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[The Market Place] Avant-Card

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 1:44 am


An off shoot of The Written Word with a focus on fancy cards. Birthday Cards, Wedding Cards, Congratulations Cards, even the oh so subtle I-Passive-Aggressively-Hate-You Cards (Vala has a knack for those.)

On the stall counter lies an open portfolio full of premade card examples in almost every imaginable calligraphic font, with cards loaded with gushing and sentimental cra- wishes. Beside the portfolio lies a stack of stationary that patrons can choose from. There are no extra types in the 'back room', what you see is what you get, so stop asking. There are also several ink vials with colors that range from traditional black, sapphire blue, Inarta Red, Royal Purple, Earth Brown, and if it's been a good many days there might even be a small stock of polished silver or burnished gold colored ink (for a little more coin that is).

While there are pre-mades for the busy Endal and Avora, those with a little time and composing skill can write their own messages, which Vala can pretty up with flourishes and such. All commissions are welcome. Everyone in a while eager lovers will come to Avant-Card to commission a special poem written out to be hung on a wall like a painting - Vala is not just limited to cards. She also does the occasional copying job for anyone who has the coin.

When not making or selling cards Vala is usually helping Warden with his commissions… or is it the other way around?

Vala is sweet and nice and helpful and all sorts of bubbly - to your face. Though she doesn't realize it she has a tendency to drop the price for people whose facial structure she likes, is nice to her, or whose vibe she just happens to like. Sometimes, if she has the supplies she makes cards for free.

Writing 10
Calligraphy 8
Book Repair 5
Composition 5
Persuasion 6
Socializing 29
Haggling 6
Negotiation 2
Manipulation 5
Business 2

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