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Endal only Archery Range

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Top Notch

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 6:04 pm

Top Notch


Wind Reach is a survivalist colony. Everyday is a battle, every winter a war, for the Endals to hunt enough meat to keep the citizens alive. Despite their best efforts, sometimes handfuls of Dek regularly die during the sparse cold season.

The Archery ranges are the very heart and soul of Wind Reach. Hunting is a number one priority so there are several ranges to suit each caste, taste and season. Everyone is expected to show complete dedication and unwavering concentration while training within all of these ranges. Not even deks are exempt from bettering themselves for the sake of the community. Hunting is the number one ranked activity in order to keep Wind Reach as a well fed community and archery is highly encouraged for all. Don’t wait for an invitation—get out there and practice already!

Hunting is the most revered occupation in Wind Reach. Those who can hunt, those who can provide - The Endals - are the most respected of all the castes. The Valintar makes sure their favored are properly prepared with their own personal training ground – Top Notch The Endal Archery Range is the best quality of course, with no expense spared in its set up. This range offers the most space, best variety targets, respectful privacy and kept in immaculate condition for the heart of Inarta society. The Top Notch caters to Endals only, providing the very best for the most highly esteemed caste members of Wind Reach.

A breathtaking and spacious cavern,Top Notch is an Endal only Archery range. Due to Wind Reach's reliance on the hunters' success during real life hunts the Valintar makes sure to maintain their training facility to the highest of standards. During their stay, patrons are pampered, encouraging future visits.

On the far wall, there are targets, regular bulls eye to realistic animal models, as far as the eye can see. There are even a couple targets, about the size of a head, that are mechanically rigged to move around randomly or in a pattern, these targets are always in high demand. To prevent backlog there is a head high stone wall, maintained by city reimancers, between every five targets so that archers don't have to wait for everyone in the range to finish shooting before retrieving their arrows. When all the archers in a section finish their set, a team of three to five of the range's deks will run and retrieve all the arrows for the Endals. Not only do they fetch shot arrows, the Dek can also be ordered to fetch new arrows, for free, for the Endals.

Opposite of the target wall off shoots several smaller caverns. In one sits the one or more Fletcher and Bower Avora, in the range's official repair room. Endals can leave their broken bows to be checked or restrung with the Avora and pick it up in at most a day. In another cave lies the best made stock of archery supplies, from arm guards to quivers. It is to make restocking easier for the Endals. Instead of forcing them to search for individual Avora's to fill their orders, they can just grab what they need or want from the general stock at the range.

Top Notch runs 24 bells a day, 91 days a season (92 in the winter). It is one of the number one Endal hang outs, acting as a members only club.

One of the most appealing features of Top Notch is its well furnished Sky Hunter room, where Endals can come to relax before or after a training session. The tastefully perfumed room has a plethora of comfortable chairs to lounge about in. The walls are decorated with stunning glass ornaments that scatter the dim lamp light into an ethereal rainbow, that make the patrons feel as if they've been transported to a heavenly plain. A handful of Deks are always at the ready to fetch or do the Endals' bidding. But the most attractive feature of the Sky Hunter room is the cool blue, clear running, stream at the far wall, where patrons can refresh after a hard workout.

Job Opportunties:
Fetcher (Dek): Attend to the Endal
Bower/Fletcher (Avora): Repair bows and arrows

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