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Market Place booth selling personalized goods for Wind Eagles and their riders

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[The Market Place] A Mark Above

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 3:38 pm

A Mark Above

Everything an Endal could ever want. The primary wares of this shop is custom jobs. Every piece that comes out of this stall is a high class item. Personalization is the key selling point. Engravings available. Customized saddles and packs for your beloved Eagle, as well as straps, stirrups and reigns. Gear for the Endal themselves is also available for custom fittings (IE: Durable pants that shields ones legs from saddle chafe, Windbreaker jackets to keep out the biting cold, scarves mittens and hats died and woven to match your Eagles coloring, or ones gear, and much more)

Personalized hunting gear is also available: Some Bows and knives are available, but most Endal choose to leave their own for personal engravings or hilts applied. Easily carried and stored Everything-You-Need kits are also sold, complete with the Endal's preference of color, design or engraving on the cover. Flint, tinder, extra bow strings, small whet stone and waterproof cloth, an extra small knife and other essentials for the hunt are inside. For a cheaper price, one my buy just the container if one owns all the essentials already.

Prices are in a wide range depending on the item, amount of customization and labor intensity.

Glenda, an older woman in her late 60's. Her face is careworn and wrinkled not only from years in the elements but also from the smile that hardly leaves her face. An Endal rider from the ripe age of 15, Glenda lost her bird not ten years prior. Instead of dropping down into a deep pit of gloom, the kindly woman took the cards that were handed to her, played an awesome hand and won the game. Instead of letting her years of experience go to waste, she instead opened a stall at the Market, giving her expertise away while selling fine pieces of craftsmanship to those willing to pay. She understand what an Endal goes through on a daily business, can still feel the saddle sores from hours at a time in the air, and wants to provide her fellow Endals with the best equipment money can buy, so they can have an easier time doing a terribly hard job. She also has a severe weakness to red, sparkly things and has been known over the years to do anything to achieve such coveted items...

Leatherworking- 50
Sewing- 35
Carving- 35
Drawing- 45
Painting- 25

Of the three girls in the family, being the Good One
Surviving the loss of ones Wind Eagle

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