top)
-Hemp Rope, 50ft (Attached to the Side)
-Winter Blanket
-Climbing Claws
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Day Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

Heirloom: Iulor's Gift - A silver pendant that was given to Ascen after Ascen had received his Initiation. It was to serve as a souvenir and as an award for passing the Initiation. But it soon turned into the only thing other than magic that Ascen has gotten from Iulor. (45 SM)


Location: Syliras

House: Traveler's Row (Temporary)


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Housing Visit -5 CM 99 GM, 9 SM, 5 CM
Linen Shirt -1 SM 99 GM, 8 SM, 5 CM
Cotton Pants -1 GM 98 GM, 8 SM, 5 CM
Ramie Coat -8 SM, -7 CM 97 GM, 9 SM, 8 CM
Leather Shoes -6 SM 97 GM, 3 SM, 8 CM
Glass Goblet, Green -1 GM, -5 CM 96 GM, 3 SM, 3 CM
Bone Dice Set -5 CM 96 GM, 2 SM, 8 CM
Bedroll -1 SM 96 GM, 1 SM, 8 CM
Hemp Rope -1 GM 95 GM, 1 SM, 8 CM
Hooded Lantern -7 GM 88 GM, 1 SM, 8 CM
Oil -1 SM 88 GM, 8 CM
Winter Blanket -5 SM 87 GM, 5 SM, 8 CM
Climbing Claws -8 GM 79 GM, 5 SM, 8 CM
Gauntlets Edged, Cold Iron -24 GM 55 GM, 5 SM, 8 CM
Knuckledusters -5 SM 55 GM, 8 CM
Drunken Waters -6 SM 54 GM, 4 SM, 8 CM
Job Reward +10GM 64 GM, 4 SM, 8 CM
Fishy Stakes -8 CM 64 GM, 4 SM
Traveler's Row 30 Days, Simple Single Room -3 GM 61 GM, 4 SM

Thread List

Drunken Waters (Fall 9th, 516 AV) +2 Unarmed, +3 Observation, +1 Intimidation, Gift of Charity, Night Eyes: Gaining Attention, Daggerhands: Any Excuse to Mug You, No-Man's Land: A Safe Place Indeed
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