Location [Wind Reach] The Bent Arrow

Outdoor Archery Range open to all Castes

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Bent Arrow

Postby Emergence on August 31st, 2016, 6:32 pm

The Bent Arrow


Wind Reach is a survivalist colony. Everyday is a battle, every winter a war, for the Endals to hunt enough meat to keep the citizens alive. Despite their best efforts, sometimes handfuls of Dek regularly die during the sparse cold season.

The Archery ranges are the very heart and soul of Wind Reach. Hunting is a number one priority so there are several ranges to suit each caste, taste and season. Everyone is expected to show complete dedication and unwavering concentration while training within all of these ranges. Not even deks are exempt from bettering themselves for the sake of the community. Hunting is the number one ranked activity in order to keep Wind Reach as a well fed community and archery is highly encouraged for all. Don’t wait for an invitation—get out there and practice already!

The Sanikas Range-Bent Arrow - The outdoor Archery Range is open from late spring to early fall, depending on weather. Although it is open to all castes, there are very strong caste divisions to be observed. Endals and Avora to the left, Chiet and Yasi in the middle and Deks and foreigners much farther to the right with a tall divisor to keep them separated.

The Sanikas Archery Range-Bent Arrow is the only permanent outdoor range of the city. It is a short five chime walk away once you step out the Sanikas Gates. The narrow stone path is well worn, though it is barely discernible from the rocky outcroppings. There are a few handholds carved in the nearby wall just in case someone is feeling a little tipsy, though it’s been told that only one or two especially clumsy foreigners have fallen to their death… maybe three.

The range is a natural plateau cut out from the side of the volcano wall. It is known as one of the most beautiful sight seeing spots in Kalea. There are even permanent stone benches scattered around the edge. Though not too close since from the edge is a straight drop right to the bottom of the mountain. Yasi like to dare each other to see who can stare straight down the longest without getting vertigo.

The Sanikas Archery Range-Bent Arrow is the only city sponsored range that caters to all Wind Reach Castes and foreigners. Endal’s get first priority, then Avora, then Yasi, and then maybe Chiet. Dek may only practice if there really is no one around, but even then they are still not welcome.

The range is only open when weather permits and between dawn and dusk. A magic called 'sheilding' protects the exposed plataeu from rock falls and landslides that often frequent Mt. Skyinarta. It also blocks the stronger winds from blowing away the practicing archers. Wicker torches are sometimes lighted when there are many Endals practicing late into the summer afternoons. And a raised stone platform is set off to the side for Eagle Riders to launch or set down at, but only two wind eagles at a time can fit in the range without disturbing the archers.

The firing wall, the side with the mountain and not the view, is lined up with regular bulls eye targets with a few animal shaped targets scattered about. To prevent backlog there is a head high stone wall, maintained by city reimancers, between every five targets so that archers don't have to wait for everyone in the range to finish shooting before retrieving their arrows. When all the archers finish their set, and the range isn’t too busy, a small team of Dek might fetch the arrows for the patrons. There are at least ten deks permanently assigned to the Sanikas Archery Range-Bent Arrow during open hours.
The Bent Arrow is one of the few places several different caste members can really mingle, sharing their common love of the art of archery.

Job Opportunities:
Range Manager (Chiet, Avora): Oversee the ranges functions
Fethcer (Dek): Attend to the archers

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