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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Fletcher's Corner

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 6:25 pm

Fletcher's Corner


Wind Reach is a survivalist colony. Everyday is a battle, every winter a war, for the Endals to hunt enough meat to keep the citizens alive. Despite their best efforts, sometimes handfuls of Dek regularly die during the sparse cold season.

The Archery ranges are the very heart and soul of Wind Reach. Hunting is a number one priority so there are several ranges to suit each caste, taste and season. Everyone is expected to show complete dedication and unwavering concentration while training within all of these ranges. Not even Deks are exempt from bettering themselves for the sake of the community. Hunting is the number one ranked activity in order to keep Wind Reach as a well fed community and archery is highly encouraged for all. Don’t wait for an invitation—get out there and practice already!

The Yasi, the future hunters of the city, are also assigned a range where they can learn and yearn to be Endal’s themselves. They have to share some of their space with the Chiet who are never hunters but may have taken archery as a hobby. They share Fletcher’s Corner. The Chiet and Yasi share a range for a good reason; to remind each other of how close they are in caste. A good bit of competition flies through these ranges as both castes vie to prove their superiority. This is understandably so, considering how important a good amount of archery skill could raise either one to the top.

No more than a five chime walk from the Yasiry, the Fletcher’s Corner is the only range in Wind Reach to cater specifically to Yasi.

The Fletcher’s Corner lies just across a serene underground lake dubbed Yasan. It is accessed by a simple yet sturdy stone bridge, maintained by city reimancers. The lake boasts crystal clear waters, of which the children love to peer into as they watch the schools of colorful fish swim about. While fishing is not prohibited, is frowned upon by the more sympathetic children.

The medium sized cavern is broken up into three divisions. The first division makes up the far left of the range. Within the first division, are three sections, of five targets each. Though it is usually reserved for Chiet, older Yasi with more competent skill levels are welcome to use the adult sized targets, with proper supervision. Due to their more demanding work schedules and because few Chiet hunt for a living, they seldom visit the range unless truly dedicated.

The second, middle division is set up just like the first, except the targets are child friendly. They are two feet in diameter and are placed only a maximum of 50 yards away, they can be moved as close as 20 feet. Yasi of all ages are encouraged to practice their cultural skill during their free time. Those eager to attract the attention of an Eagle are encouraged build their archery skill to at least competent prove their worth.

The third, right wall division is also made of child friendly targets, but instead of sections of five, targets are set up for individualized training. Surrounding seven foot high, stone walls leave enough space for a grown man to walk down the aisle with his arms outstretched. Guide lines are drawn on the ground to indicate safe areas where tutors can stand behind their students.

Classes are held daily, morning and afternoon, at the Fletcher’s Corner, mainly in the second division. If there are off duty Archery teachers or masters with some free time, they are usually willing to give the more dedicated students private lessons at the third division.

Opposite of the firing wall sits the repair station, where a master bower and Fletcher Avora can be found during open hours. The Fletcher’s Corner is where many of the eager begin to learn such a craft, learning by working on their peer’s bows and arrows. Their tools are even specialized to work specifically on the smaller and lighter materials dedicated to the Yasi.

While at the range, Yasi are permitted to sign out for the duration of their stay, whatever type of bow and quiver of arrows they wish. Most Yasi do not have a set of their own, and it is quite normal for them to pick out what they want from the wall of well stocked Yasi archery supplies to the left of the repair station. The Bower/Fletcher Avora on duty checks everything out, and makes sure everything is checked back in.

Due to its younger patron base, the Fletcher’s Corner has a more playful atmosphere than the others of the city, but by no means are the rules any more lax. There is always a supervising archery teacher between the 8th and 20th bell. Regulations and Safety Precautions are strictly followed and Yasi are expected to recite them all before they walk through the cavern arch. If a Yasi breaks the rules, or endangers another’s life, they will be banned from the range for the period of half a season accompanied with a strict punishment to be determined by the supervising teacher.

Before and after their classes, Yasi can hang out in the Range’s Common Room. Emulating the Endal’s common room, the walls are littered with misshapen and discolored works of glass, made by the apprentice Yasi of the city. Though individually cringe worthy, brought together, the pieces make a beautiful collage of colors and shapes. Chairs, couches, and cushions, those discarded by the Enclave, fill the room with endless comfy surfaces to lounge upon. The common room is only open during range hours. And Yasi of all ages love to spend their free time at one of the few places where adults can’t berate them on slacking off.

The Fletcher’s Corner is open from the 8th to the 20th bell and is serviced by a handful of dedicated Dek. It is open to use for Chiet and Yasi, but Endals and Avora are welcomed, even demanded upon for attendance to help with the occasional lesson.

Job Opportunities:
Fetcher (Dek): Attend to the Yasi
Archery Teacher (Avora, Endal): Train Yasi in Archery
Bower/Fletcher (Avora, Chiet): Repair bows and arrows
Range Manager (Chiet, Avora): Oversee the ranges functions

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