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Cynelaf Earthsong

Postby Cynelaf Earthsong on October 7th, 2016, 6:41 pm

Cynelaf Earthsong


Race: Drykas
Gender: male
Age: 18
Birthday: 12, Summer, 498.
Birthplace: Endrykas


Appearance: 6’1”, 165 lbs, slender but athletic, long, blonde hair, grey eyes, tanned complexion, wind marks on left hip like stylized feathers

Character Concept

Cynelaf's life is pretty much a huge mess at the moment. His childhood was normal for that of his people - things were never easy but he fared alright. His father was the Ankal of a very small pavilion - it was just him and his dad, his greatgrandmother, his uncle, his first aunt (for a while) and his cousin, and a slave or two, until he was about fourteen. That's when things began to go sour in many ways, some worse than others.

But he did have the teaching of his father who taught him webbing, wilderness survival, and the use of the short bow, and his greatgrandmother whose expertise lay in carving. He took to all of them readily and excelled at webbing, as it was in his blood apparently. He also bonded with a stryder, and was welcomed into the community as a fully fledged Drykas. This happened when he was twelve.

Cynelaf is basically a good person, but life has been pretty rough for him lately. He struggles to see himself as a leader, and the responsibility of other lives depending on him weighs him down tremendously. He is determined to do the best he can, but he is a little unsure of himself, and has to deal with that as well. He used to be far more light hearted. Now he goes about with a seemingly permanent frown of concentration and worry on his brow.

Character History

Cynelaf was bonded to a strider at age 12. he is a member of the Sapphire Clan. The Sapphire Clan's primary skill is webbing.

Significant Relations

Ead - father - deceased, Ankal until about two years ago, then he disappeared, presumed dead

Ammat - mother – a slave, deceased, died of illness when Cynelaf was five

Sen'net - greatgrandmother - age 78, raised Cynelaf from birth

Latham - uncle, deceased, became Ankal when Ead disappeared, then he too disappeared several months ago (Summer, 516)

Bebinn – aunt and wife - age 22, Latham’s wife, then widow, now Cynelaf’s wife (a marriage of convenience and necessity, performed only about a month ago)

Faenn - cousin – once his best and closest friend, then bitter rivals, now presumed dead having disappeared at the same time as Latham

Aa'natt - one time love of his life – a year younger than Cynelaf, she lived with his family for a few years, being the orphan cousin of Bebinn, now unexpectedly married to Ranulff

Ranulff - Sworn enemy – one time suitor of Bebinn, suspected of having something to do with Ead, Latham and Faenn’s disappearance/death, and now husband to Aa’natt

Cynelaf was born into a relatively small pavilion of the Sapphire clan. His father, Ead, had been a skilled webber, as had generations of their family been, before he himself had become Ankal. But Ead was not a lucky man, and his wife had been taken from him by illness, several years the boy had entered their harsh world. He turned to a slave for physical comfort, but never got around to taking a second wife. Eventually Cynelaf was born of this union and Ead had turned the child over to his own grandmother, who had beaten all odds and made it to the ripe age of sixty by that point. Cynelaf was recognized by his father as his son, and heir, but he was destined to be an only child. Ead sired no more children and never remarried.

But he had company growing up, for his father’s brother, Latham – younger by only a year – also had a son, Faenn, born in the same year as Cynelaf. The two boys grew up as best friends and were inseparable. The two were as if they had been brothers, and not cousins. That is, until Aa’natt entered their lives.

It happened that Faenn’s mother had passed away giving birth to her second child, a girl, who perished within an hour of her mother. Years passed, but when Faenn and Cynelaf were in their fourteenth year, Latham took a second wife – Bebinn. She brought with her to their pavilion her young, orphan cousin – the lovely Aa’natt. Aa’natt was thirteen, and the stage was set for drama. The boys, who had been so close, fell to competing to see which could win Aa’natt’s favor. She was not an evil girl and did not encourage them to such rivalry. But it was in their blood, and they were of an age, to vie for her affection – both hoping to one day marry her. Time passed, and as they grew in age, and height, and skills, so too did their enmity for one another. The two who had once been like brothers became bitter rivals.

They were not the only ones who struggled with heated passion for a woman. Latham himself had practically stolen Bebiin out from under the nose of another man – Ranulff - whom her family favored, though she herself went in dread of the brute. It had been a true love match, she and Latham, but the acrimony his actions had caused created an ever growing rift between her family and Cynelaf’s. The foiled suitor was openly vocal about his ire at being cheated of the wife he desired, and the two men nearly came to blows on more than one occasion.

When Cynelaf was in his sixteenth year, and poised to summon up his courage and ask Aa’natt to be his, tragedy struck the unlucky Ead. He had left the wandering city to go about his duties, to investigate what appeared to be a rift in the web, far out in the great sea of grass. He, and those who went with him, never returned. What happened was unclear. There were rumors, but only that. Was it some act of revenge taken by Bebinn’s family and the jilted suitor? Nothing certain was ever established that could create such a tie. But the result of Ead’s death was the same in any case. Latham was now Ankal, and, naturally, he preferred that his own son, Faenn should be his appointed heir. Cynelaf was relegated to second chair, behind his hated rival, and along with his grief over the death of his father, he saw his hopes for winning Aa’natt to his side diminishing.

