Location [Wind Reach] The Eagle Aries

Living quarters for the Endal and their Eagles

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] The Eagle Aries

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The Home of the eagles, their riders, and family the aeries are the richest most elaborate residences found in Wind Reach. In order to access them, one must have an eagle as a bonded mount or be otherwise attached to a rider as part of his or her family. The Aeries are the only rooms in Wind Reach that have their own bathing chambers.

On the top of Mount Skinarta, just before the snow covered peak are The Eagle Aeries. Rooms cut into the face of the mountain so that the great eagles and their riders have a place to live and fly from. They are the most coveted rooms held by all of Wind Reach. Located above the Communal Kitchens and Courtyard of the Sky, you can reach the Aeries on after a long climb through stairs and corridors. For those so blessed to be among the few to bond with an eagle, they find that they now possess a private bathing chamber and several bed chambers attached to a common room.

However, the rooms vary just as much as the people who claim them. The Endal have been known to sponsor Avora of every craft, and even marry some of the more talented ones. So while a newly arrived Endal might receive an old room filled with grand stone carvings and glasswork, they are just as likely to be fashioned a new one from the surrounding stone. The rooms tend to have the same layout, a doorway made of stone and steel lock is opened to the Inner Warrens, which leads to large circular common room. The Common room is large enough to comfortably allow twelve people to sleep in it, and contains several shelves and a closet for personal items. Some Endal have had Avora come in and fashion stone tables and chairs. Others have turned it into a family room with leather carpets and games. Many have grand stone reliefs cut into the walls.

Five doors lead out from the common room into other chambers. One leads to the master bedroom, where a grand stone bed frame has been carved into the room. Leather Hides and stuffed feather mattress allows the Riders and their mates to sleep in grand comfort. Two other doors lead to small rooms, which some riders have formed into nursery’s or weapon lockers. The fourth door leads into the private bath; warm water is piped from a great cistern to each room and when the spout is turned on the metal tub fills. The fifth door leads to the Eagle’s nesting room and flying chamber.

The Nesting chamber is located in a rocky room, where eagle talons can more easily grip the ground then the smooth floors of the common room. Hides of animals, as well as dead stalks from the gardens fill up the room to provide a nest for the eagle. Playful metal chimes are hung from the ceiling to allow the eagle to create music, and glass lamps are arranged to dazzle the eye. When the rider and eagle are ready to fly the nesting chamber opens to the face of the mountain and a small perch where the rider can saddle and climb on to the eagle is formed from the natural stone.

Should an Endal mate with another Endal, they are moved to a grand Aerie. Grand Aeries are much large to accommodate the pair of eagles and eggs that can come from it. In fact, the bathing pipes surround the nesting room to provide a constant warm environment for future hatchlings. This way the eagles can safely leave the nest to hunt for the city while the eggs remain warm.

Though Mother Ilish (Twilrik) is a fair mistress and many people respect her, sadly few people can call themselves friends of her. Ilish seems to care very little about feelings, and has often been heard saying that it clouds her judgment. Twilrik, however, is the complete opposite and will spend time socializing with other birds and people. There are many times where people will seek out Twilrik to past judgments on the matter of the heart.

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