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Storri Hosvir [WIP]

Postby Storri Hosvir on August 31st, 2016, 6:01 pm

Storri Hosvir


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty-Seven
Birthday: Day 17 of Spring, AV 479
Starting City: Syka
Birthplace: Denval

Appearance: To the top of his head, Storri can be measured at roughly six feet tall, with an inch or two tacked on for good measure. He's a thick chested man, fairly burly in that he's built up significant muscle from a lifetime of labor, various dock work, being a farm hand briefly, and just whatever else needs to be done. Along with his slightly barreled chest and broad shoulders, Storri is equipped with long arms, well adorned with brown hair, and various scars from minor cuts, scratches, and burns, none of which truly hold an interesting tale. With this body of his, thick as it is, he hold himself well, a form that generally holds itself tall, firm, no slack, no recline, but attentive and alert, a contrast to his general facial expression.

Storri's face is also not much to tell your family of. It's somewhat triangular, a sharper, thinner chin than the contrasting brow of his upper skull. His eyes, more almond of shape than oval or rounded, tend to have a perpetual dour gaze, a sorrowful blue color that would be so beautiful, if it didn't look so distraught. Yet, despite this morose gaze he offers, a true hint of compassion can generally be discovered, if you dare look deeper, revealing the caring man he truly is, rather than a hopeless man, as he may seem.

Character Concept

Storri Hosvir is a passionate spiritist that constantly struggles with the balance of life and death, and how to handle the living, that may not be for long. He is a man that is convinced that his beliefs of death and the undead are sound and infallible, and mostly are aligned with Dira herself. Where he is confident of his knowledge and handling of the dead, he often is caught confused and hesitant on how to care for the sick and dying. Does he let them die, because their time has come? Does he fight for their life, because perhaps it isn't unless they die anyhow?

Character History

AV 479 - Storri is born, the eldest of what would become two sons. Storri was born in Denval, to a local Denvali who dabbled in Spiritism, much like his father before him. His mother, a close cousin to Storri's father, was a woman of no particular profession or skill, and was pushed very much into the background of Storri's life by his father.

AV 486 - At the age of seven, Storri's little brother survived birth, unlike two other siblings they had lost before Sterling's (Storri's Brother) birthday. It was at this point that Storri's mother became weak, frail, ill, and would never fully recover. Over the next decade, her health would rise and fall, though she persisted, lived on, never gave in. She had the stamina, the willpower to fight off death, like none other Storri would meet.

AV 497 - Eighteen years old, and Storri was now being trained by his father, and another Denvali local who was known to be a close companion and Spiritist with Storri's father. Storri was an adult by now, but his life was already dominated by his father, a control freak that kept him and his brother separated from their mother when she was exceptionally weak, and eventually just hid her away entirely. Storri was meant to become prepared for something, his father told him, and his training was of incredible importance. Lives were at steak. He didn't understand, exactly, what that meant, but he assumed he was to help save his mother. He was only half right.

AV 511 - Storri was a middle aged man now, over thirty years of age, and his baby brother was next to him, training, eyes straining from staring intently at various ancient texts that their father had recently, somehow, obtained from an Inartan trader. His head was pounding, and he sensed it. It, was the Djed storm. It was exciting the spirits in the area. Ghosts of such weak strengths were erupting with volatile power, which immediately were extinguished, many of which he never detected again. Denval was in danger, and it was time to leave. Storri, Sterling, their father, and their ill mother were placed on a vessel to leave behind the only home their people had known since the Valterrian itself. Zeltiva, a foreign place that would become home. And who would have guessed, it was known to have spirits there, and as such, a need for Spiritist as themselves. Before their ship would arrive, their mother would fade to death. Storri's father became hysterical, then frighteningly calm, serene, and cold.

AV 512 - Storri joins the Zeltivan University, mostly to learn the Common Language, basic history of Mizahar, and most importantly, to further expand his knowledge and skill of Spiritism. Here, he was taken in as a pupil to a Local Zeltivan Scholar and "ghost hunter" of sorts. This woman was the one that explained the philosophies and theories of ghosts, things his father had neglected. Ghosts could be captured. They could be fed. They could be empowered. They could be controlled. They could be reasoned with... usually. They could be dispatched... if necessary. This woman, his master, was also a devout follower of Dira, a faith that Storri himself would begin to mimic.

AV 513 - The father of Storri was arrested for the murder of his son, Sterling, Storri's brother. The father had, apparently, attempted some strange ritual, bargaining with the dead, using the very little knowledge of Animation, and his own skewed yet devout knowledge of Spiritism, to attempt to bring back Storri's Mother's spirit, forcing her backwards in the cycle of life with the goal in mind of returning her to this world to take the place of his son. Needless to say, this attempt was a terrible failure, one that Sterling would not survive to witness.

AV 514 - Storri's father commits suicide while imprisoned. He was thought crazy, most likely an accurate assumption, but what was truly frightening was the insane tenacity this man had. In death, fully aware before bringing it upon himself, he knew he could return. To escape the walls build by men, he would be the thing he had studied so long, a ghost, angry and tireless. He would stalk Storri for a great while like this. Storri, who was neither skilled enough nor willing to dispatch his own father from the cycle of life, tried desperately to convince his father to depart. No success was to be found. Yet, his father was only an occasional occurrence here, plus it was also this year that Storri met the woman, a beautiful Konti woman, intelligent, and as dedicated as he himself was to making sure the living and the dead were taken care of as they should. They would become a couple, though had yet to officially wed.

AV 516, Summer. - The haunting of his father has become unbearable, and Storri began to fear the damage his father's aggressive spirit might bring to his loved Konti companion, so they left Zeltiva, boarding a ship with all the money they could get for their possessions, and left for the settlement of Syka, a land of new beginnings, just what Storri needed.


Fluent Language: Denvali
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Vani


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Spiritism 15RB, 15SP 30 Competent
Embalming 10SP 10 Novice
Carpentry 10SP 10 Novice
Brawling 5SP 5 Novice
Meditation 5SP 5 Novice
Archaeology 5SP 5 Novice


Lore of Religion: Dira
Lore: Creating Soulmist


Item Cost Thread - Item Cost Thread
Candles x100 1 GM SP Smoking Candles x4 2 GM SP
Embalming Salts - 10 lbs 10 GM SP Builder's Kit 25 GM SP
Rope, Hemp x300 ft 6 GM SP Lumber, Local x200 lbs 20 GM SP
Nail Hammer 5 SM SP Nails x6 lbs 30 SM SP
Axe, Splitting 5 SM SP - - -

Heirloom: Ghostbeads - Made by Storri's father, passed down to and maintained by Storri himself.


Location: Syka

House: A 20x20 apartment within the Sykan Hostel, where Storri works and manages the place. His home is next to the living quarters for the weak, poor, homeless, and orphaned.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Starting Purchases -68 GM 32 GM

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