Location [The Market Place] Lexi's Leathers

Market Place booth selling leather goods by NPC Lexi

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[The Market Place] Lexi's Leathers

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 2:08 am

Lexi's Leathers

A booth for Chiet and Endal, alike. Those looking for simple wares need not peruse; everyday items such as sontav, boots, and saddles for the bland worker can be found during regular work hours. Market items by Lexi are the bold, the glamorous, and custom made. You want your Eagle’s image pressed into the uppers of your winter boots? Maybe a saddle custom fit for your equipment needs? Sheaths, holsters, clothing, bags, all non-standard issue items for the Inarta that wants unique gear. Market hours are for purchases, design drawing, light tooling, simple repair. Items ordered can be ready within two market days.

Lexi – A cougar of the dominant variety, Lexi sports a scanty vinati of black leather that clasps in the front with a tooled decorative saddle buckle, and a pair of black bryda tucked into ankle high boots that have dagger sheaths on the both the interior and exterior uppers. A woman with an over active sex drive and a creative approach to uses for leather, she might just let you examine the thin scar that starts at her left collar bone and extends beyond the hem of her bryda at her right hip.

Business- 23
Persuasion 19
Drawing 26
Leatherworking 53

Customer Service
Running a booth in the market.

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