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[The Market Place] Bare Threads

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 3:41 am

Bare Threads

Contrary to it's name, Bare Threads is the premier shop for your clothing needs on market day. These clothes will flatter and form, slim down any waste size. The bryda can even make you look taller! For those fashionesta's out there, Bare Threads always has the latest cuts, styles and colors. Casual ware as well as beautiful pieces you would not want to wear just anywhere. For the gentlemen, casual wear is available as well as delightful sets of clothes that will charm any lady out of their clothes. Guaranteed.

All clothes come in plain, as well as bedazzled verities (Even for those more daring men out there), as well as custom options available for the plain cuts. Glass beads can be chosen from a wide verity of colors, shapes and sizes laid out on the counter of the stall. Embroidery is also an option, with swatches of different thread options as well.

Leyla is Fabulous. That is the only word to describe her. Dressed always to a T, no one could ever say she put anything less than her best into her work, as well as her appearance. Her philosophy is that if she doesn't look good in her own clothes, who would want them? And it works. Leyla knows how to cater to the younger crowd, and will shamelessly flirt with anyone to get a sale. She is a shrewd business woman who hides it well under a shiny smile and a well placed hand. On top of all that, her craftsman ship is superb. Her only flaw is she has a party disposition; more often than not, it is better to find Leyla towards the end of Market day for the best deals, as the first half of her day is usually spend in a sour mood, nursing a hangover.

Business- 50
Sewing- 50
Embroidery- 35
Glassworking- 25
Socialization- 35

Knowing how to dress any body shape/size
Knowing how to read people and sell to them

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