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Postby Evangeline on October 2nd, 2016, 5:51 pm

"You are free, and that is why you are lost."
― Franz Kafka

Full Name: Evangeline Everett
Race: Kelvic, Shorthair Cat
Gender: Female
Birthday: Fall 20, 512 AV
Age: 4 y.o.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120lbs

Profession: Doctor
Housing: Syka Settler

Likes: Sincerity
Dislikes: Pettiness

Merits: Altruistic, driven
Flaws: Distracted, sensitive

Fluent: Common
Conversational: Fravata

Sexuality: Homosexual
Favorite Color: Pastel Green
Deities: Priskil
    Two chestnut eyes gaze impassively outward from beneath a neutral brow. They neither accept nor condemn but rather watch, if only for the sake of watching. Below, her sloped nose shadows a full mouth, which curves into a shy smile whenever given the opportunity. Her body is fit but small, muscle compacted into agile frame built for jumping and climbing.

    As a cat, she is much the same. Her fur is a deep chocolate brown with a stubby little tail and two eyes the color of apricots.


"We used to wonder where war lived, what it was that made it so vile. And now we realize that we know where it lives: Inside ourselves."

― Albert Camus

Evangeline is a true idealist. She finds her motivation not through conquest or exploration but through the purity of her own intent. Concepts like virtue, beauty and morality fascinate her and she is always fascinated with how these intangibles play a role in human life.

Despite being Kelvic, she tends to err on the side of abstraction and can be often found daydreaming when not working in the clinic. Evangeline has a gift for compassion and expression but can be reserved, ordinarily prefering to observe and analyze the interactions of those around her without necessarily taking part. When made comfortable however she is curious, sensitive, loyal and unafraid of intimacy.

When offered a goal that aligns with her ideals, Evangeline has true drive. She is no wandering generality, but a force to be reckoned with. She wishes to provide others with comfort and healing in a world motivated by fear and pain. This is in part the very reason why she has set out on her quest to Syka, a frontier settlement where she'd be needed most.

In her shadow dwells impracticality, an overdose of altruism and an inability to discern fact from feeling. Evangeline may neglect her own basic needs when in pursuit of a goal. She is easily taken advantage of by those she loves. And perhaps worst of all, when her personal principles come into conflict with the cold hard facts she is unable to reconcile the two and may fall into despair.

Evangeline never knew her parents. She was born and discarded in an alley on a frigid autumn night in the city of Zeltiva. By some miracle, she was found by an old sailor, a crochety widower who owned a mildew-covered infirmary near the docks. He took her in. Later, shocked to find she was a Kelvic, he let her stay -- if only to catch mice.

He softened. Evangeline often liked to sleep in his lap, which inevitably won him over. He even let her choose her own name when she grew older, electing to call her affectionate appellatives such as "kit" or "kitten," even after she was fully grown. He told her the tale of how he lost his wife. Evangeline listened and offered him comfort. This comfort was her gift, as she later found.

Evangeline lived to spend time with her Father. While she often spent her afternoons roaming, stealing fish or basking in the sun, every morning and evening she worked with the old man in their little clinic. He even taught her how to run the place without him.

Her presence drew more patients. They were even successful for a short while, but such was the way of good things. It didn't last.

One day, after a language lesson he collapsed. It became obvious his health was failing. With what strength remained, he taught her everything he knew about how to carry on their little business, even after he was gone. The clinic had belonged to him and his wife. It was his greatest wish it continue. But on the day of his passing, Evangeline was informed his debts had been many. Their property was repossesed. Abruptly, she was without a home. Without a family.

Afterward, she spent about a year off and on spending whatever time she could outside of the city. Evangeline felt it was haunted in some way. It was through trial and error and the library at the University that she learned how to survive in the wilderness. Evangeline felt that it was much simpler in some ways.

Word had come that they were looking for settlers, to go to a faraway place called Syka. It ran away with her imagination and in her heart, she knew that leaving was the right thing to do. Taking what she knew about herbs and medicine, she decided to test her luck and bring her comforts elsewhere, where others might need them.

Medicine 24 SP 24 Novice
Hunting 10 RB 10 Novice
Wilderness Survival (Forest) 26 SP 26 Competent

  1. Wilderness Survival: How to Identify Edible Plants
  2. Medicine: How to Bandage a Wound

NoteI will be forfeiting my personal heirloom, if that's alright with you. :)

1 Set of Clothing (boots, blouse, trousers, cloak, underwear)
1 Waterskin
1 Gildling named Ophelia
1 Full Set of Tack
1 Large Set of Saddlebags

1 Backpack which contains:
1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
Food for a Week
1 Eating Knife
Flint & Steel
1 Large Tent (4 person)
1 Large Tarp
100ft of Rope
1 Lantern
2 Torches
1 Bedroll
1 Blanket
Fishing Tackle & Hooks
1 Compass

Starting 100 GM - 100 GM

For now, she's building a business in Syka, with the hope of some housing along with it. Until she has a roof and four walls, she'll be sleeping in her tent.

Flashbacks :

Fall 516 AV :
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