Faenn, who was set to do just as Cynelaf had been – in so far as asking Aa’natt to marry him – had the rug pulled out from under his feet as well by what transpired next. Out of the blue, Aa’natt announced that she would marry Bebinn’s former suitor, Ranulff. She gave no reason or explanation, and all were dumbfounded by her choice of husbands. When Cynelaf went to her privately to beg her not to marry a man who her own cousin had shunned, for fear of his reputation for brutality, Aa’natt’s heart was like ice and her tongue like a sharp dagger, piercing Cynelaf to the bone with her exclamations of contempt – for him, for his family and for all that had been shared with her these past several years. He bled – oh how he bled – but she was as if carved from stone and no tear trickled from those hardened eyes.

So, life, unhappy as it was now for the youth, went on. The rift between the cousins saw no shrinking just because the girl that had driven them apart was now gone. Latham proved to be an indifferent Ankal – his webbing skills were not that of his brother’s, and the prestige of their pavilion began to decline somewhat. Regardless of his recent conquest of bringing Aa’natt to his bed, Ranulff did not leave off his insults and taunts, and the hatred between the two men went on. Then, as if an echo from the past sounded, Latham and Faenn went out into the sea of grass on a similar mission to that which had taken Ead, and they too disappeared. Once again, the rumors and speculation flew, but nothing could be proven – at all.

Cynelaf was in shock. He was now the sole surviving male of his pavilion. Eighteen and with a great grandmother – who still refused to pass on to the next plane – a widowed sister-in-law, and her three small daughters to care for. Almost immediately, Bebinn’s one time suitor was at her, pestering her to wed him. He had Aa’natt, but he wanted her cousin as well. He would make Bebinn first wife, over her younger cousin, he offered. But Bebinn wanted no part of him – no part of displacing Aa’natt, even if the silly cuckoo had made such a bad choice. She went to Cynelaf and pleaded her case: she had been the wife of the Ankal – now Cynelaf was Ankal, and had the right to marry her. She begged him to do so, to spare her and her little girls from having to endure life with Ranulff.

Things were a complete mess. But Cynelaf had a great affection for his sweet, gentle sister-in-law and truly, although he might in some way enjoy seeing Aa’natt being put in her place, he could not stomach letting that beast finally get all that he wanted. So he quietly married Bebinn – not thinking to bed her as well. She had three little ones already, and they had little enough in resources with which to keep going. Let her be the good mother that she was, and he would simply buckle down in earnest to try to keep them all together and fed, clothed and warm, for winter was coming now, and things looked bleak.


Fluent Language: Pavi
Basic Language: common
Poor Language: n/a


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Riding (horse) 10 RB 10 Novice
Wilderness Survival:plains 5 SP 5 Novice
Weapon: short bow 10 SP 10 Novice
Carving 5 SP 5 Novice
Webbing 30 SP 30 Competent


Lore of Sea of Grass Geography
Lore of Drykas Culture


1 Set of Clothing (Colorful)
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: his father's shortbow


Location: Endrykas

House: 1 large tent (4 person)
1 large tarp
100 ft of rope
1 lantern
2 torches
1 bedroll
1 blanket
1 set of fishing tackle & hooks
1 bonded Strider
1 Yvas
1 large set of Yvas bags


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

Bebinn [Riverborn] Earthsong


Race: Drykas
Sex: female
Age: 22
Clan: Topaz (by birth); Sapphire (by marriage)
Pavilion: Riverborn (by birth); Earthsong (by marriage)

Bebinn’s father is a highly respected Ankal whom many regard as a very wise man. As Ankal of the Riverborn Pavilion, he is often sought out in matters under dispute, and his judgments are usually accepted as final. When Bebinn was around 16, one of her father’s companions (Ranulff) began courting her. But he had a bad reputation. It was rumored he actually killed his first wife in a fit of jealous rage. Bebinn did not wish to marry him, although her family thought it a good match. They did not believe the rumors. Eventually, Bebinn “eloped” with the man she truly loved, Latham Earthsong. He was older than she, and not even Ankal, of what was, admittedly, an unimportant pavilion of webbers. But he was dashing and handsome and charming, and kind. Her family was very upset with her marrying Latham. Ranulff was beside himself with fury.

Tensions ran high between the three families, but Bebinn and Latham were happy together and eventually she bore him three daughters. Tragedy seemed to lay in wait for her, though. First her brother-in-law, Latham’s elder brother, Ead, the pavilion’s Ankal, disappeared out on the sea of grass. Latham unexpectedly took his brother’s place as Ankal, but only for a short time. Then he too, and his son by a first marriage, disappeared.

On top of her grief, Bebinn once again was fearful that Ranulff would try to claim her as a bride. Out of this fear for herself and her little girls, she turned in desperation to her nephew by marriage, Cynelaf, Ead’s son. She begged Cynelaf to marry her, if only to prevent Ranulff from finally getting his way. Cynelaf consented and now, once again, in a very odd sequence of events, Bebinn is still the wife of the Ankal.

Skills: weaving (10); cooking (10); riding (10)

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