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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Second Quiver

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 6:14 pm

Second Quiver


Wind Reach is a survivalist colony. Everyday is a battle, every winter a war, for the Endals to hunt enough meat to keep the citizens alive. Despite their best efforts, sometimes handfuls of Dek regularly die during the sparse cold season.

The Archery ranges are the very heart and soul of Wind Reach. Hunting is a number one priority so there are several ranges to suit each caste, taste and season. Everyone is expected to show complete dedication and unwavering concentration while training within all of these ranges. Not even deks are exempt from bettering themselves for the sake of the community. Hunting is the number one ranked activity in order to keep Wind Reach as a well fed community and archery is highly encouraged for all. Don’t wait for an invitation—get out there and practice already!

Since several Avora are also hunters, though lacking in a winged mount, they too are provided an archery range – Second Quiver - The Avora Archery Range is second only to Top Notch. A spacious room with good quality equipment is offered round the clock for ambitious Avoras looking to raise their skills. Although the targets are still in a fair variety of good quality materials, there is enough stinting to remind them that they’re still second best. Keep practicing and you too might become an Endal.

Second Quiver is a sunny, sandy floored range for Wind Reach’s crafting caste, the Avora. It is located barely a stone’s throw away from the Craft Gallery, Arms Gallery and Glass Reverie, connected by clear cut, well worn warrens. While the cavern is not too expansive, the ceilings climb high, giving the range the appearance of a more spacious area And though not as lavish as Top Notch, Second Quiver is still a well maintained range that would be the envy of many around Mizahar.

Chiet may use the range, if and only if they meet certain prerequisites.
1. They are at least a competent archer, with any bow
2. They are sponsored by a practicing Avora
If the range is full, the Avoras are always served first, and the Chiets will be asked to hand over their spot. A Chiet can begin practicing without their sponsor, only after five accompanied visits, and has been approved by the range master. Industrious and respectful Chiet are always welcome to practice, they are almost recruited.

The far wall is lined up with regular bulls eye targets with a few animal shaped targets scattered about. To prevent backlog there is a head high stone wall, maintained by city reimancers, between every five targets so that archers don't have to wait for everyone in the range to finish shooting before retrieving their arrows. When all the archers finish their set, and the range isn’t too busy, a small team of Dek might fetch the arrows for the patrons. There are at least ten Deks permanently assigned to the Second Quiver during open hours.

Opposite of the firing wall are three tables with bowing and fletching supplies, where the Avora can fix their own weapons. An expert bower/ fletcher is available from the 13th bell to the 20th bell, for those who cannot fix their own weapons. Chiets may also use this service, but sparingly and only if the bower/ Fletcher has the time. It is customary to tip for more difficult repairs with a pinion or more.

While at the range, only Avora or Chiets accompanied by their sponsor are welcome to borrow the ranges stock of well crafted bows and arrows. Hunter Avoras are permitted and encouraged to restock and keep arrows from the range’s general stock; if they want a new bow they are encouraged to pay the Valintar at least half of the market cost: they can give their money to the range manager.

Second Quiver runs from the 6th bell to the 22nd bell every day, except for major holidays. It is one of the more popular Avora hang outs in the city.

Job Opportunities:
Fetcher (Dek): Attend to the Avora
Expert Fletcher (Avora): Work part time to repair arrows
Range Manager (Avora): Oversee the range's functions

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