Plotnotes For Jacques

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Plotnotes For Jacques

Postby Jacques on September 19th, 2016, 6:21 pm


Jacques's Garden
Farm/Garden Business Plan in progress.

Business Plan
This is the beginning of a Farm/Garden Business which may later on be expanded to more, but in the start it's about growing edible herbs, plants, vegetables, fruits ...

Business Type: Goods and Services

Goods and Services Offered:
Herbs, fruits, vegetables, for a tropical climate, according to Mizahar's price list.

Base Income: Farmer/Gardener, Competent, 4 GM/ day
Sales Bonus: 1 GM/day
Total Income: 5 GM/day x 1,5 (L2) = 7 GM/ day

Five acres of free land due to being a new settler
Materials for one cottage of 400sft, to build with her own hands (SP)

Debt: 0

Jacques's Garden
Location in progress.

Picture credit link and licence link :

The Natural Gardening Principle

For a start, Jacques develops the garden based on working in harmony with nature.This means the natural vegetation hasn't been, and will not rashly be replaced by a formal manmade garden. No immediate clearcutting is planned. Instead she introduces new plants and other new things in the garden one small step at the time. She may sucessively clear parts of the land in order to make new beds. The garden and it's plantations develops organically. This is also a consequence of how it takes time and effort for Jaques. She isn't going to be able to transform five acres of wild land overnight.



This selection highlights some plants of special interest to Jacques, but Jacques's garden isn't limited to those. IC the selection will grow/change over time. OOC I admit I want some nice positive plants to look at.

Image Image


  • Understand the starting skillset and plan the skill development
  • Understand how to solve the housing
  • Understand the business rules
  • Finish the CS

  • Register Jacques in Syka
  • Start her up with job, housing, land, business

In a small community of settlers who are dependent on each other to survive in a wild and primitive environment, it's important for each one of them to learn to know the others and collaborate with them. The natural thing to do for a newcomer in Syka is to seek out the other inhabitants and learn to know them, and to explore and learn to know the new environment.

This is also what Jacques will do. Her first priority is to Meet Other PCs, and Explore Syka in their company.

  • Materials : Would it be possible for her to "book" the materials before the departure from Riverfall and so ensure the wood and other things needed to build the house is transported to Syka / or available there at arrival ?
  • Construction: Can I assume there's workers/carpenters in Syka ? Who/Which NPC? How long calendar time IC is it supposed to take to build a house; for how long time does she need temporary housing while her own place is being built? According to the link below the average person can build a log house without prior building experience and it could take 60-90 days for one person working full time at the construction.
Link to information about building log homes with simple hand tools


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Cooking 5 5 Novice
Gardening 30 30 Competent
Wilderness Survival 30 30 Competent

Skill EXP Total Proficiency Goal
Agriculture 0 0 Novice Competent
Botany 0 0 Novice Competent
Cooking 5 5 Novice Competent
Foraging 0 0 Novice Competent
Herbalism 0 0 Novice Competent
Philtering 0 0 Novice Competent

  • Expand the business some way, perhaps herbalism. I think this will take time to build up the skills for.
  • Take part in the events in Syka at the pace they unfold


Jacques's Garden, Expansion 1
Possible Later Business Plan in progress.

Possible Future Business Plan
This is a Garden Business, expanding to also craft and sell herbal products.

Business Type: Goods and Services

Goods and Services Offered:

Base Income: TBD
Sales Bonus: TBD
Total Income: TBD

Debt: TBD


Jacques's Garden, Expansion 2
Possible Later Business Plan in progress.

Possible Future Business Plan
This is a Herbalism & Health Place for Body and Soul. Jacques's Garden offers herbal treatments by a skilled herbalist.

Business Type: Goods and Services

Goods and Services Offered:

Examination and diagnosis: 5 SM
People can walk over to Jacques's and get an examination and diagnosis; this will often take place outdoors if the weather if good, otherwise in Jacques's small house.

Herbal treatments in your home, by a competent herbalist: As Jacques's Garden isn't a hospital or a shop, but a medical service business with it's own herb garden and medicine crafting, the herbalist doctor visits the patients in their homes. In case of serious injury and illness the examination is always done in the patient's home.

Examples of what can be treated: Herbalism can be internal or external. It can be used to treat wounds, fractures, burns and other injuries, as well as to prevent or draw out infections. It can be used in order to treat internal conditions of many kinds, both physical and medical, and it can be used as preventive medicine in order to strengthen the health, the immunity system and various inner body functions.

Medicines and treatment : The cost of medicines and treatment/supervision is discussed and agreed upon from case to case, depending on how complicated the treatment is and how common/rare the herbs are. As the herbal medicines are perishables with a short (or non-existent) shelf life, they aren't kept in store but crafted on demand when they are needed.

Base Income: Herbalist; 6 GM /day
Sales Bonus: 1 GM /day
Total Income: 7 GM /day x 1,5 (L2) = 10 GM /day

Debt: TBD


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