Location [The Market Place] Stained Glass Hall

Market Place booth selling stained glass and other glass goods

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[The Market Place] Stained Glass Hall

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 3:18 pm

Stained Glass Hall

This is one of the finest booths in the market. The Glassblowers take pride in their work and it is famous all around Mizahar. Known for their beautiful stained glass, this is one of the prominent things sold at this stall. Small, delicate pieces that can be taken to decorate the homes. Anything meant for windows, or large decor will have to be pre-ordered, delivered and installed by the workers themselves. Delicate bowls, tall vases and other divine bobbles are also available for order. Glass beads for jewelry is sold here, and can be bought in small quantities (for those who just want to decorate their hair) or large quantities (for those that wish to make jewerly etc) Discounts available on some items bought int quantities.

Nevin spends Market day manning the stall that represents his lifetime work. He is solemn and rather intimidating, but always kind spoken and fair. The muscles all over his body rippled when he moved, and when customers weren't eying his wares, they were eying him.

Glassblowing- 70
Leadership- 50
Business- 40
Socialization- 35

Master Glassblower
Running a stall for Market Day

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