[The Market Place] Felicities Fabrics

Market Place booth selling fabrics and tailoring services

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[The Market Place] Felicities Fabrics

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 2:23 am

Felicities Fabrics

Being one of the most colorful booths, it is hard to walk by this one without stopping. With reasonable prices and irresistible materials, it is just as hard to walk away without a purchase. Felicity spins, weaves and dyes her own fabrics (with the help of her apprentices). From wool to silk and anything in between, in any color, Felicity has it. Occasionally, imports (different fabrics or colors) from the other cities of Mizahar are also available but one must check back often, for these rarities don’t last long. Thread, string, balls of yarn and wool, needles and other essentials are also sold here. Custom orders accepted. Felicity is able to weave beautiful patterns, and even dye fabric to the colors of ones request. Any rips, tears, or unusual wear on any of these products can be brought back for quick and timely repair!

Felicity is a slight woman whose head barely reaches above the counter of her stand. Very knowledgeable and passionate about her work, like most of those who own booths, she is happy to answer any questions and take any special orders one might have (for an additional cost and, of course, time enough to create the ordered material.) Quick to laugh and with wit to spare, it’s hard to pull one over on Felicity, and she leaves most at ease with her charming personality.

Weaving- 40
Sewing- 40
Dyeing- 30

Being able to relate to anyone
Having good Business sense

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