[The Market Place] Mortar and Pestle

Market Place booth selling herbs and herbalism materials

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[The Market Place] Mortar and Pestle

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 3:52 am

Mortar and Pestle

Every healers dream. Fresh picked herbs (as well as some spices) are available for purchase. Clippers, mortar and pestle (Wood, stone, clay in various sizes. Sets for edibles and non-edibles), Glass, metal, ceramic containers for storing herbs (Other ceramic containers good for this purpose also found at Super Cute Ceramics). Cheese cloth, labeling materials, Teapot, Compact (easy to store) wooden cutting boards and knives. All these listed above are also sold in the "Beginner's Herbalism Package: Anyone can do it (for a price!)"

Bandages, linens, pre-made tonics and teas, Caster oil Packs, Decoctions, Extracts, Infusions, Herb juices and oils, Poultices, Salves and many more are also available.

It is hard to pin down a specific person that runs this booth. It is basically an arm of the Infirmary, selling it's extra supplies as well as its knowledge for home-use. It is normally run by the Infirmary assistant.

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